blazer + maxi skirt #iwantaa

posted on: September 29, 2011


aritzia shirt and maxi skirt // vintage blazer // zara purse // urban outfitters booties // front + co.  scarf and ring


why does it always seem to be that the less money i have, the more i want to spend?  my fall wishlist is growing and i keep falling victim to that dreaded 'sale' word.  funds are depleting, but my closet is begging for more!  honestly, i have filled so many online shopping carts lately, i fear that certain sites will start blocking me from pretending to purchase!

luckily, i have put my credit card away (for now) in anticipation for my birthday and christmas.  although, i did fall weak to a new zara purse and majorly on sale suede urban outfitters boots.  i also couldn't say no to the latest deal.  $50 worth of american apparel goodies for only $25.  actually saving money if you really think about it :P

have you been obsessed with shopping lately?  how do you curb the cravings?

lana del rey - diet mtn dew

Jay Manuel has ATTITUDE (and a fierce smize)

posted on: September 23, 2011





I had the incredible honour of meeting one of my favourite Top Model judges, Mr.Jay Manuel. He was at Sears in Pacific Centre last week for the launch of his new women’s clothing line, ATTITUDE.

I was ill prepared with interview questions, and instead decided to simply talk to him about the line. It was surprising to find out that he isn’t just knowledgeable about the design process, he’s incredibly involved. Perhaps I just envisioned celebrities attending a few design meetings and slapping their name on the finished product.

Jay Manuel is very passionate about how looking good makes you feel good (in case his ability to always be flawlessly put together didn’t give that away). He always wanted to start a clothing line, long before his life in the industry. His grandfather was a tailor and would give him a new suit every year for his birthday. Perhaps this is what helped him have such a great eye for detail. He wanted to create a clothing line with elements of high fashion from all over the world that everyone can wear, and I really think he is achieving this with ATTITUDE.

We had a great chat about blazers, the one item he feels every woman should have in her closet. He knows the importance of having a great fitting blazer, which was his thought process behind the black suit in the ATTITUDE line. He had a 1970’s YSL suit in mind, with dramatic long sleeves, shoulder darts, and a wonderful matching trouser.

With recognizable attention to detail and an extensive design process (they do their fittings for each size in each piece, which is both costly and time consuming), ATTITUDE is definitely worth checking out. Jay added “I received a tweet from a woman who is a size 14 and found a jacket in the line that fit her so well, it was as though it were tailored just for her.” Jay looked right at me with his perfect smize and said, “That kind of feedback means we’ve done our job.”

ATTITUDE is available at Sears Canada locations.

i'm on fire.

posted on: September 21, 2011



blouse from next (uk) // cardigan, belt + wrap bracelets c/o plum // trousers from zara // bangles from h&m // hat from urban outfitters // jeffrey campbell 99 tie boots




i'm on fire
move on, you've got to move on
you gotta get ya real good
before you shake on

cannon beach

posted on: September 20, 2011



bardot maxi dress // plum earrings // forever 21 sunnies // gifted bracelets // american apparel hat







nothing like looking back at some photos from only a couple weeks ago and wondering how the last few months flew by so quickly. and it's not even summer that has escaped me. according to the calendar, it's almost october. i think i'm still trying to complete my july to-do list...slightly behind :P

taking an hour and a half detour on the way back from portland to stop at cannon beach was the best decision we've ever made. the oregon coast really is as beautiful as people say. we spent a few hours enjoying a relaxing picnic on the beach while people watching. it was a beautiful warm day, perfect for a simple maxi dress and floppy hat. although, i could barely hang onto my hat in such extreme winds! and an afternoon at the beach wouldn't be complete without a photo shoot (in my world anyway). although, photos can barely do the views enough justice. you must see it for yourself! next time we plan on staying beach front and venturing into portland on the way home, we just can't get enough! have you ever been to cannon beach?

hope everyone is having a great week. i've been a really bad blog friend lately, but I promise to pop by every one's sites this week to catch up! xo

a weekend in portland

posted on: September 16, 2011


road trip

labour day weekend post coming to you weeks later...typical. after a mesmerizing ray lamontagne concert on friday night, we left vancouver at about 5 am saturday morning. did you know starbucks doesn't open until 6 am? lesson learned! anyway, the drive is easy and only takes about 6 hours.

entering oregon

the mark spencer

we've stayed at the mark spencer hotel twice now and it has worked out really well for both trips. it's perfectly situated by the heart of the pearl district and only minutes away from downtown. we booked it through portland perks, which got us a really great deal including coupons and free breakfast and parking! last time we went in the off season and got a $50 credit card too.


stumptown is definitely worth checking out. the jj bean of portland.


latte o'clock

The Ace Hotel

after getting up at 4:30 am, driving for 6 hours, and shopping/sightseeing for the entire afternoon, we wanted an easy choice for dinner. we opted for mothers bistro because it was walking distance and had been recommended. i had a lavender vodka infused cocktail and the most amazing salad. the perfect meal at the end of a looong day!

Mother's Bistro

isable cantina the BEST Portland breakfast

we skipped out on the free breakfast after finding isabel cantina. best. breakfast. ever. we actually went both mornings because we wanted to try more items on the menu. worth the wait to be seated...seriously!


pancakes with bananas and blackberries and a raspberry compote

off to nw23rd street for some shopping.

tourist day 2


portland you rule on 23rd


there are tons of great boutique clothing stores like this one, reveille. beautifully decorated, with gorgeous hand picked vintage pieces. i found my ideal pair of fall cowboy boots in a great shade of cognac, totally should have bought them!


adam insisted on trying a sandwich from the pb and j food cart on nw23rd. we tried the cream of the crop, and it was even more delicious than it looks.

Grilled Sandwich from the PB & J Food Truck

great vintage, i could have spent hours rummaging through the treasures.

POP-UP Shoppe

our last dinner at montage was the best meal we ate the entire trip! montage serves up southern food with common shared seating at long tables (which we saw at a few places in portland). adam wanted to try the alligator jumbalaya, and i had the green basil pesto macaroni...sooooo good! and they pack your meal up in an adorable tinfoil animal. a must try!

montage restaurant

mac and cheese

alligator jumbalaya

the leftovers in tin foil animals

the night ended with drinks, operation: the sponge bob square pants version, and yahtzee!

sponge bob operation at a bar

Yahtzee at the bar

next up, cannon beach!

Guest Post: Anya's Celebrity Style Picks

posted on: September 13, 2011

Anya is a young fashion blog fan who contacted me a while ago asking for career advice. I was so impressed by her initiative. Pretty sure at 16, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life (perhaps I still don't?) Her love of fashion and writing was so admirable, I had to suggest she try writing something for! Please join me in welcoming her to the blogsphere and let her know what you think of her Celebrity Style Picks!
anya bio

Kendall Jenner: INDIGO DRESS
photo credit here

I’ve never really known who Kendall Jenner was until I was flipping through a Seventeen magazine and a friend of mine pointed her out and started gushing over her style (she’s a half-sister of the Kardashians, if you were wondering). And I have to admit, for someone who’s younger than me; she has some awesome fashion sense. This indigo dress is adorable and I especially love the peek-a-boo sleeves!

photo credit here, here, and here

This clutch. Words can’t even describe just how wonderful I think it is. It’s such a gorgeous oversized clutch, maybe even … the perfect clutch? Maybe? And even though it’s such a bright color, I’m sure you can still have fun with it in terms of styling. By the way – if you were wondering, this is a Marc by Marc Jacobs Airliner Magazine Clutch in Foam.

photo credit here and here

I’ve ogled Selena Gomez’ style for a while now. She has that “I-just-threw-on-whatever-but -it’s-going-to-look-fabulous-no-matter-what” look mastered. Thus, I stumbled upon these beauties. Honestly, are these boots not WORKS OF ART? This is pair of Modern Vintage Mack Riding Boots in the color Rum. But from my understanding they aren’t for sale anymore and even if they were, they retailed for over 400 dollars, so something tells me I won’t be seeing these in my closet anytime soon.

photo credit here and here

I love this skirt! (Shocker, eh?) I love how high-waisted it is, I love its shade of white (trust me, there are plenty of whites out there!) I also love the “crinkly” look that the pleats give it (enough to make me start craving crepes). I found a pretty similar skirt from ASOS and no, it’s not white, but it’s a cute skirt nonetheless. I’ve been really drawn to salmon colored things lately so I’m pretty sure it’s my subconscious mind telling me to eat more fish or something…hmm.

Emma Stone & Rihanna: HOT PINK LIPS
photo credit here and here

You probably guessed it. No, this isn’t a fashion trend. It’s a makeup trend, but makeup is fun, right? Anyhoo, hot pink lipstick is very in right now and anyone can pull it off as long as they know how. I pulled up one picture of Emma Stone and one of Rihanna to show that pink lips it can look good on multiple skin tones. Hot pink lips look great with simple black winged eyeliner (Gel liner is great by the way, in my opinion). With simple eyeliner, pink lips it don’t look overdone!

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