oversized repels

posted on: December 27, 2011



jacket and hat from front and company // shirt, scarf, and jeans from plum // purse from zara // boots from dsw // sunglasses from forever 21 // ring from h&m


  i realize with these photos that when i wear my oversized pieces it's most definitely man-repelling!  i so often dress for other girls, that i forget what some looks do for my body shape.  a single friend of mine was commenting on how she's had to put some of her loose fitting trendy pieces away for some new outfits that showcase a little more of her figure. 

 it's a bit of a pickle though, because you don't want to pretend to be something you're not.  i also think women who love what they're wearing exude confidence and that's sexy to men!   guess it comes down to finding a balance of personal style and something that won't completely scare men off.  

i think i'll just wear whatever i like and ignore what the men have to say about it!  do you repel as well, or do you feel sexier in shape flattering looks?


  1. lovely outfit, lady!

    personally i feel best in between: not too tight, not too loose... I don't like looking like a sausage link, all squeezed in!

  2. I do like this look - oversized or not! Although some trendy looks are more 'man-repelling' than others, I have to say that I generally dress how I like without too much thought to what other people will think. If they like it - great, but if not, at least I do!

  3. i LOVE a good oversized look.... if you feel good in it that's all that matters! i don't think oversized looks is one of the man repelling looks, look how cozy you look!! x

  4. I agree with you, I think men love confident women. It doesn't matter what a woman wears, it won't look good if she doesn't wear it with confidence.

  5. This is a great outfit! And loose clothes are definitely not men repelling. In fact I think it leaves a little more to the mind, and it's all about the mystique a woman haves that is attractive.

  6. I love this outfit! I have the same thoughts because if I don't showcase my smaller waist I can look huge and frumpy but I say screw it! I agree that if I'm happy in what I'm wearing I look better to everyone. Plus its a good surprise when they see I actually HAVE a waist. HA! Keep dressing for you :)

  7. That hat is just lovely. You totally pull it off!


  8. love this fab look

    got to have a skirt like this



  9. Confidence is the best accessory! , if you like the way it looks then go for it! you nailed the relaxed look, I enjoy wearing oversized cardis, sometimes "man repellers" but hey! if you feel comfy then what's wrong? Hope you've had a wonderful Christmas time! Big hugs!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  10. Your single friend sounds like a genius! Haha. I think it's really just about finding that balance. Keeping your own style without wearing something that scares guys away... Because let's be honest. Most guys don't understand maxi skirts ;)

    You look lovely m'dear

  11. It's so funny that you posted this because I ran into an odd man-repelling situation this past weekend - not that it really matters much to me since I'm married. An acquaintance of mine made a statement about how most men hate red lipstick, which is a staple of mine, and I expected him to be shot down... but most of the other men present agreed! Of course, I've always known that I dressed for other women as opposed to men - trust very few mens' opinions on fashion, anyway ;) I have to say, though, I don't think oversized clothes are neccessarily man-repelling. I doubt any man can resist a girl in a fabulous hat like yours. Just saying.

  12. I'm inclined to agree with Justyna. The older I get, the less I like the skintight bandage dresses and mini skirts. A loose silk blouse and a good pair of trousers seem infinitely more chic and alluring.

  13. this is something i fight with myself about... i LOVE wearing oversize stuff; it's pretty much what i wear every day- but im looking for a boyfriend right now and i wonder if it puts guys off :S

    at the same time i love dressing up and i have a pretty bangin' bod when i go out dancing in some of the sexy dresses i own. but i dont want to give up my loose stuff for day to day :(


  14. When I was single I used to kid that I'd rather be single with my fabulous clothes than with a man and wearing tarty little outfits just to please him. I've found my balance of wearing clothes for me but still showing my figure from time to time for my fella;-)

    You look super cute by the way....and I agree with Miss Melissa that your single friend sounds super smart!

    Jen xo

  15. I prefer oversized clothing! Haha I don't care if it repells.. I dress for myself anyway!


  16. I never really thought oversized repels men... you don't want to put everything on show anyway! But I dress for myself mainly... and I think confidence is the most attractive thing =)

  17. I think subconsciously I dress for men, but I simply like to look good. I seem to attract the wrong kind of attention from men apparently. Its pretty bad to break the habit though to be quite honest.

  18. This dress is very natural for the women I really like the such a natural fashion cloth. It really nice.

  19. Love this look! The cardigan and scarf are adorable!

  20. This is a great look... something I'd wear everyday! I don't think oversize necessarily repels men, bc like you said, it's confidence that is sexy.
    Personally I feel sexier if I'm wearing heels (which I really don't do too often) and at least 1 form-fitting thing (like tights or skinny jeans). It just depends what look you're going for.

    Forever Fashionably Late

  21. I feel pretty sexy in a pair of really slim high waisted jeans....of course I pair it with studded boots, a weird sweater, and giant skull/bone jewelry! I definitely don't think many of my outfits would "attract" the opposite sex, but my significant other likes how I dress. As much as I'd like to say I'd dress however I wanted regardless, it's nice knowing that he gets excited over a McQueen sale as I do!

  22. How about not dressing for women or men but just dressing for yourself? Boo yeah. And as if you could ever repel anyone! haha. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    x Niki from A Haute Mess

  23. I love this look...so cute & comfy! I feel like I do both...sometimes oversized, sometimes for fitting...and I try not to care what any man will think about it :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  24. I say wear what you want cuz you want to, if its figure skimming great if its 'man repelling' rock it!


  25. I don't think this outfit is man-repelling at all! It's comfy - nothing wrong with that. My bf doesn't mind oversized at all, he finds short skirts and too tight tops more repelling ;-)

    Lovely look!

    Black On Blue

  26. Just found your blog & loving it!

  27. Hey! I just found your blog and love it! I love seeing someone out there who has a similar body style as me...i can actually look to you for inspiration! So this post totally cracked me up.

    I've been married almost five years, and I have a very style-conscious hubs, who is constantly telling me to not dress in terms of trends but in terms of what's flattering to my figure. And he doesn't mean dress in tight and/or revealing clothes. I think that a lot of people (not just men) look at some of the trends and go "why?? huh?," including myself.

    When you're in a relationship, you care about what your other cares about...and that may include what you wear, but it really is a struggle. I haven't figured it out yet. I'd say, though, since you're a single gal...just wear what YOU love and the confidence is what will stand out most...keep doing what you're doing. You're hot no matter what!!!!!! xo


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