rock + roll g-ma

posted on: January 27, 2012



zara sweater // joe fresh tee  // aritzia maxi skirt // gifted bracelets// forever 21 sunnies and necklace // purse c/o plum // urban outfitters wedge booties



photos by alex

i always feel like a bit of a granny in a maxi skirt and pairing it with a chunky sweater only enhanced that.  how to counter this?  add an edgy cross necklace and stack some bracelets, it really throws people off ;)  no seriously, this outfit was super cozy and much warmer than my last one.  maxi skirts are the absolute best in comfort, i'm thinking i need another one to get through winter.  

coffee date 1

was out yesterday for a lavendar latte and rasperry caramel waffle at medina cafe with alexandra (pictured above) of to vogue or bust.  we had a very inspiring chat about our blogs and worked some photo magic afterwards.  she really knew how to play around with lighting, i'm definitely going to try some of her tricks again!

can you believe it's already friday?  this week absolutely flew by!  working on some really exciting things this weekend that i hope to show you by monday.  i say this to put some sort of pressure on myself to actually get it done by said date.  now i have no choice but to finish by thanks for not allowing me to procrastinate!

ps speaking of rock and roll grandmas, have you seen this? she’s got some seriously badass moves! happy friday :)


  1. Aww I love blogging buddies! You look gorgeous! Also it looks like summer there?! Jealous! Have a great weekend!
    <3 Kastles

  2. Both such beauties! Great pics! And you've totally reminded me to pull out my maxi skirt again :)

  3. Beautiful photos!
    I always love your outfits, definitely do not think this look is granny-ish at all!

  4. It's all about grandma/grandpa chic - and you are rocking it! :)
    Have a good weekend!


  5. i don't think you look like a granny at ALL! i love your outfit!

  6. If this is what grandma looks like, I want my AARP card then. I love this look! It looks so comfortable and cute.


  7. This look makes me want a maxi skirt so bad!

  8. Cool outfit ! Love the match !

    xoxo from Japan

  9. lovely photos!! i've always wanted to try a lavender latte, i've heard they're delish!

  10. Oh, that maxi. It seriously gets me every time. I don't know how you make something that would have absolutely no appeal to me in a store seem so covetable when you put it on, but you do it every time :)

  11. Alicia, I wish you would have worn this earlier so I could've featured you in my "how to wear a maxi" post. I LOVE the combo of cardi plus maxi, not g-ma at all! Have a terrific weekend :)

  12. Perfection! I love this... Definitely going to rock this in Winter. Love!

  13. After watching that granny dance to LMFAO, I think you don't have the right to call yourself a g-ma because you are not as cool as she is ;)

    Love this maxi (pretty sure I was with you when you bought it and I gave you my thumbs up then). And obviously it's styled perfectly because that's how you roll.

    PS, I shouldn't have had so much coffee at dinner. I'll be awake until 3am leaving weird comments on your blog.

    night g-ma

  14. I think you nailed the skirt!!you look pretty
    kisses from prague and have a wonderful Saturday!!

  15. You both look gorgeous! I love your skirt with the cardi, great look!

  16. Ah lovely sunny pictures! That maxi skirt is beautiful, love that color and it looks great with the sweater.

    And that grandma is rockin! Hope I'll be able to party like that when I'm that age haha :-)

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend! xo

  17. So amazing seeing you pally! You looked beautiful and I loved this outfit. Seriously, let's meet up again soon and be a photo tag team, we do a good job together! Hope you're having a great weekend friend xoxo

  18. i'm in love with that sweater!


  19. You two look amazing! Love the outfits :) xxx

  20. Most chic granny I've ever seen! Haha I love the outfit :)

    xo Jennifer

  21. You're right - maxis skirts are the comfiest! I've enjoyed playing around with how to style them in fall and winter, and I definitely want to pick up a few more.


  22. Love the maxi skirt on you.

  23. Love the cardigan! You don't look like a granny at all! And I love Alexandra's scarf. You two are beauts!

  24. I literally always love your outfits! And this one is the same!
    I love the color of the skirt and the sweater looks so cozy!!


  25. Great look, love that chunky cardigan.

  26. i was hoping i might see some you + Alex action and huzzah...there it is! you two girls are loveliest but the g-ma reference holds no water from me. you are youth in a delight-filled cup and deliver style, grace and rockin' attitude round every corner. i almost thought you'd had a hair cut; love the way your stylist creates the layers in your hair. very cascadish and cool!!!

    you know, Medina has got to be one of my favorite hot spots in our city, especially the lavender lattes, they're irresistible. photography tricks???? excited to learn more. you two should come together and do a lesson for us in the cheap seats cheering extra loud, i wanna learn too : )

    from a real ol' bloggin' biddy to a young fresh styler - happy week wishes lades, hope you get some chill time in there and nab extra down time when you can. xo ♥


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