tulle + love

posted on: August 19, 2011




sweater from topshop // skirt + purse from plum // ring from front+co // headband from barefoot contessa // shoes from joe fresh



the end of august is my favourite time of year. i've always been a sucker for the back to school hype, despite the fact that i haven't been enrolled in classes for some time. it's the prospect of change, something new, and a fresh start. september is the real new years. i remember always marching into school with my head held high, convinced that this was going to be the best year yet!

and i still go back to school shopping, the shopping right now is the best! as much as i love the summer, i'm secretly (not so secret any more) a fall girl. can't wait for the leaves to change colour and to bundle up in scarves and sweaters.

off to read the september issues. vogue, marieclaire, lucky, oh my! happy friday xo


  1. I'm a newish follower and I just had to say that I love your blog! I've read through quite a bit of your blog and each post is so eye-catching. I just though I'd say hey from the other side of the world :)

  2. your hair looks super great like that, I just love it and I love the skirt as well!!

  3. wow your hair looks amazing! and of course your outfit is just to die for!

  4. so cute, love your hair in this post. I'm a fall girl too, can't wait to wear my skinnies with tall flat boots and my scarves.

  5. You are so cuuuute! I love this outfit on you! And YES, I am dying over so many things right now, I have the shopping bug, and I have it bad! I have at least 4 new things I feel I "need" after browsing a couple shops today and now am thinking layaway sounds like a really good idea... sigh! And totally agree, September is totally the real 'new year'! Happy weekend, lovely! xo.

  6. First I have to say that you look adorable in that skirt, so whismical! and I can't find words to describe how amazing your hair is, you have the best hair I've seen hands down! ... and third nothing beats the back to school hype, I still remember picking my first outfit, my school supplies, fun times!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  7. you look adorable! I love the sweater paired with the sweet skirt.
    I also adore back to school shopping but not going back to school.
    <3 Kastles

  8. The fall is my favorite season although I am not a big fan of what lies ahead "the winter."

    you look adorable!

  9. I agree September really is the New Years!

  10. You look gorgeous! I love your skirt & tee combo... Very pretty!
    I'm a Fall girl too... I'll definitely miss it as Spring rolls around.

  11. You sound like the sort of girl who looks at back to school notebooks and supplies even if she has no intention of buying them. ;)

  12. i just love your blog!evy outfit you make is gorgeous!!
    kisses from prague

  13. Hahaha the last picture is so cute! I think it's funny how us girls get giddy when September comes rolling along. Even if we aren't in school anymore, much less grade school. I still go "back to school" shopping even though it's not the same as being 12 or even 16 anymore.

    Love your outfit, BTW! Love the headband and bag. Those are the perfect touch to what you're wearing. I also LOVE your hair. It looks amazingly soft :)


  14. Very Boho chic look. Adorable

  15. I loved this outfit on you! Loved I got to see it in person:)


  16. Cute!! Love the head piece ^^
    Cute blog as well. Wanna follow each other? Xoxo



  17. This is gorgeous, I adore that skirt so much! And you styled it so well. I want to wear this! Just read Marieclaire :) xx

  18. That skirt is adult tulle done right hehe. Love the sandals!

  19. i like this outfit.

    please check out my blog.

  20. I love love love this outfit!!
    And what a gorgeous blog! I start following you! Hope you'll visit my blog.

  21. i totally agree! i`m soo looking forward to wrapping up in the coziest sweaters!

  22. Cute outfit and your hair looks amazing!

    I am excited to experience my first fall in Vancouver. I am sure it will be so beautiful around here!

    LATEST POST: My Latest Loves - Mini Bags

  23. ok. SERIOUSLY. If there is an audition for hair model, i will drag you over, and i say that with love. <3
    So gorgeous as always.

  24. well August did finally bring along some good weather hey? thanking our lucky stars about that. i'm excited for a little Sept shop trip too, it really is the best! the look you pulled together is adorable, pretty soft tulle and pale palette is a darn charm to see. the last snap is a riot, you are a total doll!!! ♥

  25. I love this top and skirt combo!! Such a fun sweater and beautifully colored skirt!
    xo Cara

  26. Seriously. I know I've said this already, but this hairstyle you've been wearing lately is just amazing. I love it, and even more so with the addition of the headband :) I know exactly what you mean about back to school shopping, too. It's been four years since I was in university but I still do a huge amount of shopping in August as if I were going back to school- hurray for fall girls, secret or not-so-secret.

  27. Awesome outfit. And that purse! Of course I like anything with studs...



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