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posted on: March 28, 2011


I spent this weekend getting up to the usual shenanigans (I almost missed a typo "shenanigangs" just then, but I assure you I am not affiliated with any gangs!) Adam was out of town all weekend and I saw this as an opportunity to go shopping. But let's be honest with ourselves, I'll use any excuse to go shopping. You're going through a break up? Awesome, let's hit the mall! You gained 10 lbs and none of your clothes fit? I'm so happy for you, we should go find you a whole new wardrobe. Okay, I obviously kid. I'd never actually take you to the mall after a breakup, that's a recipe for tears in my Orange Juilius.

Where was I? Right, Saturday afternoon. I planned a morning of Main Street shopping with Melissa and then was going to hit downtown before my hair appointment. Why I feel the need to have the most stereotypically girly weekend while my boyfriend is away, I'll never figure out. Anyways, I kept running into friends and getting so distracted that I forgot to eat! I was literally so lost in a world of spring florals and platform pumps that didn't eat my first meal until 6 pm on Saturday. Now, if skipping two meals to shop isn't logical, then I don't know what is! Thankfully, the last person I ran into was Lisa who was a fabulous shopping partner and the perfect impromptu dinner date! We caught up on important life details and shared funny stories over a drink and some eats.

It was the opposite of my usually structured Saturday afternoons, but that's what made it so great. Every time I turned the corner there was a new opportunity; those days are the best!

cheeeese looking down

march outfit

Dress and Sunnies from Barefoot Contessa // Blazer from a boutique in NYC // Birdcage Necklace made by Shaz // Jeffrey Campbell 99 Booties



  1. sounds like you had a really great weekend : )

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. Running unexpectedly into friends is always the best. Love your adorable dress and birdcage necklace.

  3. This dress is GORGEOUS!! And you look amazing, as always. :) xoxo

  4. While the cat's aways the mice go shopping, that's what they say right? ... Can't think of a better way to spend the weekend! I have same bird cage necklace, it's so cute!

    <3 Cess O.
    The Outfit Diaries

  5. I love that dress! I just got Barefoot Contessa to ship me a necklace :) haha. I went shopping on the weekend too, felt so nice after such a dry spell, haha. I hope you are having a great week so far!
    <3 Kastles

  6. That outfit is just fantastic! You looks so chic! I also will use any excuse I can find to go shopping. It's the next best thing to a night with the boyfriend :)

  7. i love this whole outfit! weekends like that are the best - reminds me that i have catching up to do with some of my friends, too!

  8. Is this BEFORE you got your hair done? Cause damn girl that is some GOOD hair.

  9. Love the outfit, especially the birdcage necklace! And sounds like you had a great weekend! As much as I love my boyfriend, girly weekends are the best!

    Also, can't wait to see the engagement photos you shot! We still need a photowalk date to stalk people with our telephoto lens! hahaha I kid about the stalking.

  10. "Why I feel the need to have the most stereotypically girly weekend while my boyfriend is away, I'll never figure out."

    It's because there's no "My boyfriend seems so bored...oh, wait, now he's surfing online with his smartphone waiting for me to finish up in this store" guilt. Completely unapologetic shopping and browsing is the best. :D

    I had such a great time on Saturday. You make a pretty perfect impromptu dinner date yourself, lady!

  11. Your hair looks beautiful!!

    I'm crushing on your shoes too!!!

  12. @Chaucee thanks dear, it was fun!
    @Ashelle, thanks! The necklace was made by a friend
    @Anna thanks xoxo
    @CessOviedo you're hilarious!
    @Kastles YAY! BFC is the best, can't wait to see the necklace!
    @Kayla ANY excuse :)
    @Holly girls nights are the best!
    @Stefanie actually this was before I got my hurr did. But I just got it trimmed.
    @Cicy thanks love! The engagement session will be up soon and YES photo walk/stalking is much needed!!!
    @Anna Bananorama thanks :D
    @lisa best Saturday everrrr
    @The Nat & Jesse Show Thanks gals xo

  13. Absolutely love the print on that dress! So bright and fun!

  14. aww you're soo adorable and pretty! love the outfit...just came across your blogggy! Loves!

    keep up the awesome work/style!



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