posted on: November 15, 2012


Houndstooth Booties from Army and Navy // Skirt from Archetype on Main Street // Necklace from Plum {old} // Make-Up by Kahlia Adams MUA // Rino the Frenchie...borrowed :)

pup copy



For years now, Adam and I have really wanted to get a French Bulldog.
We sometimes pretend that we already own one.  In case you were wondering,
his name is Charles Pony.  Yes,  you could say that we have an imaginary dog, 
and this is sadly only a glimpse into the weirdness that is our relationship.  
Anyway, we've put off the puppy purchases for now.  
We are at peace with the fact  that we both don't have the
 time or energy to take on such a responsibility.  I mean, I barely keep myself 
alive on a day to day basis, can't imagine also trying to take care of a puppy.
That, and Adam recently found out that he's technically allergic to dogs.  So, if
we end up breaking up in the near future, you'll know why :P

On a completely un-related note, I picked out these cute houndstooth booties
on a spontaneous lunchtime Army and Navy shopping trip.  Marked
at $49, I almost fell over out of shock when the cashier read my total
as $11.  Somehow it wasn't indicated that these boots cost less than a movie
at the theatres.  Don't you just LOVE those moments?  It's a rarity, but
it's like winning the lottery.

Stay tuned for an awesome make-up tutorial tomorrow,
as part of a NEW weekly beauty feature.


  1. Love the volume of the skirt! So pretty!

    The Style Storm

    xo, Christina

  2. All right lady, I just feel the need to point out that you, in your Frenchie post, and me, in my post-from-France today, are wearing pretty much 100% the same thing. The black dress with full skirt. The pearls. The bold lip colour. All I'm missing is the dog! Soul mates much?

  3. You look lovely, and the dog suits you like a glove! ;))

  4. LOVE that skirt!
    My boyfriend and I have been wanting to get a dog too. But we're in the middle of finding a place, etc, so it's tough to bring a new dog into that situation. Hopefully some day!

  5. um love this look! all over black and a pop of houndstooth booties . . .LOVE!
    um also love your pooch!!!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  6. You look so glam, Alicia! And my boyfriend and I totally have our own imaginary dog too (gold retriever!) but unfortunately it's not possible right now. Hope you get a Frenchie soon!

    xo, alison*elle

  7. I love this look, the full skirt is perfect on you!!! And houndstooth is always an awesome choice. Frenchies are oh so awesome, I have a french crossed with a boston terrier, and he's the best

  8. When I first read the title and saw the outfit, I immediately envisioned you on the streets of Paris. This is such a pretty (frenchie!) look!

    xo Jennifer

  9. so cute, alicia! we got a dog 3 years ago and i can't imagine not having her! there are hypo-allergenic breeds if your heart isn't fully set on a frenchie (which it OBVS is ;). your makeup looks lovely! p.s: you're in my 'hood! xo

  10. Oh my goodness. THAT PUPPY! He's so cute--- I would steal him, too. :o)

    M wants a French bulldog, but I think we'll be a one-pug family, at least for now.

  11. I also am aching for a French Bulldog. His name is either Aloysius or Diesel. What a DEAL on your footwear. I love those surprise discounts too!

  12. Those shoes are totally awesome.. love the all black and then the pop of pattern in the shoes!! Jodi

  13. That Frenchie is freaking adorable!
    Check out my blog, my Frenchie, Gnarly is on it today (and every other day too)!

  14. Absolutely love this ensemble, and totally jealous of those amazing boots! Such a great find!

  15. okay girl, the heart strings are SOOO plucked right now! i am in a swoon over "borrowed" French Bully - what a doll he is and your story about fantasy fur friend is priceless too. awe, i feel you lades, we also want a puppeh to join the crew. everyday the wish gets bigger and bigger.

    you look sensational Alicia, what a wildly festive outfit. you really know how to take basic black up like 25 notches to an elevated platform of polished and posh! dude, A&N is right down the street from my office, i've found a shiz-load of steals over the past few months. it's def rad when that happens! happy weekend! xo ♥

  16. what?! $11 bucks! I def got to make a trip down there. That's awesome :)

    xo Andrea

  17. Stunning look!

    Kate xo

  18. I'm so in love with those booties and your dog!

  19. I have a Frenchie named Harper and he's the best! I'm technically allergic to dogs too but your body just somehow gets used to it. You guys so need to get one!

  20. Having a dog is a ton of work but it's definitely worth it! I lucked out that my bf can take him to work, so it makes everything a lot easier. Plus we specifically picked a lazy dog (a pug) because we don't have tons of time to walk him (20 minutes a day and he's dragging me home!).


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