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posted on: April 20, 2012

hlaska copy

Kaleidoscope Card Wallet - Red + Camel $85 | Kaleidoscope Zippered Check Wallet - Teal $215 | Retro Superfuture Sunnies - Ciccio Burnt Havana $154 |  Media Pouch - Turquoise $55 | Kaleidoscope Slim Check Wallet - Yellow $195

My old wallet was hanging on by a thread (literally) and was starting to be the source of embarrassment whenever I had to pay for something.  As one who is constantly on the lookout for beautiful and original pieces, I was so delighted to discover Hlaska.  Based out of San Francisco, Hlaska locally designs an makes fine leather bags and accessories for both ladies and gents.  Apparently their flagship store is on Fillmore and next time I'm in SF I am sooo paying them a visit!

In recent years, I've also learned that it's better to invest in a great, quality piece that you can be proud of!  We use our wallets every day, so I'd have to logically conclude that a new Kaleidoscope Zippered Check Wallet was perfectly justified!  I adore its delicate 3D pattern and it's made with the softest leather.  The zipper closure was a must, as I tend to have receipts spilling out everywhere.  I love the bright yellow colour and the fact that it can accommodate my many cards.  Already received so many compliments on it, which is when I love to brag that it's an original piece form San Fran.  Based on that alone, I couldn't be happier with my Hlaska wallet.

Now I have my eye on the retro looking sunnies.  Thinking I NEED them for the summer, don't you?

P.S. I was not in any way paid to write this.  Opinions are genuine and my own.  Just wanted you to know :)


  1. Those sunglasses are awesome! Might end up on my radar as well :)


  2. Shopping in SF is great! Especially their local boutiques. Ooh and I love that pop of yellow with the wallet!!! Those sunnies belong on you. Def a necessity for Summmerr!!!

  3. thanks for the insight Alicia! i'm in need of a fresh wallet too and these ones are stunning! love the bright yellow big time. not a bad price point either, never heard of this line before, appreciate the tip. we're planning a SF trip in Sept, definitely putting this on the to-do list of hot spots. ♥

  4. That is so funny -- my wallet is the exact same! I always try to take my money out while my wallet is still in my bag because I'm too embarrassed to take it out. I'm sure it looks like I'm trying to hide a wad of money, but nope -- just my hideous wallet!
    Thanks for the good tips! I love the bright colours :)


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