Florence + the Machine "Ceremonials" Album Review

posted on: October 31, 2011


i first discovered her larger than life vocals while shopping at a local clothing store in the summer of 2009.  unable to get it out of my head, it wasn't the fact that i was listening to a cover of hospital beds, it was the female voice behind those familiar lyrics.  turned out that it was florence welch, and it just so happened that her debut album lungs had just been released that week.  thirty seconds into listening to the cd, i knew it was just the sound i had been desperately searching the music scene for.  and like a missionary for the church of florence, i informed the masses of her talent, turning anyone i could into a believer.  a year later, i was lucky enough to see florence + the machine perform live at the commodore ballroom.  her stage presence still haunts me.  it was by far the best live show of my life.

soon after, florence + the machine broke into the north american music scene.  with her song dog days are over featured in the eat, pray, love trailer, an appearance on snl, plenty of radio play, and a notable fashion sense, people started to notice her.  it always saddens me when this happens because as much as artists claim to stay true to themselves, i feel like they end up lost somewhere in between the depths of celebrity life and the pressure to consistently satisfy expectations musically.  so two and a half years later, i received an ealy copy of her new album with a large amount of cynicism.  i was so prepared for disappointment, that i almost tried not to like it.  but welch defied the odds and actually produced a cd that is still very much her and her unique sound.

 her second album is appropriately named ceremonials, as a florence + the machine album is comparable to a religious experience.  much like her last record, it starts off with the more upbeat/pop friendly tunes.  her single shake it out will likely appeal to those who appreciated dog days on her last cd.  when i'd initially heard what the water gave me as a single i wasn't too keen, but listening to it in context with the rest of the album, it's the perfect compliment.
with so much time to grow, this album is noticeably darker.  perhaps not on the surface, but lyrically it is very apparent.  something that i think florence is very open about and comfortable sharing with the world.  i almost feel as though i'm fighting life's demons alongside her, especially so in seven devils.

the driving force behind this album is of course, florence welch's voice, which i believe is best showcased in leave my body and spectrum.  it's her ability to belt out those notes on your behalf that is so powerful.  with each listen, i find different songs that stand out for me.  tonight i find remain nameless especially interesting because it has such classic pop music components but strikes me as such a different sound.

florence  the machine's ceremonials is a contender for album of the year.  the repeat button is already wearing down and i've only been listening to it since friday!  i highly suggest you purchase this cd as soon as humanly possible and share your opinion.  music is so subjective, i'm interested to hear what others think of this album as well!

Y.E.S! Signature Style Event - Room with a View

posted on: October 28, 2011


olivia lovenmark of style struck and liz speradeo of dress for success


with karm and crystal of vancitybuzz


on katie: sea shirt and sandro jacket


on heather: hugo boss jacket and trousers, sam eldelman pumps


on whitney: tara jarmon jacket (of amazingess)


on ingrid: opening ceremony jacket, tucker blouse, see by chloe sweater, current/elliot pants, treesje satchel, and dolce vita booties


on lisa: trina turk blouse, pants, and jacket


on heather: a show stealing mcq by alexander mcqueen dress


y.e.s! young executives for success is a way for professional vancouver women to make connections with like-minded females and to give back to other women in their community.  it's such a fantastic networking group, love how they support dress for success.

 was lucky enough to attend the y.e.s! signature style event "room with a view" on wednesday.  hosted by the lovely fiona forbes, the fashion show featured pieces from the bay's latest shopping destinations: the room and topshop.  as you can tell from the photos, there were so many lust-worthy pieces, had to keep a close eye on my credit card to make sure it didn't run away and make any purchases!

i will absolutely be attending another y.e.s! networking event, and am greatly considering becoming a member.  it's just so fun and refreshing talking to successful ladies and catching up with contacts that i haven't seen in a while.  total girl power speech (beyonce would be proud). 

how do you network with other gal pals in your area?    

Video: How To Tie/Style A Scarf

posted on: October 26, 2011

I've had a few requests to show how I style/tie my scarves.  Decided to attempt a video blog (pfft...haven't done that in a year).  Hopefully there are some helpful hints in there amongst my mumbling and noisy bracelets :P

Enjoy xo

WIN a set of LOVE + MARK'D cards

posted on: October 24, 2011


since i met her in the first grade, my best friend has promoted giving people handwritten cards.  thanks to her, i am always handing out cards for special occasions or just because!  i especially love how olivia lovenmark of stylestruck.ca created a new line of handmade LOVE + MARK’D cards.  a little bit french, a little bit of glitter, and very cute!  in honour of her recently launched line of cards, she is offering one lucky aliciafashionista reader a set of 4 cards!

lovemarkd copy

how to enter:

head on over to LOVE + MARK’D and pick which set of cards you'd like to win

then comment on this post or the aliciafashionista facebook page about which set of cards is you favourite

for a *bonus* entry "like" stylestruck.ca on facebook

contest closes friday october 28th at 3 pm PST. contest open to north american residence only, maximum of two entries per person.

good luck xo

Professor Mustard

posted on: October 23, 2011




vintage tweed 'professor' blazer from shoppalu // cream bow blouse from h+m // second denim yoga jeans from plum // mustard chunky knit scarf from modcloth // structured buckle detailed bag from front+co. // adam's ray ban aviators // pure nail bar manicure



i report to you live from the couch on this lovely saturday night.  been trying to write this post for two days now and i tell you, no matter how hard i try, it won't write itself?!  strange...

so i've been looking everywhere for a great tweed jacket (this is me not shopping btw).  something a little menswear with a hint of equestrian, and i can't believe i finally found it!  it's a hand picked vintage piece from shoppalu, an online canadian vintage store.  i tend to lack the patience to frequent vintage stores, so a local online selection of great second hand pieces is very helpful!

i've also just discovered this pinterest obsession today.  been pinning like a maniac, which sounds a lot stranger than it actually is.  if you'd like to be pinterest pals, you can find me at pinterest.com/604fashionista (aliciafashionista was taken...can you believe it?!)  hope to be pin friends soon xo

plaid pendelton cape(d crusader)

posted on: October 20, 2011




cream and gold knit sweater from h&m // green plaid pendleton from wasteland san fransisco // skinny yoga jeans c/o plum // kelsi dagger booties // second hand bag from front + co. // house of harlow ring



i don't generally purchase many chunky sweaters, as i feel the name implies, they add unnecessary extra bulk.  but, this gorgeous cream sweater is comfortable and relatively flattering.  made this purchase at the grand opening of h&m at metrotown.  of course didn't get any photos at the event because i was in shopaholic hunting mode, while trying to mingle.  i'd be mid convo with someone and my eyes would be wandering, trying to spot the next item to add to the try on pile!  anyway, i am absolutely ecstatic that h&m is finally in metrotown, so i can get all my shopping done in one place.  a huge hug and thank you to lj pr for the invite.

also to be discussed is one of my favourite shopping finds of 2010, le pendleton cape.  it was a mere $15 at wasteland in san fransisco.  i hadn't heard of pendleton before, but loved the plaid pattern and the fact that it was a cape.  had to come home and google it, and fell in love with their prints.  now, the pendleton tag seems to be everywhere and i am so happy i scored my pendleton piece at such a great price.  aren't finding fashion treasures the best?

hope you're all having a great week my beauties!  

leopard print, red lips, and real life

posted on: October 18, 2011


black blazer and sunnies from forever21 // leopard print blouse and skinny yoga jeans c/o plum // suede flats with bow detail from joe fresh // gold heart betsey johnson bracelet // marc by marc jacobs watch // gifted necklace


whenever i don't feel great about my body, my clothes are the first to blame (because apparently it's easier to say i hate every single clothing item i own than to get my butt to the gym?)  with a trip to hawaii in 15 days, i'm not feeling bikini ready and out of frustration, i've been pretty unfair to my wardrobe.  

the temporary solution always seems to be shopping.  new clothing, shoes, and/or accessories make us feel oh-so-good.  but, those fuzzy feelings soon fade away, leaving us with debt and too much stuff.  finally came to terms with the fact that the best solution is to just...exercise!  spending the money on yoga classes instead of a shopping spree has really helped me this the past few weeks.  feeling refreshed and excited about my closet again!

does anyone else buy new clothes to mask body issues?  no?  just me?  i understand, i'm probably crazy... :P

dakota group sample sale

posted on: October 17, 2011

Dakota Group Sample Sale

every season i wait for the amazing dakota group sample sale.  they offer current styles of really great brands for a discounted price!  this very sale is where i've scored my pour la victoire booties, graham and spencer sleeveless trench, and matt and nat ikat print clutch.

a few dakota group sale tips : bring lots of cash (but there is an atm on premise if necessary), don't bring a purse, and wear shoes that you can easily slip in and out of.  

the sale starts next thursday the 27th, doors open at 10 am.  hope to see you there :)

Canadian FLARE

posted on: October 15, 2011

on FLARE.com

FLARE's wear canada: blogger edition really forced me to evaluate how i support canadian designs.  i found some joe fresh, matt + nat, plum, and aritzia in my closet, but settled on that new pyrite necklace from wolf circus.  wanted to feature a line that some may not know about and share the online shopping love.  it makes me so happy that FLARE is recognizing canadian fashion bloggers, it was great to see some familiar faces and find some new reads.



Stuart Weitzman TITLE booties

top c/o plum // silk shorts from aritzia // graham and spencer sleeveless trench // mom's scarf // pyrite necklace c/o wolf circus // zara purse // 'title' ankle booties c/o stuart weitzman


life lately

posted on: October 13, 2011

a great new pyrite necklace c/o of local jewellery line wolf circus

Wolf Circus

a preview of the new vera wang line of wedding gowns at blush occasions in west van


giving the old bookshelf a facelift with an i love you, blogs and coffee print from made by girl


photo credit to lynn
Blogger Clothing Swap

a therapeutic recipe on a rainy afternoon, fresh homemade salsa 


walking through the park on a crisp fall evening


my new office: the kitchen table


hope you're all having a great week xo

my version of sweatpants

posted on: October 5, 2011

DSC_0881new2 DSC_0887NEW

joe fresh sunnies // plum scarf // h&m tee // aritzia silk shorts // vintage men's sweater from wasteland // adam's nixon watch // zara purse // boots from dsw 


i try my best not to wear my workout gear or lounging attire out of the house.  i've learned that lesson one too many times.  it's always when you quickly pop into a store looking a mess that you bump into someone important, or who you haven't seen in ages.

way (way, WAY) back in the day, i remember wearing sweatpants to school, to run errands, etc.  it was very acceptable at the time (or so i thought lol), because i was young.  over the years, it has become apparent to me that there are many other ways to be comfortable and not feel like a total slob.  for example, an oversized cardigan over form fitting basics is a great way to stay warm and cozy.  that way, you still look and feel great!

the pack a.d. – haunt you

WIN 250 Business Cards c/o ArtKraft

posted on: October 2, 2011

business card giveaway

I learned the importance of personal branding a few years ago, and credit many of my blog successes to this knowledge. The ability to network is vital in so many industries, especially in the world of fashion. In many cases, it’s not what you know, but who you know. Having a strong social media and blog presence is a wonderful start, but you must have business cards to back it up. Networking can happen anywhere, at any time (sounds so dangerous, reminds me of the Friend’s episode: A State of Unagi that I watched last night LOL).

The ArtKraft was kind enough to offer my readers a chance to win 250 business cards with full colour front and back, matte silk lamination, and custom design.  A package that is normally worth $220 CDN!

To Enter:

Then just leave a comment on this post or my Facebook Page telling me how you entered.

This contest is open worldwide (as you can decide on design via email) and ends Wednesday October 12th, 2011 at 3:00 pm PST.
Up to two entries per person, winner will be selected at random.

Good luck xo

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