happy new year!

posted on: December 31, 2011



bcbg strapless dress with tiered ruffled skirt // hue tights // h&m accessories // nine west pumps



is it strange that i put my nye outfit on hours early just to get some outfit photos?  the woman who cycled past us and yelled "awesome!" thought it was okay, right? haha at a certain point, you have to just accept the fact that you look weird getting outfit photos in a party dress, mid afternoon, in zero degree weather.

just wanted to say that this has been an amazing year for me, and all of you have had a part in that!  thank you for being here to support me, you are all so great and i very much appreciate it!    wishing all of you a safe and happy new year! all the very best in 2012, and thank you again for being such wonderful readers and friends xo

{insta} fun

posted on: December 29, 2011

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1 tweetup nametag with moustache. 2 me before a night out. 3 half cocker spaniel, half pug and the cutest dog...ever! 4 our new decor from front and company. 5+6  browsing around the new boutique libertine on south granville. 7 neon american apparel polish! 8 more sequins. 9 my fav leopard seychelles. 10 actually did some christmas baking this year! 11 a thierry's latte. 12 my bday cake from great friends :) 13 lemodedujour's fantastic colour combo. 14 outfit deets.

oversized repels

posted on: December 27, 2011



jacket and hat from front and company // shirt, scarf, and jeans from plum // purse from zara // boots from dsw // sunglasses from forever 21 // ring from h&m


  i realize with these photos that when i wear my oversized pieces it's most definitely man-repelling!  i so often dress for other girls, that i forget what some looks do for my body shape.  a single friend of mine was commenting on how she's had to put some of her loose fitting trendy pieces away for some new outfits that showcase a little more of her figure. 

 it's a bit of a pickle though, because you don't want to pretend to be something you're not.  i also think women who love what they're wearing exude confidence and that's sexy to men!   guess it comes down to finding a balance of personal style and something that won't completely scare men off.  

i think i'll just wear whatever i like and ignore what the men have to say about it!  do you repel as well, or do you feel sexier in shape flattering looks?

Merry Christmas!

posted on: December 26, 2011

Took the day off the computer yesterday, so I'm a little late but still wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  Hope you were all able to spend time with friends and family and that Santa really spoiled you! xo

a little holiday sparkle

posted on: December 21, 2011


vintage silk blouse // joe fresh embellished skirt // necklace c/o wolf circus // jeffrey campbell 99s c/o solestruck // gifted marc by marc jacobs 'blade' watch




super excited to be leaving in an hour to catch a ferry to victoria!  we're going to visit with adam's family tonight and then tomorrow we're hitting up johnson street for some boutique hopping and sightseeing.  unfortunately, i've gone and got myself sick though.  been spending the last few days shuffling back and forth from bed to the couch.  really not ideal to catch a cold so close to christmas!

speaking of which, aren't you excited for the holidays?!  only 3 more sleeps until christmas. what did you ask santa for this year?

okay, really gotta run now.  haven't even started packing for victoria!  hope you all have an amazing day xo

Establishment Lounge Vancouver GRAND OPENING!

posted on: December 20, 2011










chatting with the fantastic @Phanyxx






It's always super exciting to discover a new restaurant to love in Vancouver.  And let's just say, I've already established  the Establishment Lounge as my new go-to dinner spot!  Located in the heart of Kits on W.Broadway, Establishment provides a trendy, yet cozy room that's inviting to all ages!  But,we all go for the food, right?  They have a newly revamped menu with some really great dishes, my personal vegetarian favourites being their Roasted Red Pepper Hummus and Heart of Palm Salad.  At the GRAND OPENING PARTY, there was no shortage of complimentary canapes, everyone seemed to love the Spiced Lamb Meatballs.  Well, they also loved the free champagne (myself included) but that's no surprise!

What I adore most about Establishment Lounge is that they take large group reservations, even on weekends.  There is a definite shortage of cool and reasonably priced restaurants in Vancouver that will take a reso for large groups.  They have a great couch area to acommodate large groups too, which takes the stress away of  worrying about guests arriving on time or bailing on the night.  So ideal!

I definitely recommend checking out the Establishment!  You can keep up with them on Twitter at @EstLounge and/or LIKE Establishment Lounge on Facebook.  They have a Gift Card giveaway coming up too, I would probably follow them if I were you ;)

Have you been to any great new Vancouver restaurants lately or have you already tried the Establishment?  Would love to hear about it!

chopped and layered

posted on: December 19, 2011



lace dress, earrings, and ruffle purse from plum // skirt and bracelet from h&m // black cami from aritzia // faryl robin shoes from dakota group sample sale // black satin belt from my craft bin // red revlon lipstick




went to the salon (which adam pronounces in the most ridiculous french accent btw) last week to get a routine trim, but ended up cutting off a significant amount of hair.  had a classic meltdown at first, but i think that was in part because of how it was styled.  we had attempted a blowout, but with the new length it turned into more of a rachel cut from the 90's.  in an effort to fix it, i straightened the crap out of it which only made the new length even more shocking.  thankfully, i have curled it myself and actually really like the new 'do.  it feels a lot lighter and healthier, very refreshing!

with a super limited budget, i've had to improvise my holiday party outfits using the already existing contents of my closet.  in order to give my black lace dress a new look, i actually layered a black chiffon skirt over top of the dress and tied it together with a piece of black satin ribbon as a belt.  Many people don't think to put a skirt over a dress, but if executed right, it can look super cute!  makes me feel like i'm wearing a brand new dress and people are actually really impressed with my layering abilities.  or so they tell me to my face... :P

'tis the season for remixing red

posted on: December 18, 2011

AliciaFashionista-20111117 (49 of 75)

anthropologie red trousers // h&m blouse // plum scarf and purse // urban outfitters wedge booties // aritzia cocoon coat

AliciaFashionista-20111117 (38 of 75)

AliciaFashionista-20111117 (59 of 75)

AliciaFashionista-20111117 (70 of 75)

i'm sure you remember these red pants from the first time i wore them a few weeks ago.  it's been really fun mix and matching things with these conveniently festive trousers with other pieces from my closet.  of course, red was just my gateway hue into the dangerous world of colourful pants!  i can't wait to get my hands on another pair!  been eyeing some green ones at h&m recently, perhaps a little boxing day shopping will be in order on the 26th!

speaking of which, how is your christmas shopping going?  i am only about halfway done, but i've always enjoyed last minute shopping.  in fact, i usually venture out and go shopping on christmas eve just because i love the hustle and bustle of the last minute shoppers.

these photos were taken at the sfu woodwards by the fantastic mr. ned tobin.  you can see more of his work on his website nedtobin.com.  hope you're all having a fantastic weekend :)

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