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posted on: October 28, 2012


Sweater from Top Shop // Skirt from Artizia // Necklace from Forever21 // Dolce Vita Joust Booties // Wolf Ring from Front and Company // Urban Outfitters Bag // Warby Parker Linwood Glasses in Violet Magnolia



{photos by Melissa}

I've had to start dressing for an office setting again and it's a welcomed change.  Not that my printed flannel pajamas aren't sexy (because they obvs are), but I do enjoy getting out of the house and to a real desk each morning.  Heels are now pretty much out of the question though, since I already have to schlep my giant laptop and "purse" (which is far more like a duffel bag than it is tote bag, if you catch my drift) on the bus.  I was even yelled at the other day by someone on the bus because she felt as though I had too many things taking up too much room.  That's just part of the joys of public transit people, just one of the joys.


  1. Yikes! I would hate to be yelled at on the bus! Some people... sheesh! ;)

    I love your spiky necklace ontop of your tee! I've seen this a lot on Pinterest lately and I love it, I'm totally going to copy you on this one...


  2. Love your necklace, Alicia! And WHO would dare yell at you? That's just rude! People, I tell ya...

    Have a lovely afternoon :)


  3. Oh yep, the joys of public transport. You always get the strangest/rudest people on buses! Love this outfit - a perfect mix of casual and ladylike :)

    Life etc

  4. Love this look - your necklace is fantastic!

    Kate xo

  5. Love the sweater you are wearing!
    The joys of public transportation.... :/ hope it gets better!

  6. Ah, public transit... how I miss it (not!) Cute look, lady!

    xo, alison*elle

  7. Lol! for getting yelled at...I have definitely had my fair share of that! I love your first photo with the tree. I think that has to be one of the prettiest things about fall!


  8. Hello are those the Linwood frames in Violet Magnolia? I'm on the fences between these and the revolver blacks. Is the violet more vibrant or subtle in person?

    1. Hi Mac! They are the Linwood frames in Violet Magnolia. I LOVE them but will admit that it's a little disappointing that the violet isn't very vibrant in person. Catches in some lighting, but not as prominent as I'd hoped. Let me know which pair you decide on :)

    2. Thanks for responding Alicia. Would you mind taking and uploading a few detailed pictures of the frames? I've been trying to get a pair to try on at home, but they're always out of stock.

  9. great sweater! It looks comfy, but you make it look dressed up in this outfit! Great post :)

  10. Love that skirt!

    xo Jennifer


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