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posted on: March 30, 2011

casual lookie beannnners

Aritzia TNA tee // Vintage Blazer // Mavi Serena Jeans // Steve Madden Boots // Barefoot Contessa Sunnies // Plum Scarf & Beanie // Front & Co. Purse

just casual

I had officially given up on styling this cropped TNA tee. In all reality, I wouldn't consider wearing it with an exposed middle unless it was with something super high waisted. Or if I magically grew abs over night (fingers crossed). When I was over at my friend Andrea's last weekend, she was showing me how she wears her new Aritzia tops with a white tank underneath. Duh! A white tank under the cropped shirt, how had I never thought of it before? It's so simple...too simple. I spend all day long at work trying to think of new creative ideas and sometimes it's the easiest ones that you miss!

I also officially want everything at Aritzia right now. Damnit!


  1. love it!
    what about following each other?

  2. I specifically went to Aritzia in NYC because you always have cute things from them on here. Whoa! I wasn't ready for the prices though! They are more expensive than Anthro, but I'm loving their clothes!!

  3. I love that scarf! I haven't tried the cropped top trend yet (pregnant) but maybe later this summer if I'm lucky enough to bounce back that fast =)

  4. @Ron Und Leo I will definitely check our blog out :)
    @Toya ohhhh no! Yeah, their prices can be really steep. But, I usually invest in one really great piece there a season. Paying $110 for a great pair of quality pants that will last for a few years is always a win!
    @Holly well congrats! I'll have to go check out your site now xx

  5. Oh I love the white shirt under the cropped tee! So cute! It's so fun that you and your boyfriend are celebrating 4 years this year as well. It makes me feel magically connected to you! It's funny how it feels so long, and yet not long at all at the same time. I am so excited for your big upcoming move!

  6. Perfect solution! If I had a trim middle I might try it, maybe if I start moving this spring!!

  7. You look so cute and cozy! Also I need that yellow blazer :) Hope that you are having wonderful night! Thanks for the well wishes today!
    <3 Kastles

  8. Alicia! Where are those beautiful boots from? They're so cute (:

  9. @Kayla I love our special blogging/relationship bond! Thanks so much xo
    @Liz LOL I haven't started moving yet...on the list of things to-do!
    @Kastles no worries, hope you're feeling better!
    @Anya they're Steve Maddena few years old now though.


  10. amazing outfit!adore your blazer,perfect color!!

  11. Hi I commented back like a whole novel ( I like to talk lol) on my Kim Kardashian Inspired post...I'll copy/paste it and put it here too.

    aliciafashionista: I used to wear the same stuff everyday too! For years I only wore peaches n cream or cotton candy eyeshadow by Mary Kay, clear mascara, and bonnebell lipsmackers lip gloss. Then Mary Kay discontinued those colors, and I moved on to just wearing green eyeshadow, I think it was by Maybelline...

    it's just been the last couple years that I've actually delved into trying new things with my make up. I started using blush, different mascaras, foundation, powders, and lipstick. I recently mastered highlighting and I'm learning how to conceal and contour. It was just a few months ago that I learned how to do a cat eye with my liner. Try a crazy colored lipstick and before you know it you'll be experimenting with make-up and coming up with some neat looks! has some really avant-garde lipsticks.


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