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posted on: July 23, 2011

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i am suffering from a serious case of blog neglect. file this one under pathetic love struck female, but i seemed to lose my desire to blog when adam left town. i almost felt like taking a mini blog vacation while he was on vacation in spain with his brothers. since he is my main outfit photographer, i also didn’t have many other options for pictures. tripods and i are not very well acquainted. instead, i packed the last two weeks full of time with family and friends and left my camera at home. there was lots of shopping involved, coffee dates, sangria, and crazy long phone conversations.

not to worry though, i am well rested and adam is back after two long weeks away. i’m in the process of convincing him to do a guest post on this blog with some photos and stories from spain. he has some great pics, he sure has learned his way with a camera! i also have some outfit posts coming up and a weeklong fashion feature next week (let’s keep that a surprise).

hope you all had a great week and check back tomorrow for a new outfit post xo

rachael yamagata - 1963


  1. Awww, glad your man is back! I'd love to see his pics from Spain.

  2. Writing here as I listen to Rachel, longing to see that outfit tomorrow, glad the bf is back, but it's also nice to have some blog time off and get to relax with friends and family ;)

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  3. Awww what a sweet picture! Would love to see photos from Spain! Glad you kept yourself busy while he was away :)

  4. got your lesson :):)u can't live without your man:):)

  5. Awe. You two are too adorable for words. I'm happy to hear he's back. And sometimes blog-vacations are necessary. Can't wait to see the pictures from your fashion weekend.

  6. You and Adam are too cute :) Although to be honest, I'd be exactly the same if Ian went away... No fashion photos for me! Cameras and I are not well-acquainted, never mind tripods.

  7. welcome back =) I went on a blogging vaycay for a little bit too.

  8. Aw yay I'm glad he's back! can't wait to hear all about his trip!

  9. Welcome back! ;-)
    NEW POST: Vintage Living

  10. awe lovely, i know that feeling so well. i'm glad he's back and you've upped the wattage to 100 again! awesome idea about him doing some guest features about his trip, would be keen to see for sure. cheers to long times spent in his handsome nook! ♥


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