Guest Post: Anya's Celebrity Style Picks

posted on: September 13, 2011

Anya is a young fashion blog fan who contacted me a while ago asking for career advice. I was so impressed by her initiative. Pretty sure at 16, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life (perhaps I still don't?) Her love of fashion and writing was so admirable, I had to suggest she try writing something for! Please join me in welcoming her to the blogsphere and let her know what you think of her Celebrity Style Picks!
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Kendall Jenner: INDIGO DRESS
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I’ve never really known who Kendall Jenner was until I was flipping through a Seventeen magazine and a friend of mine pointed her out and started gushing over her style (she’s a half-sister of the Kardashians, if you were wondering). And I have to admit, for someone who’s younger than me; she has some awesome fashion sense. This indigo dress is adorable and I especially love the peek-a-boo sleeves!

photo credit here, here, and here

This clutch. Words can’t even describe just how wonderful I think it is. It’s such a gorgeous oversized clutch, maybe even … the perfect clutch? Maybe? And even though it’s such a bright color, I’m sure you can still have fun with it in terms of styling. By the way – if you were wondering, this is a Marc by Marc Jacobs Airliner Magazine Clutch in Foam.

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I’ve ogled Selena Gomez’ style for a while now. She has that “I-just-threw-on-whatever-but -it’s-going-to-look-fabulous-no-matter-what” look mastered. Thus, I stumbled upon these beauties. Honestly, are these boots not WORKS OF ART? This is pair of Modern Vintage Mack Riding Boots in the color Rum. But from my understanding they aren’t for sale anymore and even if they were, they retailed for over 400 dollars, so something tells me I won’t be seeing these in my closet anytime soon.

photo credit here and here

I love this skirt! (Shocker, eh?) I love how high-waisted it is, I love its shade of white (trust me, there are plenty of whites out there!) I also love the “crinkly” look that the pleats give it (enough to make me start craving crepes). I found a pretty similar skirt from ASOS and no, it’s not white, but it’s a cute skirt nonetheless. I’ve been really drawn to salmon colored things lately so I’m pretty sure it’s my subconscious mind telling me to eat more fish or something…hmm.

Emma Stone & Rihanna: HOT PINK LIPS
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You probably guessed it. No, this isn’t a fashion trend. It’s a makeup trend, but makeup is fun, right? Anyhoo, hot pink lipstick is very in right now and anyone can pull it off as long as they know how. I pulled up one picture of Emma Stone and one of Rihanna to show that pink lips it can look good on multiple skin tones. Hot pink lips look great with simple black winged eyeliner (Gel liner is great by the way, in my opinion). With simple eyeliner, pink lips it don’t look overdone!


  1. Welcome Anja! Looks like you have this fashion blogging thing down pat :)
    Ditto on not knowing what the heck I wanted to do at 16...


  2. Oops, I meant Anya - I know an Anja so I slipped.


  3. those are great picks Anya!!

  4. Welcome to the blog world, Anya! You seem to have a wonderful sense of style, all of these picks are lovely but I think if I had to choose a favourite, it would be Selena Gomaez' riding boots. They are absolute perfection!

  5. Welcome, Anya! These are such great picks. I love the Lauren Conrad clutch, definitely such a versatile piece. And I love the Blake Lively pick, everything she manages to wear is glamorous. Great job girly!


  6. Great picks Anya! I'm loving all those clutches
    Rachael The Vancouver Cliché

  7. Welcome to the blogosphere, Anya!

    You have a great sense of style and I like the way you write :-) I'd say... keep up the good work!

    Simply Elegant

  8. Love those pics! I too adore celeb style. Love that pleated skirt and those perfectly pink lips!
    Great job! Good luck to you on your fashion adventures! It's great to already know what you want to do in your life when you're only 16!

  9. Well done Anya, she picked items that are really on trend this season! I'm hunting for a turquoise clutch like he one featured.


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