another {insta} monday

posted on: April 30, 2012

side hair bel cafe

hm gets stylstruck barefoot

revolver tireswing

me adam ikea jcrew

happy five photoshoot

arm candy sample sale purchases

opus kate spade

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so long, april.  it's been fun :)

j crew style

posted on: April 28, 2012


{photos by jen}

coral tank from aritzia // kelly green kersh cardigan from plum // green and white pencil skirt from anthropologie // charm necklace from urban outfitters // bracelets from h&m // stuart weitzman 'once' sandals c/o



my poor, sweet bank account has no idea what is about to happen.  as the day has finally come when i spend all of my extra income (ha, juuust kidding.  i don't have any of that) on EVERYTHING j.crew.  the american retailer has just opened its second canadian location in vancouver and this city couldn't be happier!

i was lucky enough to attend a private grand opening before the store opened to the public.  but the question was of course, what to wear?  i opted for preppy brights, trying to be as j.crew as possible.  despite last minute doubt about too much green, i think it turned out and i actually had two j.crew employees compliment my attire.  and that, my friends, is the ultimate compliment!

anyway, i am supposed to be "relaxing" on a "weekend vacation" right now, so i should probably go.  but, i will leave you with quite possibly my best blooper to date.  this was me realizing there was a hair stuck on the bottom of my iced coffee, while the wind blew my skirt everywhere and i was still, for some reason, posing...


april twenty fifth

posted on: April 25, 2012

{cannot at all take credit for this image idea!  originally saw it here}

on april 25th, 2007, i called my friend andrea in a panic.  what on earth was i to wear on a first date?  i honestly couldn't remember the last time a guy had actually taken me on a real date.  in fact, it was shocking that this guy i'd met the friday before had called at all.  most guys waited three days and then sent a text, as if that's supposed to make us girls swoon.  it was decided that i'd play it safe with a cute top, jeans, and flat black boots since i was unsure as to what he had planned.

driving there, i was trying to remember what he looked like.  it had been dark in the bar on the weekend, what if he wasn't as cute as i remembered?  what if we have nothing to talk about?  my mind was racing with questions and what ifs as i pulled onto his street.  easy enough to find, just off commercial drive.  although the fact that i had to drive there because he didn't have a car was secretly strike one.

in typical vancouver fashion, it was raining which had only complicated the outfit dilemma.  i texted him that i was walking towards his place and he offered to meet me outside.  i relaxed a little as i walked toward him because he was better looking than i'd thought.  and based on the huge smile on his face, he felt the same sense of relief.  we had an uncomfortable "hello i don't really know you" hug and headed into his place.

the actual date itself was a bit of a disaster.  after only a few minutes, it became painfully clear that he had no plans for our evening at all.  he'd tried to get the hockey game on his old tv by moving the antenna around (seriously, who's tv is so old that they can't even get a clear channel 3?) and when that failed, he decided we should go walk along commercial to try and find a restaurant showing the game.  why our first date was based around a sporting game, i do not know?!  still, i was under the impression that he knew his neighbourhood and would take us to his usual hang out or a nice place he'd heard of.  instead, we ducked into the first place that had a tv and the canucks on, which also happened to be an italian cafe.  so, apparently dinner was out.

this place was something right out of the sopranos.  in fact someone was actually shot there the week after.  we got coffees and talked...a lot.  apparently i blabbed away during the entire game!  after a discussion about our favourite movies, we headed to the local video store and rented his fav, the usual suspects.  of course, he'd also never been to this video store and had to create an account.  at which time the guy asked if i'd like to be added to the account as well. and with a panicked look on his face, he practically yelled "no, no no" back (this is even funnier to me now).  half way through the movie i was so uncomfortable from hunger pains.  in fear of tummy grumbles and embarrassment, i blurted out that i was reallyyyy sorry but i was so hungry that i should probably leave and go get food.  he insisted that he could make us something, so we had a 9 pm bagel with cream cheese.  true romance, people!

we finished the movie and said our goodbyes.  the awkwardness was starting to wear off and despite the fact that he had bombed the first date activities, i wanted to give him a second chance.  and i'm sure glad i did, he plans a mean date nowadays!  

if you'd also like to read about how we met, i blogged that story once upon a time too!

happy five year anniversary, adam!

{Giveaway} Go Chic Or Go Home

posted on: April 24, 2012

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joie de vivre

posted on: April 22, 2012


striped shirt from h&m // black skirt from the archetype // shoes from nine west // bag from aldo // necklaces c/o olivia solie // black ribbon from my craft bin // marc by marc jacobs watch // barefoot contessa sunnies


{photos by jen}

this outfit shall be filed away as a must bring to paris one day.  a girl can dream, right?

{on my radar} hlaska

posted on: April 20, 2012

hlaska copy

Kaleidoscope Card Wallet - Red + Camel $85 | Kaleidoscope Zippered Check Wallet - Teal $215 | Retro Superfuture Sunnies - Ciccio Burnt Havana $154 |  Media Pouch - Turquoise $55 | Kaleidoscope Slim Check Wallet - Yellow $195

My old wallet was hanging on by a thread (literally) and was starting to be the source of embarrassment whenever I had to pay for something.  As one who is constantly on the lookout for beautiful and original pieces, I was so delighted to discover Hlaska.  Based out of San Francisco, Hlaska locally designs an makes fine leather bags and accessories for both ladies and gents.  Apparently their flagship store is on Fillmore and next time I'm in SF I am sooo paying them a visit!

In recent years, I've also learned that it's better to invest in a great, quality piece that you can be proud of!  We use our wallets every day, so I'd have to logically conclude that a new Kaleidoscope Zippered Check Wallet was perfectly justified!  I adore its delicate 3D pattern and it's made with the softest leather.  The zipper closure was a must, as I tend to have receipts spilling out everywhere.  I love the bright yellow colour and the fact that it can accommodate my many cards.  Already received so many compliments on it, which is when I love to brag that it's an original piece form San Fran.  Based on that alone, I couldn't be happier with my Hlaska wallet.

Now I have my eye on the retro looking sunnies.  Thinking I NEED them for the summer, don't you?

P.S. I was not in any way paid to write this.  Opinions are genuine and my own.  Just wanted you to know :)

a british tea party bridal shower

posted on: April 18, 2012


dress from barefoot contessa // one of a kind fascinator from posh veils // vintage heels // ring from h&m // my nana's teacup





DSC_0572 copy





let me tell you now, that i love love love everything british!  and though i'm sad that my best friend brandi is moving to the uk to live the dream and marry an english man, i am so excited for an excuse to cross the pond!  so, what better bridal shower theme than an english tea party?!  complete with fascinators, teacups, and cucumber sandwiches!  put on by her mom and sister, they did such a fantastic job.  her mom even made a cake based on one seen on pinterest (and it was deeeelicious!)

unfortunately i'm unable to attend their wedding, but wanted to say that i'm wishing the beautiful bride to be and her fiance lots of love and all the best on the big day!  

p.s. aren't you obsessed with brandi's bridal shoes?!  the prettiest shade of coral and love the bow detail!

{insta} monday

posted on: April 16, 2012

headscarf  vancouver

decor  tennis

business cards  cherry blossoms

stripes  taco salad

austin   stuart

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stay positive.  stay motivated.  stay true.  stay you.

happy 4 year blogiversary

posted on: April 13, 2012


{photos by jen}


aritzia tank top // joe fresh gold sequin mini skirt // gifted necklace // vintage shoes // marc by marc jacobs watch



4 years ago today, i was mourning the loss of my beloved nana and needing some sort of avenue to help me grieve.  my friend danielle who had been blogging for years, convinced me to get typing and start one of my own.  and on april 13th, 2008, i began this incredible adventure!

this blog has changed my life in every way possible.  i've been lucky enough to meet some amazing people and make great new friends.  there have been unthinkable opportunities both personally and professionally.  i am forever grateful.

so, thank you!
without all of you reading this right now, would not be.  your support means the world to me and i look forward to another great year of blogging!  time to go celebrate!  happy friday xo

how to style coloured denim {nighttime}

posted on: April 12, 2012


black and gold sheer VERY jacket from plum // old black tank top //  bb dakota mattox pant in poppy // mint green suede faryl robin pumps from dakota group sample sale // assorted bracelets from h&m, plum, and alden rae // gifted marc by marc jacobs watch // necklace from urban outfitters



don't know if it's my age, but what i feel best in for a night out on the town has changed drastically.  during my bar star years, i'd often feel as though i had show skin in order to fit in and look "hot".  of course now, i feel sexiest by wearing something i'm comfortable and confident in.  it took my a long time to recognize that.

challenged myself to style these jeans last friday evening for a concert at the biltmore.  complimenting the coral with classic black, accompanied by gold and aqua accents.  kept things pretty basic, but (hopefully) still interesting.  the best part?  i was covered up and was a win win!





many of you probably don't know oberhofer.  i knew little of them myself, only one song 'i could go' that i'd stumbled upon (video at the bottom).  but, youtube has this lovely new feature where if you're listening to a band, a little message in the corner alerts you when and where the band is playing in your town!  so i got some friends together and we enjoyed an intimate $10 oberhofer show at the biltmore.  they were awesome live, their entire 'time capsules II' album is going to be my summer anthem!  the night ended with a bunch of us dancing on stage while the band played an encore and the entire band came out and partied with everyone afterwards.  definitely a night i'll never forget! 

for all you lucky ducks going to coachella, they'll be there and you must go see them!  and for the rest of ya'll, if you like what you hear in the videos below, you should definitely buy their album!

{disclaimer: video above is my own, though i own no rights to the song.  video below is not mine and again, i own no rights to the song.  just go buy the cd!}

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