leopard blush

posted on: March 14, 2012


{photos by jen}



leopard fur coat and ruffle textured clutch from plum // blush pink silk blouse from barefoot contessa // black chiffon skirt and tan flower brooch from h&m // black suede booties from urban outfitters


i honestly totally forgot about these photos until i stumbled upon them the other day.  i think they're from february, which just shows you how unorganized my computer files must be.  did actually back up my computer a few weeks ago.  which, i should really be doing more often because if i lost my everything, i'd probably cry for days.

it has been so helpful (and fun) meeting with jen for outfit photos!  honestly don't know how we would have gotten through the winter months without it!  super happy about brighter evenings too, i love magic hour shoots.  adam and i went for a long walk yesterday when he got home from work.  we found ourselves at la taqueria on cambie and enjoyed some delicious tacos for dinner.  grabbed a few hot drinks for the trek back and it wasn't even getting dark until we were almost home at 8 pm!  spring is on its way folks, not much longer now :)


  1. So lovely! That photo of you and Jen is super adorable :)


  2. Looks like Granville Island! And omigosh, I know what you mean about Spring coming. When I left the office yesterday around 7 p.m. it was still light out! It made me so happy!!

    xo, alison*elle

  3. Nice photos! Granville Island is a great shoot location, and meeting up with a fellow blogger mid-day sounds like a terrific way to get good outfit pics. I can't do the same (that whole 9 to 5 lifestyle really gets in the way lol), but I'm glad the evenings will still be light enough to ask the boy to take outfit photos for me on weekdays.

  4. I am so creeping along next time you two get together, especially when I'm done this god forsaken program! You two ladies have done a wonderful job pulling together for these shoots, and you two are both such great photogs that the results are always amazing. I'm so in love with the soft textures in this look, not to mention the amazing leopard print. Beautiful pal!

    Alex xoxo

  5. You look so lovely! Great outfit, love the colour combination!

    The Urban Umbrella


  6. So cute! Love the blush and leopard together! Vickie & I always take photos together too! it's so nice having someone who understands our blogging addiction :)
    <3 Kastles

  7. Love that coat and it looks adorable with the blush blouse!

  8. LOVE this outfit and the photos are so happy... totally made my night.

  9. This is such a beautiful outfit! SO glad you found them :)

    Love, Vanilla

  10. This looks so lovely! That coat is great!

  11. Perfect look ! Love the coat ! kiss x


  12. Cute cute blog! Love the leopard. I wore leopard in my outfit post today too! :) -Melissa

  13. So happy you found these pictures again, the outfit is so pretty! The leopard looks great with black and blush and I like how you added that neutral flower to the jacket. Pretty look :-)

    xo Leonie


  14. Really beautiful look!


  15. Love how you paired the floral!

  16. that's granville island right? i love the leopard coat! =P


  17. Just saw your van fashion logger sale post! Tell me more! I'm from van but living in Toronto and my mum writes for Vancouver. She's a blogger for van fashion week. Are you going? When's the next sale??!!


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