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posted on: February 13, 2012

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oh man, i just can't get enough of instagram!  there's something extra special about documenting small pieces of your day and sharing them with others.  makes me appreciate little moments in life that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.  and truthfully, i also love seeing what people are up to.  it's the kind of photograph creeping joy i felt when facebook was in its prime!

this weekend was rather routine, but i spent quite a bit of time goal setting and self reflecting.  been really bad about not taking time off for myself lately, which almost always guarantees a meltdown.  no one likes a messy, irrational, tear-filled meltdown.  i do thrive on stress and keeping busy, but i need to be better about organization and planning as a way to avoid feeling overwhelmed.  definitely something about myself to work on, perhaps an organization post in the future will help?  okay that's it, i think this calls for an office makeover!!!  and who doesn't love a makeover?!  a little painting diy, and filing...yes, i think that is just what i need!


  1. such a pretty photo collage. looks like a nice weekend : )

  2. nice collage--love that view of the mountains! :-)


  3. I am kind of new on Instagram & love it sooo much, I totally agree with you on the photo creeping lol. Can't wait to see what your office turns out like. Xo

  4. Beautiful photos, and a great post. :)

  5. Gorgeous photos, you're so beautiful!

    The Urban Umbrella


  6. I love that we both did Instagram posts! And great blog - it so makes me miss Van!

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes!! I'm glad you commented because then I found your blog!! Very cute! I'm following :)


  8. Thanks for our comment on my blog :) Love yours! I'm following, I really love instagram posts! :) Happy Valentines :)

    Love, Vanilla

  9. I agree, a meltdown surely always follows forgetting one's self. I love your pretty instagram photos!

  10. Nice photo diary! I just downloaded Instagram, so I have to discover all the posibilities. I like your blog! Wanna follow each other?


    With love, M

  11. So you're the second blog in a row I've read talking about instagram. I have to check that out. I'm so glad your following my blog now and I will definitely be following yours!

  12. this is the only reason i wish i had an iPhone! please come to the android market! LOL. You have a cute blog! <3

    Blog Giveaway!

  13. I'm definitely a fan of Hunter boots! (even though I don't own a pair myself) X

  14. Nice photos. I like the hunter boots and ModCloth box :] I am awful with stress too but organization really helps.

  15. What's that now... time off for yourself?! Oh my gawd, these are words I seriously do not know. Haha, it's usually when I have a melt-down that I decide to take a day off. I think I've had maybe 10-12 days off?! In the last two years. Eeek! Ok, confessions aside...

    I too love seeing these little insta photos & getting a peek into other peoples week - especially when they are as adorable as you! Smooches!! V

  16. Ah such lovely photos! It's good to appreciate those little moments, especially in busy times.

    It was good seeing you on Sunday. Still excited for our cocktail night ;-)

    Have a good rest of the week! xo

    Finding Balance

  17. For a split second I almost thought I wrote the second part of that paragraph about myself. That is exactly how I live. It is just absolutely no good. lol

  18. love your instagram collages. Documenting the details in every day life makes us realize what we can look forward to and enjoy.

  19. Love the collage!
    Following you!


  20. Would love a look inside your makeup bag and/or for you to do a makeup tutorial! Your makeup is absolutely FLAWLESS!


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