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posted on: March 31, 2012

when you find something this good, you just have to share the love!

i heart

posted on: March 29, 2012


taking coffee breaks


a #vanbloggersale display made with already owned pieces


adam in a suit


details of my beautiful new hlaska wallet


the diy mad men masks i made (from here)


trying new hair styles


a really yummy breakfast


violet hill boutique and shopping with amazing friends like lydia , cee, leonie
{this photo by melissa skoda}

#VanBloggerSale Memories :)

posted on: March 28, 2012

during the fashion blogger sale, i didn't get a chance to take many pictures which has been making it difficult to post about it.  i would, however, like to share this video that alexandra put together.  it gives you a general idea of what the crazy fun day was like.  

it's also important to check out what others are saying about the sale from lovelies like pigeon designssoy confessionsprairie girl in the city, and nina on the moon!  thank you again to everyone who helped out, can't wait for the next one!

yellow, blue, and leopard print too!

posted on: March 27, 2012



cream tie front blouse // mustard yellow cardigan from winners // royal blue trousers from joe fresh // leopard print seychelles pumps // vintage brown purse from front and company // necklace from fine finds // sunglasses from barefoot contessa // social experiment cocktail ring c/o // marc jacobs watch

 to shrink my shopping list, i very specifically choose the items i want need.  one trend that has been lingering on this list is coloured denim.  love the look, but my dancer legs bring the proportions to a baaad place.  my compromise?  bright coloured trousers!  found these royal blue beauties at joe fresh.  They did unfortunately lead to a self inflicted ban from solo grocery shopping trips.  it was bound to happen at some point, i'll just need to make sure to have the proper supervision during all future superstore visits.

i thought you should also know that i have a twitter giveaway exclusive to my followers.  it involves free sandwiches.  FREE SANDWICHES!  sorry for yelling.  i just wanted to really reinforce the message that i am giving away free sandwiches.  please use your twitter powers and help a girl out?  you're the best!

blogging under the influence

posted on: March 22, 2012

juuuust kidding!  i wasn't actually drunk, but i had consumed one single alcoholic beverage and because of the sheer fact that my body seems to reject booze, my face was a bright shade of tomato red (hence the blue amaro instagram pics).  wore this little number to the rosewood hotel georgia last night for jacquie sommerville's 'my fat little rule book' pre-launch.  she even read a little excerpt of her book, about a struggle to balance a love of food with a love of fashion.  pretty much the story of our lives, i just know it's going to be everyone's new favourite read!  was super lovely to catch up with some of my fave local peeps, and i'm very excited for my fat little rule book's release!  (more event coverage on vancouver daze)

photo (12) photo (13)
photo (14) photo (16)
{photos by alexandra}
silk vintage blouse 
leopard pring cardigan and studded black clutch from plum
mini skirt from urban outfitters
spiked necklace from forever21
house of harlow ring
stuart weitzman booties c/o

happy friday my pretties!

fresh stripes and painted cities

posted on: March 21, 2012


red and blue striped shirt from joe fresh // sleeveless graham and spencer trench // american eagle jeans // target boots // brown structured purse and robot necklace from front and company // adam's nixon watch // social experiment ring c/o // nerd glasses from san francisco



for the past 5 years, my favourite day of the week has been sunday.  it's turned into mine and adam's day.  we spend it exploring our neighbourhood and the rest of our wonderful city.  vancouver always has something going on, whether it's just a new brunch spot, coffee shop, festival, or place to shop.  and since our day of adventure usually involves a lot of walking, i try to keep my sunday attire rather casual.  at least semi weather appropriate and relatively comfortable footwear.  

next sunday 
is the return of mad men!  i'm super excited, and we'll be going to the mad men season 5 launch party with a bunch of other local bloggers.  join us?  we'll also have to bring a different lens so we can get a proper photo of the two of us that doesn't cut off adam's hair!  hope to see you then!

now my life is sweet like cinnamon

posted on: March 19, 2012


Untitled-1 copy
yellow blouse and sunglasses from forever21 // black floral skirt from h&m // coral scarf, black sweater, pearl earrings and purse from plum //  grey faux leather jacket from le chateau // turquoise faryl robin pumps from the dakota group sample sale // social experiment cocktail ring c/o


{photos by jen}

last week i was forced to face the daunting task of sorting through years worth of clothing.  at least seven years worth of clothing, and thousands of dollars wasted.  all of it was just embarrassing evidence of my obvious shopping addiction.  my current closet gained a few items that have come back in style, but otherwise anything that hadn't been worn was fair game to purge.  and wow, it felt so good to get rid of it!  i am genuinely going to evaluate future purchases, because if you're not going to wear it, what's the point of buying it?!
my favourite part of the sale was seeing my once loved items go to a great new home.  which sounds silly, because it's not like i was selling puppies, but still.  it's nice to know someone else will be wearing neglected pieces from my wardrobe.  thanks again to everyone who supported the vancouver fashion blogger sale, there will be a post recapping the sale later this week!

hope you all had a great weekend xo

#VanBloggerSale PREVIEW!

posted on: March 16, 2012

photo (10)photo (8) photo (7)photo (9)
photo (6)photo (5)
just a few snapshots of things i'm selling tomorrow!

oh, you know.  just total chaos today.  i love some last minute stress though, i work best under pressure!  and we all know the vancouver fashion blogger sale is going to be such an amazing afternoon.  a biiiiig thank you to every single person who is taking part by selling, volunteering, sponsoring, attending and/or promoting the event.  couldn't have done it without you!  can't wait to see ya'll tomorrow :)

leopard blush

posted on: March 14, 2012


{photos by jen}



leopard fur coat and ruffle textured clutch from plum // blush pink silk blouse from barefoot contessa // black chiffon skirt and tan flower brooch from h&m // black suede booties from urban outfitters


i honestly totally forgot about these photos until i stumbled upon them the other day.  i think they're from february, which just shows you how unorganized my computer files must be.  did actually back up my computer a few weeks ago.  which, i should really be doing more often because if i lost my everything, i'd probably cry for days.

it has been so helpful (and fun) meeting with jen for outfit photos!  honestly don't know how we would have gotten through the winter months without it!  super happy about brighter evenings too, i love magic hour shoots.  adam and i went for a long walk yesterday when he got home from work.  we found ourselves at la taqueria on cambie and enjoyed some delicious tacos for dinner.  grabbed a few hot drinks for the trek back and it wasn't even getting dark until we were almost home at 8 pm!  spring is on its way folks, not much longer now :)

primary colour

posted on: March 12, 2012


vintage top and fox ring from front and company // red trousers from anthropologie // yellow scarf and grey co-lab bag from plum // classic trench coat from h&m // brown loafers from portland boutique // marc by marc jacobs watch // 



{photos by jen}

digging this daylight savings stuff.  i woke up this morning to darkness and wind, yes, but i am just full of motivation.  which totally beats those days that i can't seem to really shake off that sleepy feeling.  with the sale this weekend, my to do list is miles long!  i'm desperately trying to get my table decor and handouts together, as well as pricing and tagging all of my items.  there's so much more that goes into this than i initially thought!  all super fun work though, event planning is pretty exciting, especially with someone great like cee as a planning partner!

hope you all had a great weekend.  mine was filled with a lot of stagette fun and a very lazy sunday.  actually, yesterdays lack of productivity is probably why today seems so promising.  enjoy your monday everyone :)


posted on: March 9, 2012


take a look at style republic's behind the scenes look at how a chanel flap bag is made!  it's a definite must see!

we have over 250 people confirmed 
vancouver fashion blogger sale!  have you rsvp'd yet?

have i mentioned my obsession with
matchstick coffee roasters?  post coming soon!

still so inspired by and proud of monika (of
the doctor's closet) for being featured on on the glitter guide.

if you want to find some new stylish ladies,  
kanata has all the info on canadian fashion blogs.

been keeping this song 
on repeat this week.

hope you have a great weekend xo

hats, artists, and grilled cheese sandwiches

posted on: March 7, 2012


{photos by jen}


  dress from barefoot contessa // nine west flats // urban outfitters hat // various gifted necklaces // social expierment ring c/o // brown ring from plum


they say blondes have more fun, but i like to think that people in hats have the most fun.

my morning started off early with lots of work to complete and a dress fitting in the early afternoon (yes, i made my big tv debut on breakfast television last week for two birds bridesmaids).  then jen and i were going to meet up for some outfit photos.  her meeting ran long though, so i was stuck downtown trying to waste time.  to refrain from shopping, i thought i'd just get comfy in a coffee shop and play around on the internet.  i walked into thierry's but it was so busy that i walked right out (jen's meeting happened to be in thierry's too and she totally saw me walk in and leave lol).  i then headed for good ol' starbucks on robson, but again was only faced with no available seats.  i was also having one of those days where everyone seemed to be staring, and i feared that i had something weird on my face or was totally flashing everyone.  for the sake of this story, let's just pretend i looked really good :P


anyway, i decided the only place i would go to shop was h+m but it was rather far and my nine west shoes aren't in the best shape.  they're down to the nail, which makes for quite the balancing act.  on the way to pacific centre, i passed mom's grilled cheese food truck and decided that since adam wasn't going to be home for dinner, i'd partake in a delicious sammich.  so the food cart peoples are all commenting on my hat and we're having a pleasant little convo.  then the one lady shouts out "so alicia, you going to order something or what?" and i looked at her in complete disbelief, while she confesses that my name on my starbucks cup.  they tell me they're closing in 5 mins and that i need to order right away, but i'm scraping the bottom of my bag for $6.50 (ugh, why did i use my ten dollar bill at starbucks?).  they're yelling "is bowler hat short?" and i'm frantically emptying my bag for change.  finally found enough money and waited while they closed down the truck for the day.  they hand me my order, which looked amazing but comes in an oversize cone with chips on the bottom.  which normally would be find i guess, if i had somewhere to go, but instead this truck drives away and i'm in the middle of downtown vancouver holding a huge freaking cheese sandwich.  so i awkwardly make my way over to a spot where i can get my ipad out and instagram my meal (like, why do i find this shit necessary?).  i start on my food and i hear two guys sitting on the fountain talking.  one says "just go talk to her man, you'll never see her again" and i'm like ugh, i so don't need this right now and relocate.  walk over and sit on the vancouver art gallery steps to continue my lunch, where a small brown bird takes several flying dives at me for my sandwich.  birds can be so terrifying.  i eat my food as fast as possible because this bird is bullying me and i'm so over this embarrassment.  some guy on a bicycle who may or may not be someone i know (wasn't wearing my glasses) cycles by and yells hello and waves.  i'm sitting with other ppl on the steps though, maybe he was waving at someone behind me?  and after all of it, i remembered that i did in fact have dinner plans that i'd even already paid for.  so classic.

i do nothing but think of you

posted on: March 5, 2012

outfitspanish bank rainbow over vancouver valentine's day carddate with downton abbey brunch at the charles bara gift in the mail from a friend polish du jourfloral pants from anthropologie shabby apple dresscb2 robson opening social feed x the anthologyfood cart grilled cheese shangri-la bathroom stall chandelairbombay brow bar saree dressew sequinsi love you, blogs and coffee red lips + chunky scarfestablishment lounge dessert

1. just a little outfit self portrait 2. a beautiful rainbow over vancouver from spanish banks
3. my valentine's card for adam 4. a date with downton abbey (how good was season 2??!)
5. brunch at the charles bar 6. a surprise gift from a friend - she's the man on dvd! such a hilarious movie!
7. polish du jour 8. to buy or not to buy: floral pants from anthropolgie
9. shabby apple dress 10. cb2 robson grand opening via notable.ca
11. socialfeed x anthology dinner (read kelsey’s post) 12. mom's grilled cheese food cart
13. shangri-la chandelier 14. wearing a saree for the new bombay brow bar opening
15. dressew sequins 16. i love you, blogs and coffee!
17. red lips and chunky scarf 18. dessert at establishment

{desire - under your spell}

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