The Oscars @ Cinema

posted on: February 28, 2011

The live Tweeters!

I have often describe myself as half hermit, half party animal. I'm perfectly content staying in and hanging out, but also love to get all dolled up and hit the town...anyone else the same?

For the first time in quite a while I had a rock star-style weekend and most certainly feeling the aftermath today! I was invited to be a Live Tweeter at Cinema's Oscar Party last night along with Oliva of Style Struck. We greeted and tweeted (Ha!) every guest that arrived to the party. Then, when our "hard work" was done, we got to relax and watch the show! With Erin Cebula hosting, Oscar themed beverages, a delicious meal, and Holt Renfrew prizes, I'd have to say the evening was a success!

Myriam of EFW at Cinema

some of the guests EFW girlies

Cara, Clio & Jill

Erin Cebula

every guest looked amazing! Cora and friends

I'm super happy about the big awards last night too, I thought The King's Speech genuinely deserved Best Picture. And of course, I must include my biggest style inspiration of last night...the darling Miss. Cate Blanchett. Her dress was beautiful and elegant, figure flattering, on trend, and oozing originality/personal style. She absolutely hit it on the mark!


It was great meeting so many great new people, plus a special thank you to Olivia, Jill, and Clio for making the night especially fun. Hope everyone had a great Oscar night as well xo


  1. You looked gorgeous!! Looks like you had a GREAT time. :)

  2. Wow that looked like a lot of fun! I enjoy getting dressed up but once I'm out I kind of just want to be back home :P

  3. Oh what a fun party!!! I think hermit and party animal are good combos. For me I'm more like 2 parts hermit and 1 part party animal.

    You look so pretty!!

  4. Looks like you had a great time! And I agree, Cate Blanchett looked stunning.

  5. Lucky you! That sounds like an awesome evening. Love how you did your hair.

  6. The pics look great. That's such a nice picture of you and Olivia :)

    It was lovely seeing you last night as well my love.


  7. I to was soooo in love with Cate Blanchets dress.
    It was so original and delicate!


  8. Awesome post Alicia! Great photos too. You totally captured the essence of the evening; everyone looks so glam and done up, I love it. That cream dress with the pearls looks stunning on you and great pic with Olivia! Isn't she the sweetest? Any way, you know which pic is my favourite LOL and I couldn't agree with you more about Cate's dress. Total winner.

  9. P.S. Also wanted to thank you for your sweet comment, this is long overdue, but thank you! The bangs are a nice change, but they're growing out pretty quickly and I don't know if I'm not lazy enough to maintain them lol. But yes, let's do lunch for sure! I just tried a sandwich at Meat and Bread today and it was to die for. Have you been?

  10. I'm definately like you. Half hermit & half party animal. I love staying home being scrubbed out but I also love dolling up!

    Your party sounded amazing. Nothing sounds better than a delicious meal and Holt Renfrew prizes! Judging by the pictures, it looks like it was a well dressed crowd!

    Love love love Cate Blanchett. The back of her dress was stunning. She was my favourite! Mila Kunis was second. Apparently those 2 were the top faves amongst a lot of people. :)


  11. You look so stunning! I wish I lived in Van so I could of gone. Looks like so much fun. My dad said the funniest thing tonight about the Oscars at the dinner table. "Katy, im no fashion expert but if I was keith urban I would of lit nicole kidmans dress on fire" hahaha! Have a great week beautiful. Cant wait to see your Modcloth items!! x

  12. Omigosh Alicia you are so lucky!! I'm envious!! Haha great post!

  13. You and Olivia looked gorgeous! The event looked like a lot of fun, officially jealous that you got to go! And I totally agree about Cate Blanchett, she looked regal!

    Have a lovely day!

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