always an adventure in red pants

posted on: November 29, 2011



faux leather jacket from le chateau // leopard print blouse from plum // red trousers from anthropologie // infinity scarf from fine finds // shoes from portland // purse from front and company // bracelets from h&m // marc by marc jacobs watch // ring c/o social experiment



to put a christmas gift from last year to good use, i finally figured out how to use a dslr remote.  decided to be brave ysterday and head out to attempt an outfit photo using the tripod.  found a great little alley and as i set up, an old man taking out the trash decided to stop and creepily watch what i was doing from afar.  after a few minutes of extreme awkwardness i snatched up the equipment and stormed back to my car.  outfit photo fail (ended up putting the outfit back on the next day so my brother could take pics lol).

after giving up on any pictures, i headed to starbucks next to enjoy a vanilla latte and get some work done.  was on twitter for one of my clients, when i saw rick chung tweet about how people always fall asleep at starbucks, with a twit pic of the guy across from him passed out.  i chuckled to myself, thinking how true that was.  then i looked up and realized that the sleeping man was right in front of me too!  tweeted rick and asked if i was sitting right behind him...and turns out i was!  a hilarious and unexpected meeting, it was super nice to catch up.  he was headed to a tweetup at the five point afterwards, so i tagged along.  it was so fun to meet so many twitter peeps in real life!  you can see a great recap of the evening on

i also feel as though i must comment on the fact that i'm wearing red pants.  except that i don't have much to say about them, other than i love them and am so happy anthropologie had them in my size and on sale.  and that serendipitous moments of adventure happen when i wear them.  okay, yeah they're pretty cool!


  1. lovely outfit post! It's great to see you purchased your jacket from le chateau, i sorta think that store is a hidden gem for leather jackets

  2. Love the cut of the pants!
    So weird,I pretty wore the exact same outfit yesterday + posted it. LOL Weeeird! Great minds think a like?

    I totally want to invest in a remote.... looks very convenient.


  3. Sounds like you had a very interesting day. I've been considering a Dslr remote for my blog pics but I'm not brave enough to be stared at like the old man did to you lol.
    Love the pantalones lol

  4. Lovely outfit! I really like your's way cute :) I have one similar to it that I got from ASOS.

    And I can't stand it when people are creepy about watching me get my pics taken. It must have been worse being by yourself. But your pictures came out so pretty (because of you and the scenery).

    xoxo Azu

  5. You rocked those red pants, as fan of leopard totally loving the whole combo! I have had both the remote and tripod for so long and still haven't used them, we should totally give it a try!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  6. great leopard and red combo!

  7. Awesome outfit! Love the leopard print top + red pants combo = it looks excellent!

    The Urban Umbrella

  8. What a great look - those red pants are awesome! I can imagine that old man creeped you out, but the pictures are pretty!

    Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday!

    Playing Dress-Up + GIVEAWAY

  9. Those red pants were such a good decision!

  10. red pants and leo blouses are a favorite of mine! I Love this look :) x

  11. Love this outfit! I'm a big fan of red with leopard print. So classic and pretty.

  12. Love the red pants paired with the leopard blouse! That is the ultimate combination!!!
    Bella xo

  13. I really love this whole look!!


  14. Such a beautiful look love! I love the red on you and how you styled it. You look beautiful as ever. But more than anything I like your sequence of stories. Haha so weird. Creepy old men are my favourite. So excited to see you soon my love!

    Alex xoxo

  15. Cool satchel! I love the boxiness of it. It kinda reminds me of the Cambridge satchels. So great!

  16. Your photos turned out great, despite the creepy dude! Loving those red pants, definitely fun. Sounds like you had quite the afternoon that turned into a great evening, don't you just love that?
    xo Cara

  17. i must find some red pants like these. i so want to try this trend...the bright pants in blue or red, but they are always too skinny and not flattering on me. wish target would start crooking these pants.

  18. Gotta love the creepy guys who make what your doing their business! But you look super cute...that's the main thing;-)

    Jen xo

  19. Very cool and chic outfit! LOVE THE RED PANTS! I need to get me a DSLR remote! I just read your latest posts, congrats on all the wonderful features, etc.! Have a great weekend!

  20. gosh Alicia, if the red pants and leopard together don't just cause my eyes to jump up and down in celebration of the awesomeness then i don't know what would! very slick outfit for a fall weather stroll.

    suh-weet report about the remote action, well done lades. i've got a Sony camera and it's not remote compatible, sux the poo! i wish to be able to one day find a private road and have at it with fun shots um minus the creeper aspect of course ;) loved the comeback you made though, what a darling bro you have. his shots are fab too!

    serendipitous kinda day it turned out to be for you. yes indeed, that is the most wonderful word and approps here for sure. those red beauts gotta come out more often, seems to magically activate the day!

    i read about your cookie baking escapades today, me too! excited to see you again tomorrow, really looking forward to enjoying a day with the girls.

    plus i gotta say, the photo of you from the above post is beautiful!!!!!!! completely captivating in every way. congrats on all the goodness going on, article features, podcasts, FB splash pages.....kudos are layered up high about it all. xo ♥

  21. I love the red trousers! I've been really into coloured pants lately, although I don't own a red pair yet. These are so pretty!

  22. Great outfit! It's always super awkward when people catch you taking outfit photos outside haha

  23. This is my favorite kind of outfit. Completely effortless and cozy looking but also chic. Way to make bright red pants and leopard print look simple.

  24. Those red pants were such a good decision!


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