where did august go?

posted on: August 26, 2011



graham + spencer dress // forever 21 jacket // plum accessories // joe fresh polish + sunnies // kenneth cole shoes



...and all of a sudden there are only a few official days of summer left and i haven't blogged in a week. isn't it amazing how quickly the summer days go by? this season has been especially confusing since warm weather only really hit us a few weeks ago. but enough small talk about the weather.

to those of you who didn't see my tweet (let's follow each other?), the boy and i booked a mini vacation for the long weekend. portland won over seattle and victoria, since we had such a great time the last time we were there. tax free shopping, super hip but easy going, and some of the best restaurants and coffee shops we've ever been to. why wouldn't we go?!

if you have any portland tips, please don't be selfish...share with the class (in the comments section, of course). and to my friends and followers on the east coast, please stay safe this weekend xo


  1. I almost thought this was going to be an outfit post for Squamish fest, but a lloyd center shopping trip in portland is fun too! Oregon is filled with so many beauties like the seal cove, & atv sand dunes to private sandy beaches :)

    ahhh summer, how it keeps everyone behind on blogging

  2. Cute outfit!

    I agree. August went by WAY too fast!! I can't believe September is almost here...

    I'll be going to Seattle for Bumbershoot but I plan to check out Portland at some point, it sounds great. Hope you have fun!

    megan http://mallratcouture.blogspot.com

  3. Very cute outfit! I also agree, summer is almost over! I was wearing as many bright colors as possible before September arrives. It will be an interesting weekend here in NYC thanks!


  4. Hi! Saw your blog from some link I clicked, can't remember from whose twitter page, but anyways, Portland is a great choice! Probably cheaper than Victoria, and lots of places to eat and shop! I just got back from there last weekend, and it was fantastic!

    I can't really recommend anything for shopping (I only hit a place called "Brooklyn Industries"), but for eats Look up a couple of places like:

    Bistro Montage
    Fat Straw (decent bubble tea with "popping" bubbles)

    Have a good weekend!

  5. washington square mall (a really short drive from downtown portland) has an AWESOME aritizia. it will pain you to shop at the ones in vancouver after the tax free amazingness.

    the alphabet district is really good for shopping (urban outfitters, mac, cute boutiques, vintage shops)

    portland is incredible for food!
    - blue plate: a really cool 50's inspired diner. the BEST grilled cheese and tomato soup I have ever had in my life. you will die.
    - byways cafe: also a retro style diner. amazing french toast. nothing else will ever compare EVER! (both places mentioned have been on diners drive-ins and dives, if you're a fan of that show)
    - montage bistro: really cool atmosphere at night. dark, noisy, busy, ecclectic art, old feel, fun. a mix between southern and italian food. plus they do something really cool at the end of your meal!
    - nightlife there in general seems really fun. maybe put aside a night for going out, cause the main street is packed. also, if you're drunk and wandering, they have TONS of food carts. like parking lots FILLED with them. I hear they're awesome.

    hope that helps!!! sorry for the long comment :)
    ps. buy yourself some portland coffee. it's awesome!

  6. you look gorgeous!!!i love your scarf!!

  7. Great outfit! Love it!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  8. This is a really cute look, I love the added touch of the scarf and bag! I hope you had a good vacation :) xx

  9. I know right? summer days should last longer, can't wait to see your Portland aventures! Love your scarf!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  10. Right?! August just flew by it seems. I love your hair. You just always have such perfect hair.

  11. I still haven't been to Portland... Seattle always seems to win, mainly because there are a few restaurants there that I have a serious obsession with, but I digress... Please post lots of photos of Portland to convince me of why I need to go :) Oh, and also, it's always worth waiting a week to see your posts (and your amazing hair style!)
    PS: Hope you're not hurting too much after our workout tomorrow!

  12. Cute outfit!
    May I just say your hair looks GORGEOUS in these pictures!!


  13. You look gorgeous! Love this outfit :)

    I am so NOT ready for Summer to end... sigh.

  14. Cute outfit! I haven't been to Portland yet, I have heard it's amazing there so I can't wait to go. I'll be going to the Okanagan for the long weekend - hopefully the weather will be beautiful, can't wait to go to the lakes :-)

    NEW OUTFIT POST: Citadel Parade

  15. August has flown by! I too have been averaging about 1 post per week. There's just never enough time in a week to accomplish everything I want to get done. Super cute as always Alicia!

  16. Beautifulll!! Just found your blog and I have o say that you are amazing and stunning. :3

  17. I'm actually happy the summer is over because we had terrible weather :(

  18. what a lovely outfit! I'm totally diggin' that dress!!

  19. Looking forward to seeing your Portland pics! Have a great trip xo

  20. I have a girlfriend who just went to Portland and she absolutely loved it. Love this outfit, so chic and Audrey-esque. You look beautiful as ever :) Sad to have missed you last week but we'll figure something out again for September!

    Alexandra xo


  21. PORTLAAAND. Oh my gosh so jealous. I am going to join you on this vacay, hope things don't get weird ;)

    I hope your trip helps you feel better about your mid life crisis (wait, are you living past 50?), quarter life crisis.

    Love you and we need to get together for a chat soon. (PS, love this outfit. Your hair is looking extra amazing lately)

  22. I love your hair in this post as well! I was going to go to Portland but at-the-last-minute, I discovered that my passport had expired. Oh boo!

    Have fun though and can't wait to read your Portland 2.0 blog next!

  23. Ahhh I'm in love with this entire look! You look gorgeous, girl! As much as I'm sad to see Summer go (seriously, where did August go?!), I'm also excited for layering + scarfs again!

    Have an amazing trip.



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