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posted on: February 20, 2012



wilfred chevalier blazer from aritzia // floral dress and purse from plum // gifted front and company necklace // house of harlow key ring // stuart weitzman booties c/o // american apparel polishes


{photos by jen}

do you ever buy something new and realize it's exactly what your closet was missing?  i'm embarrassed to admit that i wore this gorgeous blush wilfred chevalier blazer every single day last week after purchasing it at aritzia's snooze you lose sale.  pretty soon, i'll be known as the girl in the blush jacket.  which kind of sounds like the title of a Stieg Larsson novel, but i think i'm okay with that!

decided to start this week off right with some new tunes and had a great time surfing youtube while getting some work done (no photoshop still though, hopefully getting it tomorrow).  found some great new to me artists, songs, and albums and even re-connected with some old faves.  if you have any music recommendations, my ipod has been begging for some love!  let me know my darlings x


  1. Love that you picked up that jacket in the blush colour. It's such a classic and can go with so many things. So pretty, Alicia!

    xo, alison*elle

  2. love love the blazer, check out my hubby's takeover tomorrow ... this lovely lady is my new fav!!

  3. I lol'ed at the Steig Larsson comment. I love this jacket on you! I've been wanting one of the Aritzia chevalier blazers forever... might have to take the plunge soon.

  4. Love how you've winterized that floral dress! Realy nice location!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  5. Absolutely beautiful!!! I just loove the pattern of this dress. It's adorable :) And that blazer is gorgeousss!

  6. OMG, I cannot believe you bought this blazer - since I'm on a budget, I have to do silly things like plan my purchases and the chevalier blazer in blush is on my list for payday (fingers crossed it's actually still there in my size when that day comes!) It looks absolutely perfect with your floral dress - the blush shade really brings out the purple tones. And oh, hello pretty manicure that I was admiring at dinner. Love it!

  7. I adore that blazer, especially in this blush colour! Even better that you got it on sale. Super cute look :)


  8. I saw that blazer! The material is heavenly. I got one similar, in camel from the sale as well lol.

  9. That blazer is gorgeous!! The color is perfect for spring and will be so light and airy for summer. LOVE it. Cute shoes too. I love the vintage-y looking style to them. :)

    Music...hmm...I just started following you, so I don't know you that well, but some of my absolute favorites are Angels and Airwaves, The Fold, Mae, and Sherwood. Hope you give em a listen! <3


  10. My sister bought a blazer similar to this from Artizia this past weekend and I'm guessing she'll wear it to bits as well! Love this one! :)


  11. I would find ways to wear that blazer often, too! Looking forward to the different ways you'll wear it.


  12. This is a beautiful coloured jacket and looks so great on you :) Love your dress too and I adore your ring! :)

    Love, Vanilla

  13. ooh u changed r blog header... mmm that means i haven't visited u in a while. you look great Alicia. love that key ring!


  14. This outfit is totally lovely! I adore that foral dress and the blazer is super cute as well! I am looking for a blush pink blazer too :) xo Nikki

  15. I love this outfit, you look great. I also am in love with your shoes!

  16. Wow you look lovely! That jacket is fantastic, the dress is gorgeous!

    The Urban Umbrella

  17. You look great! Love the blazer! And the adorable manicure :)
    And way to be featured on Flare! :)
    <3 Kastles

  18. Love your blazer! It's wonderful.

  19. The blazer is such a pretty colour, and judging by how many times you've worn it already, definitely a good buy. I love finding pieces that fill wardrobe holes!

  20. This is one pretty outfit, my dear, and lov the blush blazer!

  21. hannah peel- the almond tree

  22. I don't blame you for your obsession with that blazer! I think it is absolutely fabulous, and you'll be able to wear it with, like, everything. Great purchase!

    Love that dress too. Floral prints are my favorite :)


  23. Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

    i saw bombay bicycle club last night at the commodore! they were great. they placed with the darcy's from toronto, and lucy rose. check them both out. they were GREAT too!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  24. Ohh this blazer is gorgeous! And so is the rest of this outfit, love that tiny floral print on the dress. Super pretty look, Alicia!

    xo Leonie

    Casting Shadows + I SEE NOISE GIVEAWAY

  25. Elle Varner - Conversational Lush mixtape. You won't regret it! :)

    also my blog has a never ending amount of great music on it...


  26. What a cute ensemble! I love the key-ring and the perfectly complimenting shade of blue on your nails. *sigh* your hair almost makes me wish I didn't cut mine, but I know it could never have the same volume and texture as yours anyway.

  27. This blush blazer is perfection! I was in Calgary over the weekend and was looking for a blush blazer! Yours looks amazing and now I'm even more determined to find myself one! P.s I do the same thing...wearing the same item over and over again. If it works why not?!
    P.s.s YES please lets meet up in NY! Though I hope our paths cross before September:)

  28. I KNOW exactly what you mean. I purchased a pair of the most perfect blush wedge booties & a gorgeous camel spring jacket, and I feel like my shoes & jackets are all covered now. I'm set. haha

    LOVE that dress, Alicia! You look so gorgeous.

  29. i LOVE this outfit... it's one of my go-to combinations too... neutral coloured cardigan/blazer + floral skirt + lace up boots + tights. love the look!


  30. Very pretty! I love your accessories. I tend to wear new things right away and for many (many) days in a row too haha

    xo Jennifer

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