{insta} monday smiles

posted on: May 28, 2012

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1. trying to decide on what new glasses to get | 2. a hibiscus infused vodka leonade at bandidas taqueria
3. my new summer dress from barefoot contessa | 4. the weeknd xo at commodore
5. always laughing | 6. my friend's sweet dog
7. a gorgeous love and mark’d card for my mom | 8. my nana and grandpa
9. trying on some delicious colours at joe fresh | 10. posing with the bride to be at her stagette
11. the decor at a different bridal shower  | 12. a pinterestable cake by dene at the same shower


  1. I need to go try some of that hibiscus infused vodka lemonade!

  2. I love instaMondays...

    By the way, I forgot to tweet you afterward, but it was great meeting you last week and again, thank you for all the advice :)

  3. #2 sounds yum! Love these!!


  4. I think you should go for the wayfarer style for your new glasses... they seriously look great on you. That drink from Bandidas looks majorly yummy... I've been meaning to try it out for the longest time!

    xo, alison*elle

  5. Such cute pictures :) and what an adorable dog!
    L x


  6. Always love your instagrams!


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