Chopped + Bundled

posted on: December 20, 2012


Winter Coat second-hand from Front And Company // Dark Denim Skinny Jeans c/o Second Yoga Jeans // Chunky Knit Mustard Yellow Scarf from ModCloth (old) // Leopard Print Pumps by Seychelles // Grey Co-Lab Bag (old) // Gold Holiday Cocktail c/o Social Experiment // 

Makeup by Kahlia Adams // Hair Cut by Michael at TRiM Hair Salon



{Photos by Jen of Her Waise Choice}

As of last week, my hair was in a state of emergency.  The length was so out of control.  It was at the point where only the ends would curl, I constantly found nests of knots in the back, and I was wearing my hair up in a bun more often than anyone should.  And so, I called in for backup and saw Michael at TRiM for a fresh haircut.

Most people who see me just comment on the fact that my long hair is gone, but I LOVE this change.  It's so much healthier, easier to manage, and perfect for our trip to Mexico next week.  My hair grows like a weed anyway, so in a month you won't even be able to tell I cut it :P

Did you do anything shocking (yes, this is classified as "shocking" in my world) with your hair this year?  How did yours turn out?


  1. I love a new fresh haircut! Love urs!

  2. I really love your hair that length! Your outfit is great - a clasic winter look. xo

  3. I need to do the chop - but I went from brunette to brunette with blonde ombre to a red head! I've decided color is the way to go since I always just go for the 'trim'! Love the cut!

  4. Your jacket is so cool! And you are all but glowing in these great photos!

  5. I chopped 5 inches off mine too! But it also grows super fast so before long it will be back to the same length again! Your new hair length gives your "do" such body, looks great!

    Love your coat too :)

  6. This cut of coat looks so good on you, and the overall effect of your look is flawless, xoxo

  7. Your sweater will be stolen off your body! :) You look great.


  8. Alicia, you look great. I love this length on you. I dyed my hair ombre, craziest thing I have ever done.

  9. your hair looks lovely! and these photos seem a little extra christmas-y....perhaps the red benches are helping. i got bangs about a month ago....but wasn't super happy with them, but tomorrow i'm getting a refresh, and diving in deeper to the world of bangs, goodbye light (read: annoying) fringe....hello heacy (read: fabulous) bangs! fingers crossed they turn out ok!

  10. I absolutely love that coat! Winter white and such a unique shape!

    Also - your hair looks lovely!

  11. You look beautiful Alicia as always.

    Love the ring SE.


    Ps. Mexico = jealous

    1. Oops it wasn't meant to be anonymous lol.

  12. Love the color of your scarf! Stunning!

  13. What a lovely pictures, the hair looks perfect..actually it's icture perfect, the background, white coat,..beautiful <3


  14. That coat is amazing!

    xo Jennifer

  15. I didn't do anything shocking with my hair this year because I learnt from my lesson last year. I took the plunge last year and cut my hair to jaw-line length and had to constantly straighten it because I have horrible curly hair. It took forever to grow back (because my hair unfortunately grows at a very slow rate) so this year I've only trimmed it.


  16. Looks AMAZING! Love!!!

    Jen xo

  17. Oh, Alicia, you are just the prettiest. Seriously, you are GLOWING in these photos! I lovelovelove your new hair! It looks so fresh & healthy and you've still got lots of length to play with! And yes, I def made a drastic hair change this year! Said goodbye to 6 inches and have been very pleased with the decision to chop! I hope you have a wonderful holiday, beauty!

  18. Could you be any cuter?! I think not. I love your haircut, although I must say my own forays into drastic cutting this year have been less successful... still hating my short hair almost four months later :( C'est la vie, as they say :) Merry Christmas, my beautiful friend! Miss you!

  19. You hair looks fantastic - love the cut!!

    Kate xo

  20. This year was the THE year I destroyed my hair. I attempted to go blonde....something my half Asian hair should not have attempted. I've regretted it ever since and had to sacrifice many, many inches of hair. I hate my short hair, but a part of me still believes that if I found the right colourist, the blonde hair is a possibility...


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