Professor Mustard

posted on: October 23, 2011




vintage tweed 'professor' blazer from shoppalu // cream bow blouse from h+m // second denim yoga jeans from plum // mustard chunky knit scarf from modcloth // structured buckle detailed bag from front+co. // adam's ray ban aviators // pure nail bar manicure



i report to you live from the couch on this lovely saturday night.  been trying to write this post for two days now and i tell you, no matter how hard i try, it won't write itself?!  strange...

so i've been looking everywhere for a great tweed jacket (this is me not shopping btw).  something a little menswear with a hint of equestrian, and i can't believe i finally found it!  it's a hand picked vintage piece from shoppalu, an online canadian vintage store.  i tend to lack the patience to frequent vintage stores, so a local online selection of great second hand pieces is very helpful!

i've also just discovered this pinterest obsession today.  been pinning like a maniac, which sounds a lot stranger than it actually is.  if you'd like to be pinterest pals, you can find me at (aliciafashionista was taken...can you believe it?!)  hope to be pin friends soon xo


  1. cute blazer :D
    I definitely will following you if you follow me :D
    Decimal Shoes

  2. Love the glittery nail thingy! That jacket is amazing so doesn't count as breaking your shopping ban! The aviators are so made for you!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  3. I want this whole outfit-- looks comfy, warm & the colors are perfect for fall!

  4. I love it! It has such a great ivy-league equestrian vibe!


  5. Ha ha, isn't pinterest addictive? I was so obsessed when I first joined... I haven't been on for a while, but as soon as I sign in, I know I'm going to spend several hours there :) On a note that's actually related, you know, to what you're wearing, I love your tweed blazer. Isn't Shoppalu the best? I'm kind of obsessed... They take all of the parts of thrifting I'm bad at out of vintage shopping!

  6. the jacket is very lovely! I found my prefect jacket at H&M you can see a bit of it in my latest post :p it has the same colors as yours! I love a little manly touch in my wardrove :) x

  7. That mustard color looks amazing with your skin tone and dark hair. And of course, it perfectly teams up with that pretty tweed jacket. Great find!

    Sparkles And Flare

  8. I love the 70's vibe from this outfit...that blazer is fantastic!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  9. Love all the combinations here! Mustard and cream? And that vest is perfect! I have that blouse too! What a great deal hey?
    I love pinterest, I have had it for awhile, such a lovely obsession.
    <3 Kastles

  10. love this outfit! it's so chic and cozy and you're pulling that professor look veeery well :)
    I am resisting joining pinterest because it looks like it'll be too much fun and I'll just procrastinate on it rather than doing university work lol.

  11. Love the look, especially the bright color of the scarf- I like to add some color in my fall look. The glitter on your nail looks so awesome! I will definitely try it-)

  12. Love the blazer and scarf! you look so cute in this outfit.

    Confessions of a Purse-a-holic

  13. love your mani! your tweed blazer is fabulous, how great is Shoppalu?

  14. I like the tweed blazer and chunky mustard scarf paired together. Such a cozy look!

    Pinterest is a lot of fun and so easy to use. (I'm sololisa in case you want to follow.) I use it primarily to keep track of pretty pictures I see on the net; since I don't have tumblr it's the best way to organize editorial photos and fashion and beauty inspiration.

  15. I get that horrible "can't-write" feeling everytime I blog as well... as if no matter how hard I try one night, nothing will come until a couple nights later! =P Hehe! Love your outfit, very cozy and perfect for fall! :) I love the scarf, the color is great! The tweed jacket looks very warm! :)


  16. Love this! The yellow scarf is the perfect added touch that makes this outfit a "wow" outfit ; ) Looking gorgeous once again!

  17. Love this look Alicia, I keep looking at the first and last shots of you , you look gorgeous! And those aviators were the perfect choice-love the mustard scarf and the tweed blazer, such a perfect fall outfit!
    Pinterest is completely addicting, but in a good way, I love it!
    Happy Monday,
    xo Cara

  18. Omg I'll have to track you down on pinterest...I am obsessed, it is ridiculous! I love this look on you,
    Shoppalu is amazing isn't it? I love the addition of the yellow scarf, and you of course look beautiful as ever. Just about to email you back!

    Alex xoxo

  19. Cute post! I've been searching high and low for a tweed jacket....and a carmel cape...with no luck on either. perhaps its a message to not shop! eeek!

  20. I bought a very similar jacket at a thrift store. It has been riding around in my backseat for a month. I think it is officially time to get it dry cleaned so I can rock it...asap.

  21. I like the sound of this vintage store. I am like you, I love vintage finds but don't always have the time to forage for them! I love your chunky scarf and your hair looks gorgeous as always :)

    Sadie x

  22. Very cute outfit, I especially love the bag and scarf!

  23. This is so pretty fall combination!! Love that soft mustard scarf!:)
    Jelena (

  24. So I'm kind of in love with this post! I just watched clue for the first time the other night and love professor mustard. I love that tweed jacket and the mustard color of your scarf. It's perfect.

  25. Vintage shopping doesn't REALLY count as shopping, especially when you get a great deal on something ;) I love this look, especially the bright chunky scarf! I've been looking for one for this fall and yours seems perfect. What's the fabric blend on it and is it still available?

    Hope you're doing well Alicia and also hope we hang out soon!

  26. just found your it! following you!

  27. I have been addicted to pinterest for WAY too long now. Never fails to distract me from writing my papers but it's glorious.

    I am adding you as a pin buddy as I type. Add me if you like

  28. I love the scarf Alicia and it come in my favorite color too which is yellow.

  29. Ahhhh! I love it!! You look so cute! That scarf is such a great color!!!


  30. I love this look! The chunky mustard scarf is amazing and I especially love it paired with that blazer. xx

  31. such a beautiful outfit! love the chunky scarf!

  32. amazing look! Love your mustard scarf! :)


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