mid-week organization aka i love lists!

posted on: February 29, 2012


I was just clickity clicking away on the internets a few weeks ago when i stumbled on a blog (don't even remember which one, if it was yours pls tell me so i can link) that happened to mention another blog that linked me to an etsy site that sold the most amazing product ever. 


my notes on the back of envelopes and random notebook scribbles are now to be replaced with one well thought out piece of paper.  i love my lists.  in fact, i'm obsessed.  and to have a single sheet that has my to-do list, daily goals, meal plan, fitness, daily tasks, cleaning, even down to the # of glasses of water i've had that day...wow. just wow.


the life's a journal daily page notepad is exactly what i needed and if you want one for yourself, you better act fast.  she sells out super quickly, i had to beg her to send me some from her own personal stash.  a big, huge, you're the best - thank you to the journaling mrs. herself!  i'm so happy with my new lists.

DSC_1138NEW copy

life's a journal daily notepad $13 USD ea. or $32 USD for a three pack.

double rainbow all the way

posted on: February 28, 2012



emerald green blouse from topshop // striped cardigan from plum // yellow flats from sterling shoes // red necklace borrowed from her waise choice // red and tan aldo bag // barefoot contessa sunnies



{outfit photos by jen, rainbow pic by me}

as I'm sure you've seen on my fb page, we just so happened to catch some crazy weather patterns at our last outfit shoot.  sunshine turned dark clouds, rainbow, pouring rain, hail, and back to beautiful sun.  pretty fitting that since I was wearing quite a rainbow-esq colour combo! 

i don't know about you, but i've sure caught the shopping bug.  seems like my online shopping carts are constantly full in anticipation for spring.  my wishlist keeps growing, but funds remain the same.  isn't that always the way?  that we want to spend more when we have less.  le sigh, when will i learn?

oberhofer - i could go

{You're invited} Vancouver Fashion Blogger Clothing Sale

posted on: February 27, 2012


My darlings, I am so pleased to be inviting you to our very first Vancouver Fashion Blogger Clothing Sale!!! Pen us in for March 17th from 12 to 4pm in the Hideaway at the Waldorf Hotel.  It's your chance to come meet some of your favourite local style bloggers and shop their closet!  We've got tons of clothes, shoes, and accessories to sell at amazing prices.  It's going to be such a fun afternoon full of SHOPPING, music, and treats including cupcakes c/o Cakelicious!  Admission is $2 to cover the cost of the event location, with all additional proceeds going to Dress For Success Vancouver .

The first 50 sale hungry shoppers to arrive will also receive a unique gift bag full of really cool free stuff from people like:
Establishment Lounge
Jennifer Williams Photography
Wolf Circus Jewelry
Barefoot Contessa
I See Noise
Girl’s Next Best Friend
Social Experiment
Barre Fitness
and more!

Be sure to to hop on over to our Facebook Event and RSVP!

Tweet us #VanBloggerSale and help spread the word.

Hope to see all your beautiful faces there, your support is very much appreciated :)
P.S. If you wish to be a part of the event as a sponsor or volunteer, please email me aliciafashionista@gmail.com

and in the morning i climbed your tree and flew away

posted on: February 23, 2012

{photos by jen}



dress from aritzia // old long sleeve tee // leopard belt from plum // sunglasses from barefoot contessa // purse from aldo // adam's nixon watch // jeffrey campbell 99 ties from solestruck



i'd almost given up completely on this artizia dress from last year, until i saw how kate of o my heart styled a similar frock last week!  i just loved how she layered it with a long sleeve tee.  such an obvious pairing that i'd somehow never thought of!  love a little inspiration to help breathe life back into an old favourite.

and i realize it's such a blogger clichรจ to discuss the weather, but i can't get enough of this vancouver sunshine!  the sun is a much better wake up call than any alarm clock!  makes me all giddy with excitement for sangria, patio parties, and weekend trips to the beach.  and the perfect compliment to these gorgeous days is all your great music recommendations.  after oh, you know...almost 4 years, i finally figured out how to embed just a song, so now you can instantly enjoy the tune that goes best with my posts...woohoo!  speaking of music, i picked up my tickets to florence and the machine's vancouver concert on july 20th @ deer lake park, will i be seeing you there?  because florence welch puts on an amazing show (the proof is in this post).

{soley - smashed birds}

new + noteworthy

posted on: February 21, 2012




DSC_0862 (2)NEW

vintage polka dots and moose head wall mount front and company | spring zara heels that i can't wait to wear | my makeup routine lately: dramatic eyeliner and bright lips | a brand new  anthropolgie vase in my favourite colour combo to brighten up our living room

said love was painted gold // like all things growing old

posted on: February 20, 2012



wilfred chevalier blazer from aritzia // floral dress and purse from plum // gifted front and company necklace // house of harlow key ring // stuart weitzman booties c/o // american apparel polishes


{photos by jen}

do you ever buy something new and realize it's exactly what your closet was missing?  i'm embarrassed to admit that i wore this gorgeous blush wilfred chevalier blazer every single day last week after purchasing it at aritzia's snooze you lose sale.  pretty soon, i'll be known as the girl in the blush jacket.  which kind of sounds like the title of a Stieg Larsson novel, but i think i'm okay with that!

decided to start this week off right with some new tunes and had a great time surfing youtube while getting some work done (no photoshop still though, hopefully getting it tomorrow).  found some great new to me artists, songs, and albums and even re-connected with some old faves.  if you have any music recommendations, my ipod has been begging for some love!  let me know my darlings x

Pieces of FLARE Blogger's Style:Spring Shoes

posted on: February 16, 2012




shabby apple spanish steps dress // turquoise mix charm necklace from urban outfitters // aqua suede faryl robin shoes // marc by marc jacobs watch // large pearl earring from plum


flare article
FLARE shoe photo credit to alexandra

Browsing FLARE.com this week, you just might have seen a familiar face (and pair of aqua pumps)!  I am beyond grateful to be featured in FLARE for their Blogger's Style: Spring Shoes article by Ryan Michael Cheung.  How great is it having a Canadian magazine acknowledge Canadian fashion bloggers?  And some really amazing ones at that.  The best part?  The shoes!!  I have so many pairs of spring shoes on my wishlist, can't wait to get shopping.

So, I was thinking my new Shabby Apple dress was perfect for a spring outfit photo, right?  Throw in a deadline, some bad weather, a super rushed shoot, and you get impossibly dark photos.  Which normally wouldn't be a problem, except that my photoshop decided to crash a few days ago and I've had no way of fixing them.  It has been most devastating, and I really do apologize for the quality but  I'm sure this dress will make many more blog appearances.

In honour of beating the winter blues, what spring shoes are you looking forward to purchasing?

neon winter

posted on: February 15, 2012



cobalt blue sheer cardigan and neon green nail polish from american apparel // black satin tunic from urban outfitters // leopard print belt from plum // pink and blue bfrend bracelets c/o // gifted necklace // assorted bangles from river island // sunglasses from barefoot contessa


photos by jen

not sure if i told you, but us vancouver fashion bloggers are throwing a clothing sale next month.  so i've been spending my extra time (ha! what "extra" time?) sorting through my clothes deciding what to sell and what to continue to hoard keep. if you have a company that would like to collaborate with our vancouver fashion blogger clothing sale, please let me know!  we're gladly accepting sponsors and donations, it's a great chance for exposure.  we're all going to tweet, facebook, blog, pinterest, and instagram the crap outta this one :P  pencil us in for march 17th, more deets coming your way next week!

despite a chocolate hangover, adam and i had a nice february 14th.  we are pretty low key about it, just went for a nice dinner with my cousin and his girlfriend and we were supposed to see the vow afterwards, but dinner ran a little late.  not to worry, i'm forcing poor adam to take me to the vow tonight instead!  how was your valentine's day?  did you get spoiled?

a soldier on my own, i don't know the way

posted on: February 13, 2012

new4new5 new3new7 new1new8 new6new13 new2ne10w new11new9 new12new14 new15new16

oh man, i just can't get enough of instagram!  there's something extra special about documenting small pieces of your day and sharing them with others.  makes me appreciate little moments in life that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.  and truthfully, i also love seeing what people are up to.  it's the kind of photograph creeping joy i felt when facebook was in its prime!

this weekend was rather routine, but i spent quite a bit of time goal setting and self reflecting.  been really bad about not taking time off for myself lately, which almost always guarantees a meltdown.  no one likes a messy, irrational, tear-filled meltdown.  i do thrive on stress and keeping busy, but i need to be better about organization and planning as a way to avoid feeling overwhelmed.  definitely something about myself to work on, perhaps an organization post in the future will help?  okay that's it, i think this calls for an office makeover!!!  and who doesn't love a makeover?!  a little painting diy, and filing...yes, i think that is just what i need!

the weekend warm up

posted on: February 10, 2012



striped tee from h&m // mustard yellow cardigan from winners // leather jacket from le chateau // scarf and sunnies from forever 21 // mavi denim, gloves, and purse from plum // hue socks // kelsi dagger booties



you know who i don't understand?  umbrella thieves.  yesterday i left my cheap $10 (albeit cute and polka dot) umbrella in the umbrella stand at the front of a store.  browsed around, and when i went to leave...it was gone.  i was then stuck walking around downtown for the next four hours completely exposed to the rain.  my only saving grace was that i'd worn my large brimmed hat, so my hair remained in decent condition and i was spared from looking like a total drowned rat.

on another note, i have decided that there are three time in the year in which i cannot stand to be online.  a product of pure jealousy, those times are during both weeks of nyfw and coachella.  events that i have always wanted to attend, but haven't been to yet...it's just so painful to  read updates from people there!  i like to pretend that if i were in new york right now, this would be one of my daytime shopping outfits (okay, maybe not with the heels, to be more realistic).  my goal is to get to nyfw this september.  not sure how i am going to make that happen, but i sure am determined!  who wants to come with?  i couldn't possibly the only person out there who dreams of attending shows and parties at nyfw?!

hope your friday is looking good so far my loves x

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