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posted on: November 14, 2012

Closet Confessions: Alicia QuanCloset Confessions: Alicia Quan

Take a glimpse into my world!  I had fellow blogger Randa of The-Unprecedented and
 amazing photographer Kaoverii over to my house so I could confess all my fashion sins.
  Check it out, The-Unprecedented's Closet Confessions: Alicia Quan.

I'm on the hunt for an intern!  Sound enticing?  Read my fashion internship posting and
 apply to SUBJECT: Internship if you're interested.

Wearing out the repeat button with Grimes as always, but today I'm all about Obvlivion.

Not only does the latest issue of Framework Magazine have me in the Holiday spirit, but it 

also contains an exciting first for me.  On Pages 50-57, I was able to showcase my 
photography skills and shoot the Fashion 101: The Modern Girl's Guide to Holiday 
Dressing feature.  Worked with an amazing team, you'll recognize model Alex of 
To Vogue Or Bust, and stylist Jen of Prairie Girl In The City.  Give the entire issue a read,
 I promise you'll be in love with every single page!


  1. Your closet article looked like so much fun! I love the hats!

    Framework looks like a great publication- your photos are fabulous. Can't wait for holiday outfits! xo

  2. What a gorgeous feature! And, your closet looks so seriously fabulous Alicia (as do you!) - I'm thinking I need to raid it sometime. ;)

  3. Cute interview Alicia!

    xo Jennifer

  4. The article looks amazing! You girls make such a great team and I didn't realize that you were such a talented photographer. You must have had such a fun time working on this!

    xoxo Alison

  5. I was super excited to see your Closet Confessions feature! Your photographer skills in this issue's Framework Magazine are stellar too, you did a great job shooting Alex.


  6. How exciting! And that dress you are holding is lovely!

  7. It's so exciting that you're taking interns! It would be a dream to work alongside you in the fashion industry, you seem like such a kind person - I bet working with your would be a really great work environment. =)

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  8. I love getting a glimpse into people's closets! I had the same problem as you when I moved in with my bf-our bedroom is so small we don't have room for a separate closet, so I installed a closet organizer that allows us to have 2 rods (one for each) and 2 full length shelves (although one is so high up I just put things like extra towels up there) and bought a tall dresser from IKEA that fit in a small nook we had. The good thing about having a small closet is I find I take stock of my clothes often and try to be more thoughtful about my purchases-simply because I don't have space to add tons of clothes! I've already had to ban myself from buying sweaters because my sweater drawer is overflowing.


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