{NYC 1+2} The Ace Hotel // Midtown Sights // West Village // SoHo

posted on: August 14, 2012














It really was the city that never sleeps on our first day in NYC.  Neither of us caught a wink of it on our red eye flight, and arrived at our hotel at 9 am.  We had many hours to pass until our room was ready, which we spent experiencing all the necessary tourist attractions.  After 28 hours of awakeness, our room at The Ace was ready and we were able to check in.  We were welcomed by an incredibly (by New York standards) spacious flat.  Decorated in a dark, simple bachelor pad meets art deco inspired space with the most amazing views of The Empire State Building!  We had a quick power nap, refreshed, and went back out to walk and explore the city at night.  Such an amazing first day!

{Day 1 NYC Recommendations}

HOW TO GET THERE: My favourite YVR to JFK flight is the oh-so-smooth Cathay Pacific red eye.

WHERE TO STAY: The Ace Hotel @ 29th and Broadway.
WHERE TO EAT + DRINK: Overpriced but super hip brunch at The Breslin.  Iced coffees at Stumptown.  Mexican dinner at Dos Caminos.  Sit on the patio and enjoy their margaritas, fresh guacamole, and delicious tacos!
WHAT TO DO: Must-see tourist attractions like Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, Empire State Building, and the Flatiron Building.  The Night-life in the Meat Packing District.  We happened to catch an outdoor salsa party before dinner.













Having completed some very touristy things the day before, we set off to discover more neighbourhoods instead.  Starting in Union Square, we made our way through shops (mostly for AC relief) until we hit Washington Square Park for a water and people watch in the shade.  Kept exploring through the West Village, where I found Carrie Bradshaw's doorstep and Magnolia cupcakes.  Made our way down to SoHo from there, where we did more shopping at an insane sample sale and even witnessed a real NYC traffic jam!  Followed by few afternoon drinks and appies from Delicatessen.  I definitely had a touch of heatstroke on this day, ended up napping and then we went for a late sushi dinner in Korea Town.  Ended the day with hot fudge sundaes from McDonald's and found a giant outdoor screen and seating showing the Olympics while on the walk home.  Sat for a while and enjoyed our ice cream and some Olympic events.  Another great NYC discovery.

{Day 2 NYC Recommendations}

WHERE TO WALK: Start at Union Square and walk Broadway until you hit the NYU buildings.  Make your way over to Washington Square Park and then back up through West Village.  Then down to SoHo for shopping and celeb sightings.
WHERE TO EAT + DRINK: Cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery in the West Village. Coffee from Dean and Deluca in SoHo.  Drinks and appies at Delicatessen in SoHo.
WHERE TO SHOP: The Strand bookstore is all kinds of amazing.  DSW in Union Square is no place for a shoe addict.  Great boutiques and shops along the way in the West Village.  SoHo has lots of shopping.  Big names such as Madewell, TopShop, Aritiza, J. Crew, Scotch & Soda, as well as lots of awesome little boutiques.


  1. BEYOND! such an informative post! i'm saving it and will be using it for my next NYC trip. annnnnnd, how cute is that pic of you two with icing on your faces?! xo


  2. Hattitude Style Blog

    oooo it seems the thing to do this summer, head to NYC! all your recommendations are awesome! i LOVE margaritas and guacamole! if we get to NYC this summer, i'm hitting up that restaurant!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  3. YAY! so much fun - loving your photos and rec's.

  4. This is such an informative post, I love it! My husband & I are going to NYC next week and can't wait to explore the city. Your tips will come in handy ;-)

  5. GREAT pictures!!! Looks like SUCH a FUN trip. Love your hotel.


  6. Wonderful pictures, you and your fella look so cute in all of them together!! Also, can I just say how jealous I am of your trip to Magnolia Bakery - it's SO yummy!! I could've lived there. In that bakery. And just ate cupcakes the rest of my life.

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


  7. Seeing your NYC trip photos makes me want to go there! The first (and only) time I went there, I immediately fell in love. Though, going to my first Soho sample sale was a bit unnerving since I didn't feel 100% comfortable changing in front of everyone...but everyone else didn't seem to think twice. ;-)
    LOVE the ACE hotel...haven't stayed there but I've been wanting to stay there since I booked my boss there for a business trip. Now I just need an excuse to go! =)


  8. Aw I miss NYC! Your trip sounds amazing!

    xo Jennifer


  9. Gorgeous city photos! I love your red lip look.


  10. Looks super fun! I'm really excited to see your photo journal <3 =]

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the photos!!! I have never been and plan on going next year I will def. be coming to you for recs. I love the red lips- that color looks great on ya. Thanks for sharing all your pics. So besides Gwenyth Paltrow who else did you see?? Any musicians? I'm hoping to pop into a Stroke or Daniel Kessler and/or Paul Banks from Interpol.I would die!



  12. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful pictures! NYC is definitely one of the places i really want to visit! :) look at all those food trucks!

  13. This is SO awesome, I leave for NYC on the 31st, I love the food recommendations especially. It looks like such a great time, absolutely gorgeous photos :)

  14. Thanks for sharing your NYC adventures! I adore that city and it's always so lovely to see other people's experiences there. I'm especially excited that you found Carrie Bradshaw's doorstep!


  15. Looks like you had the most amazing time! We're hoping to head there sometime soon(ish) too! One of my fave places on earth! I <3 NYC!

    Jen xo

  16. Awww, you guys look like you had a blast in NY! Thanks for sharing the photos... the sample sale looks intense! Can't wait to hear all about your trip (and the goodies you scored) on our date this Thursday :)


  17. Amazing photos! You're so lucky - New York is such a fabulous city :)

    Life etc

  18. Oh, yay New York!! How exciting that you guys went. I actually entertained going for New York fashion week, but then got sick (sad face)!! And... you look absolutely beautiful in all of these photos + you guys look like you had the best time!! Smooches! V

  19. I always wanted to go to New York, and seeing these pictures made me want to go even more! You captured your day so well with all these shots- especially love the one of you guys eating ice cream haha.

  20. Seeing your post makes me want to go back to NYC so bad!

  21. great shots. NYC is very photogenic.

  22. Dear Aliciafashionista. I've been meaning to do this for a while. I want to say I am sorry for trolling your page and saying something hurtful, it was along the lines of 'chubbie'. I don't know what compelled me to say something so hurtful. I can only sum it up with the word jealous. I have an eating disorder/self image problem. You seem legit happy and I wanted to destrpy something beautiful. I am sorry. I wish I could go back in time and not of wrote such a cruel thing to you. I don't know you but I believe that what I put out comes back to haunt me in either a good or bad way. And things have been bad ever since. Again, I am sorry. You seem to have your shit together and look extremely happy. Take care. From a former jealous hater.

    1. Hey anon! Thanks for this message, means a lot that you would take the time to come back and apologize. I really hope you are able to seek the proper help for your eating disorder/image problems. I have LOTS of friends with similar struggles and it's definitely a difficult journey. Big hugs and remember that confidence is beautiful!

  23. Hi Alicia! You are so beautiful!))) I'm from Moscow, Russia, and I really love your blog. I just decided to tell you!

    PS^ I have such a figure as you))))

    1. Thanks so much for your message! All the way from Russia, that's SO cool :) High fives for similar figures, glad I could inspire xo

  24. So many great shots and recommendations! If I ever go to NYC, I am already dreaming of the bookshop! Looks awesome!


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