Jay Manuel has ATTITUDE (and a fierce smize)

posted on: September 23, 2011





I had the incredible honour of meeting one of my favourite Top Model judges, Mr.Jay Manuel. He was at Sears in Pacific Centre last week for the launch of his new women’s clothing line, ATTITUDE.

I was ill prepared with interview questions, and instead decided to simply talk to him about the line. It was surprising to find out that he isn’t just knowledgeable about the design process, he’s incredibly involved. Perhaps I just envisioned celebrities attending a few design meetings and slapping their name on the finished product.

Jay Manuel is very passionate about how looking good makes you feel good (in case his ability to always be flawlessly put together didn’t give that away). He always wanted to start a clothing line, long before his life in the industry. His grandfather was a tailor and would give him a new suit every year for his birthday. Perhaps this is what helped him have such a great eye for detail. He wanted to create a clothing line with elements of high fashion from all over the world that everyone can wear, and I really think he is achieving this with ATTITUDE.

We had a great chat about blazers, the one item he feels every woman should have in her closet. He knows the importance of having a great fitting blazer, which was his thought process behind the black suit in the ATTITUDE line. He had a 1970’s YSL suit in mind, with dramatic long sleeves, shoulder darts, and a wonderful matching trouser.

With recognizable attention to detail and an extensive design process (they do their fittings for each size in each piece, which is both costly and time consuming), ATTITUDE is definitely worth checking out. Jay added “I received a tweet from a woman who is a size 14 and found a jacket in the line that fit her so well, it was as though it were tailored just for her.” Jay looked right at me with his perfect smize and said, “That kind of feedback means we’ve done our job.”

ATTITUDE is available at Sears Canada locations.


  1. such a great opportunity for you alicia! i can't wait to check it out. glad he's so involved in the process, too! it makes the line that much more special!

  2. so lucky to have met him! i'm definitely going to check out Attitude & see if there's anything i'd like.

  3. I'm surprised words could come out of your mouth. I'd probably just be smiling like an idiot. Lucky you.

  4. Wow, I'm not one to shop much in department stores but I might just give this new line a try.

    I always have trouble finding a great blazer because of my sizeable chest and tiny shoulders. Maybe they have a good one for me!

  5. How great that you got to meet and chat with Jay - he seems like such a nice guy. I'm planning on checking out his new line soon :)

    xo, alison*elle

  6. WOW! That's crazy that you met him - such a neat opportunity!! Love your outfit - that blazer is gorgeous! Will have to check out his collection sometime - Sears here I come!

    Hope you're having a great day!

    Natalie Brooke

  7. Is it a bad thing that I was distracted from reading your post by your amazing outfit? I love how you styled Mina's dress, and the bright shade of your coat is to die for! If that came from Jay's collection, I'll be all over it :)

  8. Awesome! I was checking out his line at Sears the other day. Some pretty cute finds!

  9. What an awesome opportunity! It's great to hear that he was pretty down to earth and the interview went well.

    I love your outfit, the mustard and blue look amazing together!

    Under My Umbrella

  10. a. that is SO EXCITING, I love Mr. J
    b. those models look like they're made of wax, eek!
    c. I love the outfit in the middle with the camel coat, very chic

  11. Seems like an amazing experience. Love your dress!

  12. How exciting! Jay was my favorite judge too! I don't watch the show anymore but he was always so funny, the collection looks really chic and classy! And speaking of which look at you in that splash of color outfit, love your blazer!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  13. Love me some Mr. J! So jealous you got to meet him:-)

  14. So cool you got to meet him!


  15. You did a pretty great interview for not being prepared!! Man I would have loved to meet Jay Manuel, what a great event!

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  17. Oh my gosh, you met Jay Manuel?! SO cool! ANTM is one of the only shows I sit down to watch. Annnnd in saying that, I just realized I missed last night's episode because I was at an event... off to search the internet for it! ;) You looked gorgeous, by the way! Your yellow blazer is fab! xo.

  18. Lucky you! Now...to photoshop my face onto your body beside Jay...jk!

  19. That's so cool you got to meet him! He seems really nice, and he's so stylish! And CANADIAN! Yay!

  20. How exciting! Congrats! PS - Loving your mustard blazer!

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