not your typical beachwear

posted on: October 5, 2012


press tee from plum // black silk shorts from aritzia // military tote bag from xo bella // loafers from aerosoles // olivia solie necklace c/o // h&m bangles // alden rae wrap bracelet // social experiment cocktail ring // urban outfitters hat



happy friday my lovelies!  have you noticed a few changes around here?  i gave the ol' blog a mini makeover on a whim the other day because coral just wasn't working for me in october.  anyway, just a few things to cover before the long weekend...

i don't know about you, but i looove getting a glimpse into other people's houses.  and i mean that in the least creepy way possible.  if you're curious about my place, check out this super awesome workspace feature that the anthology did about my, well, workspace.

if you follow my facebook page (and if you don't, stop reading this because we're temporarily friends off), you probably saw me promoting this angel olsen - acrobat song.  if i were to make a soundtrack of my life, this would definitely be on there.  stunning, i hope you like it.

on a shopping note, been seriously considering this this danier leather jacket for fall. also, we're excited to have just purchased his and hers warby parker spectacles.

and i wanted to say a big huge thanks to all of you for being awesome...just because :)


  1. Ah, such a cute look Alicia! I miss the beach :( I like your new layout too!

    xo, alison*elle

  2. Blog looks good- it does look more fall! Love the outfit! I have a tour of my house on my blog- I won't mind if you creep!

    Thrift and Shout

  3. Love the new layout, looks very fall like. Also loved the leather jacket, love the contrasting color on the sleeves.

  4. You seriously have the most beautiful hair in the world.
    Happy October!

  5. Ah! Your post gave me great inspiration for some loose pant shorts that I never wore this summer! I never thought of the combo but now I see them in my fall wardrobe paired with opaque tights! Happy Friday!

  6. I like the mini-makeover! I have to do the same to my blog soon. Love your hat!

  7. You look great! Perfect for a Fall day at the beach. :)

  8. I am the same way, I love looking in people's houses! If I am walking through my boyfriends apartment complex and someone has their blinds open, I can't help but look haha I am super creepy.

    xo Jennifer

  9. how cute is that hat on you Alicia you sneeky peaky! ;)

  10. The mini blog makeover looks great, as do you. :) Have a fantastic long weekend!

  11. How fun! At the beach on a cooler day! U look so cute in the hat!

  12. Sure not my typical beach wear. But girl... You're rocking the look. Totally great on you.


  13. such a cool casual outfit, I really like your loafers. Ive checked your workplace, it looks so cosy. Please visit my blog to check my latest post with burgundy details.

  14. Amazing outfit ! Love the whole look ! And that Danier jacket is to die for !
    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  15. cute look, and looks like a gorgeous day!


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