Pinkberry Canada Launch at Park Royal

posted on: July 22, 2011

Pinkberry Canada Launch at Park Royal

I apologize to those of you who have a weakness for frozen yogurt, because Pinkberry has officially opened their very first Canada location! The famous froyo chain launched their first Canadian store at The Village at Park Royal in West Vancouver. And a Pinkberry party means free frozen yogurt, some champage, and a lot of Cory Monteith. His band, Bonnie Dune, played a great set for a crowd of screaming girls (not that I was one of them or anything :P)

Cory Monteith playing with his band Bonnie Dune

Cory Monteith
(Photo Credit to RF Productions via the Pinkberry Canada Facebook Page)

Free Pinkberry

Prairie Girl in the City, AliciaFashionista & SmellyDanielly

Mango Frozen Yogurt from Pinkberry

For my very first Pinkberry experience, I opted for a mango frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries, kiwi, and shaved milk chocolate. It’s understandable that Pinkberry is so popular. It was the perfect dessert, very light and full of flavour. Dessert for dinner is okay, right?

Pinkberry Toppings

Pinkberry for dinner!

Miss Melissa and her Pinkberry

The group at Pinkberry Canada Launch

Jen and Lisa in convo

Jen, Melissa & Danielle looking gorgeous

Pinkberry and Blackberry

Jen, Melissa, Me, Alexandra & Jen

My date for the evening was the biggest Pinkberry fan I know, Danielle of I drove Melissa of as well, but we got lost and ended up on a 45 minute detour. That’s a whole other story though, let’s not focus on my poor navigation skills! Also in attendance was Jen of, Lisa of, Alexandra of, Jen of, and Chloe of It’s always so great to see these ladies, if you don’t know their blogs already go check them out asap!

A big thanks to
Lisa Kwong for the invite to such a wonderful event. I can’t wait to head back to Pinkberry to try their other flavours.

Be sure to "Like" their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter for Pinkberry updates. Happy Friday friends xo


  1. I'm so excited to try Pinkberry! I loveeeee frozen yogurt so much - yummm.

    xo, alison*elle

  2. oh you lucky girls! you ladies looked gorgeous in these photos and everything looks so colourful and fun!

  3. I'm probably the most awkward person ever, but YAY Thank you SO MUCH for taking me. I am obsessed with Pinkberry and this was such a treat! <3

  4. Ummmm was that Cory Monteith from 'Glee'playing the drums???

    This looks like such a fun event!

  5. Ok, so I totally missed the paragraph about Cory Monteith lol. Dummy! I just re-read your post.

  6. aww, you girlies all look SO lovely, looks like an absolute blast and a big yum ...can't wait to go try their frozen yogurt. Have a fab weekend. xx veronika

  7. Such a fun event! You got some great photos, Alicia.

    It's always great to see you, but so rare to see you twice in one week! I feel spoiled. <3

  8. Nice! I have never had frozen yoghurt, but I will definitely try it. "Froyo" places already started popping up while I was still living in the Netherlands, but I never got to try it so I should definitely make that up and check it out here in Vancouver :-)

  9. Cool! I saw pictures of you earlier on Jen's, and let me tell you you look fab behind those oversized sunnies! Now I'm craving some pinkberry, have a fun weekend!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  10. It was great to see you again Alicia! I had the mango flavour as well and am already craving it again... that stuff is addictive! Great photos; I especially love that very happy photo of us at the end haha!

    Have a great weekend Alicia!

  11. I've been looking through everyone's posts about this event and I must say I'm totally envious... Not only does the frozen yogurt look delicious, but it would have been so fun to be at this event just to see all of you beautiful ladies styled up in person. I love that you're rocking that giant cross. You're probably the only person I know who could pull it off :)

  12. It was a super fun and yummy night! Great to see you again:-) xo

  13. Looks like so much fun! I'll be sure to head down to their new store, I love frozen yogurt!!! So many bloggers as well!


  14. This looks like it was SO much fun. But, I'm confused... how did you not get Cory's number for me?!! Alicia!! I hope there was some mild stalking at the very least!

    I'm heading over today to try it for the first time, very excited... even if there will be no one to stalk ;)

  15. You all look great, not to mention this event sounds so fun... Wish there was Pinkberry out here in Toronto. Hopefully soon!

  16. Just found your blog and I love it! You are adorable and have great style!

  17. Love the candid photo at the end!

  18. gosh girl, when i saw this on Alex's blog i almost popped my stomach lining ; )

    gotta make space, after-all, for when i get over there; bridge crossing is eminent! lovely to see all you gorgeous girls enjoying the fest and um.....Mr. Monteith. fab sunrays to brighten up my morning. thanks for the blog design feedback Alicia, really appreciated it! happy sunday. xo ♥

  19. You ladies all look beautiful, what a fun event, glad the sun was shining for you!
    xo Cara

  20. Your posts are always so fun to read! All your friends have nice blogs, thanks for sharing the links! :)

  21. Gorgeous photos! Everybody looks like they are having fun :)


    Fashion Fractions

  22. gotta love pinkberry what would we do without it here in Cali! Looks like a fun event ;) xo -Taj

  23. i heard and saw this on etalk the other day! do you think its better than the Qoola frozen yoghurts we already have in vancouver? that guy from glee is so cute!

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