obakki fall/winter 2011 fashion show

posted on: May 2, 2011



i ran around like a crazy person after work last thursday trying to figure out what to wear to the obakki show. i knew all of vancouver's most stylish would be in attendance and i just didn't want to get there and feel out of place, you know what i mean? avoided a near disaster when i spilled sauce on my pants just before heading out the door. nothing a little tide to go pen and blow dryer couldn't fix ;) lb and i showed up at the beautiful st.andrew's wesley church on burrard street super excited. we landed a great spot and even sat next to jen and mina!

the show itself was magnificent. they branded their upcoming collection so well, from the haunting church setting to florence + the machine - drumming song. the obakki fall/winter line had some gorgeous cocoon shaped sweaters and jackets, as well as some maxi dresses that i will definitely have to purchase. not only were the clothes amazing, but laura beth and i both loved how their hair was styled and the use of shocking bright lips.

you can view the entire show in photos here



obakki favs
these 2 photos from peter jensen




blazer and bracelets from h&m // blouse c/o plum // aritzia trousers // faryl robin shoes from the dakota group sample sale


the best part of the evening was chatting with these ladies and recapping the show! from left to right we have laura beth of style without borders, myself, monica of the doctor’s closet, alexandra of to vogue or bust, jen of her waise choice, lisa of solo lisa, and mina of faboulista

Bloggers at Obakki

photo from herwaisechoice.com

the proceeds of the evening went to the obakki foundation, this video by the talented candace meyer for obakki makes you feel like your money has gone to a good place. around the 2:06 mark is my favourite part, though the entire video is amazing!


  1. I really like your spring outfit! Stylin' as always!

  2. I love that I know so many Vancouver bloggers now because I've gotten so see such a variety of photos of this event- it almost makes up for the fact that I couldn't actually be there for the show :) I absolutely love what you wore, by the way. Those sandals are so perfect with your blazer/pants/top that it almost looks like the whole outfit was ready-made just for you, just for this night! You're a star for sure :)

  3. Very cute outfit! I love your pants.


    xoxo Uyen Cao

  4. We shut the place down with our chatting lol! As always, it was great seeing you Alicia. And ohmygosh, the clothes in that show...I'm coveting one of the dresses and the deep crimson trench (do you remember that one?).

  5. I love your pants and the cause behind the show :)

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  7. that looks like a fun night. Any pieces on the runway you liked?

  8. yay! so stoked you're going to be rocking some turbandage!

    and ps. how the eff did I not see ANY of you guys there? I saw monica and lisa super briefly but that's it. laaaaaame. y'all looked faaaab though, of course :)


  9. Great post Alicia! Looks like you managed to capture some shots with just the kit lens! It was great to see you finally and hope we run into each other again soon. Thank you so much for posting that video. It truly made my heart smile and I'm so happy that I can watch it again!

    Hope you're having a great week! :)


  10. love the looks!!!


  11. In Spain is impossible to do a fashion show into a church!!!! But I think is very cool! I love the outfit on the second pic!!! I'm following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!




  12. love the designs!!! and you girls look gorgeous!

  13. Ahhh! So glad you're into the Smith Westerns - I'm pretty sure they're playing Vancouver in May at the Commodore Ballroom. You should be swooning in the audience.

    I love that they did their show in a church - very Alexander McQueen 'Highland Rape' except a lot more wearable.... and not quite as graphic. That video is pretty amazing.

    (longest comment ever)

    x The Pretty Secrets

  14. Really awesome photos!! And I love your outfit.. It's soooo dainty :} BTW, I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award!! Please check out my blog!! ♥


    Just a bit of Eurica ♥

  15. Great coverage of the show! And I love your outfit, makes me want to wear my trousers for the first time this year since the weather is getting better...oh, and in answer to your question: the maxi skirt I got at H & M was a recent purchase. $19.99! I got it a couple of weeks ago.

  16. Looks like you had an amazing time at that show! Love your outfit with the soft colors!

  17. Love the setting of the show, looks so gorgeous.

    All the ladies look amazing, bloggers, models, everyone! Really wish I could have attended, although I'm sure I'd feel a little out of place amongst all the fashion darlings!

  18. Love your post!!! and you looked beautiful per usual! :)

    it was great chatting with you and all the other lovely ladies!

    we must do it again soon!


  19. That's so incredibly cool that the shoe was kind of different location-wise AND that it benefited the obakki foundation! There's just something about fashion serving the world community that makes me so happy.

    Find me at Just Take a Bow.

  20. Love your pictures from the night, they're amazing. I also loved your look...all the colours were so pretty and soft and perfect for spring. The shoes tie the whole thing together so nicely.

    Alexandra xo


  21. What a great concept! All you girls look fabulous!


  22. FASHION SHOW in a CHURCH!!! wow

    LOVE your outfits... love the floral top inside the blazer...



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