never had time to have my mind made up

posted on: March 30, 2011

casual lookie beannnners

Aritzia TNA tee // Vintage Blazer // Mavi Serena Jeans // Steve Madden Boots // Barefoot Contessa Sunnies // Plum Scarf & Beanie // Front & Co. Purse

just casual

I had officially given up on styling this cropped TNA tee. In all reality, I wouldn't consider wearing it with an exposed middle unless it was with something super high waisted. Or if I magically grew abs over night (fingers crossed). When I was over at my friend Andrea's last weekend, she was showing me how she wears her new Aritzia tops with a white tank underneath. Duh! A white tank under the cropped shirt, how had I never thought of it before? It's so simple...too simple. I spend all day long at work trying to think of new creative ideas and sometimes it's the easiest ones that you miss!

I also officially want everything at Aritzia right now. Damnit!

shake your head // it's empty

posted on: March 28, 2011


I spent this weekend getting up to the usual shenanigans (I almost missed a typo "shenanigangs" just then, but I assure you I am not affiliated with any gangs!) Adam was out of town all weekend and I saw this as an opportunity to go shopping. But let's be honest with ourselves, I'll use any excuse to go shopping. You're going through a break up? Awesome, let's hit the mall! You gained 10 lbs and none of your clothes fit? I'm so happy for you, we should go find you a whole new wardrobe. Okay, I obviously kid. I'd never actually take you to the mall after a breakup, that's a recipe for tears in my Orange Juilius.

Where was I? Right, Saturday afternoon. I planned a morning of Main Street shopping with Melissa and then was going to hit downtown before my hair appointment. Why I feel the need to have the most stereotypically girly weekend while my boyfriend is away, I'll never figure out. Anyways, I kept running into friends and getting so distracted that I forgot to eat! I was literally so lost in a world of spring florals and platform pumps that didn't eat my first meal until 6 pm on Saturday. Now, if skipping two meals to shop isn't logical, then I don't know what is! Thankfully, the last person I ran into was Lisa who was a fabulous shopping partner and the perfect impromptu dinner date! We caught up on important life details and shared funny stories over a drink and some eats.

It was the opposite of my usually structured Saturday afternoons, but that's what made it so great. Every time I turned the corner there was a new opportunity; those days are the best!

cheeeese looking down

march outfit

Dress and Sunnies from Barefoot Contessa // Blazer from a boutique in NYC // Birdcage Necklace made by Shaz // Jeffrey Campbell 99 Booties


& now we interrupt this program for an important announcement

posted on: March 27, 2011

Adam and I are moving in together!

He purchased an apartment last summer from a seller that was moving to France, so we was able to buy it fully furnished. Though she had decorated it beautifully, we now have the delightful task of making it ours. The bedroom will be completely re-done and I've been surrounding myself with an abundance of design inspiration. And as an HGTV junkie and a home store frequenter, this is a dream come true. I love the challenge of making the space gender neutral, and to slowly make the apartment our own. My biggest issue? Where on earth will I put all of my clothes and accessories?!

If you have ANY interior design blogs or websites, or know of any great Vancouver or online stores please let me know! Any tips and tricks are greatly appreciated. I look forward to showing you the before and after progress we make over the next month until I move in May 1st.

12 11 10 9 IMG_2760 7 6 5 2 4 3 1

All photos from Apartment Therapy & Design Sponge, two of my favourite interior design blogs!

ready or nautical

posted on: March 25, 2011


Striped Cardigan, Necklace & Belt c/o Plum // Zara Trousers // Forever 21 Sunnies // Consigned Front & Co. Purse // Aldo Wedges



It's a double post kind of day because I'm craaazy like that! I think this is my new favourite photo spot near Adam's place. He is actually the one who discovered it, my goodness I've taught him well! My advice to anyone out there with a love for photography should teach someone close to you how to use the camera! That way, you're not missing from every single photo. You wouldn't believe how many people complain to me that they never have any photos of themselves. You must be creative about it people!

I have a big life announcement coming up soon and lots of outfit posts to catch up on. The weather in Vancouver has been delightfully Spring inspired (except today, today looks like doomsday) so I've been taking as many photos as I can! Promise there will be more consistent posting from now on. I've been a bad, bad bloggerina lately...forgive me?

Modnique Giveaway Winner is...

congrats i love denham

I'm SOOOO excited that Alana Denham won the Ariane Arazi cuff! She has one of my favourite new fashion blogs 'i love denham' and she's even local-ish (Kelowna). Her 30x30 challenge was awesome and she has continued to put together amazing outfits and take beautiful photographs! Go check her out and say hello :)


For the rest of you, thank you SO much for entering the Modnique giveaway! The cuff is on sale today on Modnique for $38 (from $152) if you really had your heart set on it. Hope you're loving these giveaways, I just want to continue with these giveaways as a thank you for following and supporting me. Aww internet hugs xo

GUESS what?!

posted on: March 24, 2011


Let's plan a shopping date my lovelies! Pen me in for Wednesday April 6th at the GUESS on Robson. There will be drinks, shopping discounts, tunes from DJ Dre Morel, and lots of photos! The best part is that this event will be raising money for FITE, an organization designed to foster Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship for women in the developing world.

I will be amongst some of Vancouver's best, including Style Struck, A Haute Mess, The Anthology, and hopefully YOU!

RSVP right now to reserve a spot. See you there xx

Ariane Arazi Giveaway

posted on: March 22, 2011

Ariane Arazi giveaway

I am delighted to offer you another giveaway from the flash sale site Modnique (remember them?). I will be sponsoring Modnique's Ariane Arazi sale from March 25th until March 28th, 2011. Her collection of Canadian made jewellery is stunning, feel free to view the rest of her pieces here.

Modnique is giving one of you an Ariane Arazi cuff ($152 value) in your choice of silver, gold, or gunmetal. It's a beautiful must-have piece of jewellery, I am so excited for one of you to win it!

There are a few simple steps to enter...

1) "Like" Modnique on Facebook

2) Then post on the Modnique Facebook Wall:
"I want to win a Ariane Arazi cuff. Thanks @Modnique and @AliciaFashionista - "
(that should link to both Facebook pages...I hope!)

3) Bonus entry if you "Like" AliciaFashionista on Facebook

Be sure to leave me a comment telling me that you entered!

Contest ends Friday March 25th at 11:00 am PST
Contest is open worldwide* and winner will be chosen at random.
*A detailed list of countries that Modnique ships to is here


casual friday

posted on: March 18, 2011

casual friday

I've been pretty good about avoiding stores lately, especially with that urge to shop that I spoke about last post. Thank you all for such great comments and advice. It's so nice to know I'm not the only one obsessing! But of course, I couldn't help myself when I saw this purse at Front & Co. the other day. A vintage double buckle brown-ish purse is exactly what I've been looking for! Under $30 and in great condition. I had to stop myself from doing a little happy dance and then quickly removed myself from the store before I did any more damage to my bank account!

casual fri

Floral Blouse & OXMO Jacket c/o Plum // Cargo Skinnies from the Lushuz sale // H&M Jewels // Vintage Purse from Front & Co. // Kelsi Dagger Boots

cas fri

When you work for the same clothing company, the odds of showing up to work wearing the same things as someone else is far greater. Today was only one of many days where two of us have shown up in the same thing. It's pretty funny, except that Claudia was being a little camera shy.

wearing the same outfit...of course!

And before you go, please hop over to 24 Blogazine and check out their featured blogger today. I'll give you a's me ;) Happpppy Friday my sweets xx

and the winner is....

posted on: March 15, 2011

Holly Ostler

Congratulations Holly, you will be getting a brand new pair of Jeffrey Campbell 99 Ties from me!

Thank you so much to EVERYONE who entered, I have many more giveaways coming be sure to check back again soon :)

somewhere in between // what is real & just a dream

posted on: March 10, 2011


we heart it moon

we heart it dream

we heart it - hammock

nana's teacups

we heart it bicycle daydreams

sitting on the shelf

dots and leopard

we heart it puppy love

we heart it - where is my mind
(all but 4 photos from here)

Maybe blogging is the poor (wo)man's version of therapy. I think many of us are just twenty somethings, looking for an end to many unanswered questions. I have been playing the old comparison game, and looking at other girl's outfits as superior to mine. I think we're all guilty of it, but perhaps we don't talk about it. Or maybe you don't feel that way, and for that I am jealous of you. I wish I didn't care.

The worst part of it all, is that these feelings make me want to shop. I have to use all my will power not to step foot into a store or drive my car to the mall. I've filled carts and emptied carts online. It's the first step of the shopaholic cycle. But see, for the first time in a long time I actually have money and that makes me feel proud. So where is that balance between buying new things and saving some dollars?

Okay, I feel much better. Therapy session over.
Thanks :)

PS Have you entered my giveaway?

Weekend Frocks

posted on: March 8, 2011

frocks with the girlies

As many of you know, my best friend Jessica is getting married this November in Hawaii. Not only am I excited to be the Maid of Honour, but I get to spend 10 days with my best friends in Maui! Wedding planning and events will become more frequent, and I can’t help but get caught up in all the wedding excitement (earmuffs Adam).

On Saturday we ventured to Frocks to take a look at bridesmaid dresses. It’s so funny how the three of us had picked out our favourite styles online, but ended up liking the exact opposite of what we’d seen on the website. We found a dress that is flattering, comfortable, lightweight, and super cute! And we’re clearly girls who know what we like, as our visit lasted all of 15 minutes (they book you a 2 hour appointment). After freshening up at Jessica’s new apartment, we headed off to celebrate with some spiked frappes and appetizers. Shopping, weddings, and drinks? Pretty much the perfect Saturday afternoon!

bride to be

view from jessica's place

patio reflections

jess and kelly's apartment

4 pm ponytail time...

new dress and layers


Oxmo Dress, Purse & Scarf c/o Plum // H&M Trench // Vintage Blazer // DSW Boots // Barefoot Contessa Sunnies

yellow scarf

Jeffrey Campbell Giveaway

posted on: March 3, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell Giveaway

My dearest readers,

I've been trying to figure out what to do with these wedges for months. I considered keeping them, but owning the 99 and the 99 tie is a bit much. Then I thought about selling them and making some money, but you know what? I decided instead to give them to one of you! You are all so amazing and supportive. Which is why I believe you should be given free things!

I now give you a chance to win this pair of the Jeffrey Campbell 99 Tie size 8.5 (fits like an 8) in matte black. A $114 USD value! They have never been worn and will come in the original Jeffrey Campbell packaging. Want to enter? Excellent, here's how:

Follow this blog with Google friend connect or bloglovin' (+1 entry each)

"Like" Alicia Fashionista on Facebook (+1 entry)

RT "I entered to win a pair of Jeffrey Campbell wedges from @604fashionista -" on Twitter (+1 entry)

And of course, leave a comment on this post telling me how you entered.*

Contest ends March 14th, 2011 at 11:59 pm PST

*This contest is available to Canada and the US only. If you are international and wish to enter, I would ask that you be willing to help cover shipping charges. Thanks for understanding!

xoxo Alicia

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