good morning

posted on: June 21, 2012



grey tee from gap canada (again because i love it) // floral skirt and assorted gold bangles from h&m // black jacket with gold details from plum // kate spade bag // white shoes seychelles (old) // marc by marc jacobs watch // MONIKALOVE by bfrend bracelet (that i just can't stop wearing)



{photos by jen}

as someone who hates mornings, i'm trying desperately to change my ways.  attempting to be less of a grump inspired in the a.m., i've compiled a list of awesome things to wake up to:

1. sunshine.  hello, first day of summer!

2. a text message from a bestie who just moved to england (especially after you arrange to have flowers sent to her new house, but decide on the caption "welcome home" which provides no indication as to who sent them.  was finally able to tell her it was me, even though others sneakily tried to claim them).

3. for no apparent reason, having toni braxton 'unbreak my heart' stuck in your head.

4. realizing you just had a dream that you made out with channing tatum. yes, this happened.  please don't tell adam i dream cheated...

5. knowing that my first cup of coffee is only minutes away.

but really, do any of these even come close to #4?  best dream ever!


  1. There's no way you could be grumpy in the morning, you are always smiling and glowing in your photos! Don't believe that for one second!
    You're such a beauty, and I absolutely love your outfits... Girly and gorgeous!
    Ps... "Dream cheated" I couldn't help but laugh :)

  2. I'm guessing you're going to be first in line at Magic Mike. Haha. Enjoy the rest of the day and the sunshine. :)

  3. Just waking up to a proper summer is enough for me.

  4. I am not a morning person either, but I wish I could look as good as you haha.

  5. #4! You're hilarious!
    That's a very sweet gesture for your best friend. You're just lovely.

    ~Natasha Fatah~

  6. I am sooo not a morning person, waking me up in the morning is like waking a bear up from its winter slumber - brutal.
    You look SO cute, love the floral skirt!

    The Urban Umbrella


  7. Dream cheated! LOL! :)

  8. uuummm thanks! i now have toni braxton stuck in my head....
    ps lovely outfit!


  9. i really adore this outfit ... that print on the skirt is fantastic and I love those flats too!!

  10. Love the skirt!
    And your list of awesome things to wake up to!!

  11. This is what you look like in the morning? Totally unfair!

    Love the floral printed skirt; it makes the whole outfit really vibrant despite the neutral colours that fill out the rest of the ensemble.

  12. Hahaha! that would be an amazing dream, gotta agree! You look fabulous :) And I find it so much easier to get up and smile in the morning during the summertime. Something about the sun shining through the window and the birds chirping :)

  13. your skirt is gorgeous love how you paired it with the v neck tee and the jacket soooo cute your hair...omgosh gorgoeus!

  14. Ah dream cheating with celebrities. I love those! I really like how you pair a simple tee with dressier items like your floral skirt. I really need to try this look! I also can't stop wearing the MONIKALOVE bracelet, so happy I bought it!


  15. Haha naughty dream ;) Love this outfit! That skirt is gorgeous and the style suits you perfectly :)

    Life Etc

  16. coffee always does it for me in the morning! love that you paired the grey t with this. i have to do my best not to use a slouchy white or grey t with every outfit.. they always make them look so effortlessly cool.... thanks so much for you kind words on my last post! :) Have a great weekend Alicia!

  17. absolutely love that skirt!
    xo Cara

  18. that is an awesome dream! haha.
    i'm not a morning person either and i don't think that'll ever change.
    love the outfit btw and your hair is seriously always gorgeous! :)

  19. I'm jealous of your dream!

    xo Jennifer

  20. Even a dream makeout with Channing with be more than in enough to put me in a good mood. Unfortunately, I always wake up because the hottie takes off his shirt :( Womp womp.
    How cute do you look though - so happy and flowery!

  21. Such a cute little skirt & such a cute little list! I am also pretty useless in the morning! I love that you woke up singing Toni Braxton! Hilarious!

  22. Haha I sometimes have "cheat dreams" - only I made out with Michael Buble. Oh, and "Nate" from Gossip Girl. I always feel a bit guilty when I wake up, but hey, it doesn't mean we'd cheat in real life, right? ;-)

    Always love this black jacket with the golden dots, such a great item. And for a non-morning person you sure look super happy. I might have to try writing down positive things in the AM as well. Coffee is always a good start.

    xo Leonie


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