5 beautiful things

posted on: June 29, 2012


a sweet morning message on my spoon.  want one for yourself?  just enter the loving spoon giveaway!


how much i adore my crazy family.


surprise flowers from our sweet neighbour, rose.


a simple, inexpensive diy canvas print project (instructions found on a beautiful mess).


that every monday, i get together with my old roommates and we try a new coffee spot in the city.  this week was forty ninth parallel accompanied by lucky's doughnuts.

summer wedding chic

posted on: June 27, 2012



floral party dress from barefoot contessa on main street // cream coloured short sleeve jacket from forever 21 // ring and pearl bracelet from h&m // twisted ribbon pearl bracelet in mint green c/o love coco // bubblegum pink marc by marc jacobs envelope clutch // kenneth cole pumps


this week's FASHION magazine style panel challenge was right up my alley.  i have a ton of weddings to attend this summer, which is of course the perfect excuse to get out there and buy a new dress (shoes, jewellery, heck an entire outfit).  it was a no-brainer when i spotted this floral cocktail dress at barefoot contessa, i knew it had to be mine.  it's cute, and slightly sexy, and stands out without being too over powering...exactly my style! i can't wait to wear it to a friend's wedding.

check out the rest of my tips on what to wear to a wedding, as well as advice from the other beautiful ladies of FASHION’s style panel!


{photos by jen}

{giveaway} the loving spoon

posted on: June 25, 2012


How could you not instantly fall in love with these stamped antique silver spoons?  Made by Maya, a Vancouver based designer, she collects each piece of cutlery on her world travels at local antique shops, flea markets, etc.  And I mean, what can I say?  I'm a sucker for vintage spoons and anything personalized.   Also excited because these delightful little spoons would make THE perfect gift for a bridal shower, wedding, birthday, or house warming!

Now it's your lucky day, because The Loving Spoon and I are teaming up to give you the chance to WIN 1 of 2 stamped tea spoons of your own!


Visit The Loving Spoon Website and tell us what unique message you'd get on your Loving Spoon.

BONUS ENTRY if you LIKE Loving Spoon on Facebook

Then comment on this post or the Alicia Fashionista Facebook Page to indicate that you've entered.

Contest open to Canada and US residence only and ends July 2nd, 2012 at 8:00 pm PST.  Winner will be chosen at random and contacted shortly after. Good luck!

a modern mix



floral pencil skirt from j.crew // striped tee from forever 21 // green kersh sweater from plum // vintage pumps // gifted topaz necklace // assorted h&m bangles // multicoloured front and company bracelet // olive jade and gold bracelet from keltie leanne designs



{photos by melissa}

well happy monday!  the sun is shining here in vancouver and though i would essentially call my "sleep" last night a series of naps (case of the classic sunday stomach ache), i am in good spirits and ready to tackle the work week.

wore this mix of florals, stripes, and colour to the london drugs beauty event last week.  it took place at the lookout vancouver, which is a glass elevator ride up to a 360 degree view of the city.  and it wasn't just an amazing location, the event itself was an absolute blast.  we were lucky enough to get some samples and sneak peeks at upcoming fall 2012 beauty products including polishes, make up lines, fragrances, and skin care. but rather than have me ramble on about it, check out miss melissa's post about the evening.  she's got some great photos!

hope you have an amazing day and stay tuned for a new giveaway tonight!

just a few things...

posted on: June 23, 2012


check out my super fun interview with countdown events and learn a little more about me.  but, i mean...only if you want.  or, you don't have to.  but it's cool if you do ;)

which, leads me to mention that i finally have a website on the way for my
capital Q creative business.

can't stop playing 
ho hey by the lumineers, such a great tune.

started doing a guest blogging series for my yoga studio, check out my latest post on the lovely 
nkuku line!

and finally, if you haven't gone to see
moonrise kingdom, i suggest you do so as soon as possible.  arguably wes anderson's best movie!

good morning

posted on: June 21, 2012



grey tee from gap canada (again because i love it) // floral skirt and assorted gold bangles from h&m // black jacket with gold details from plum // kate spade bag // white shoes seychelles (old) // marc by marc jacobs watch // MONIKALOVE by bfrend bracelet (that i just can't stop wearing)



{photos by jen}

as someone who hates mornings, i'm trying desperately to change my ways.  attempting to be less of a grump inspired in the a.m., i've compiled a list of awesome things to wake up to:

1. sunshine.  hello, first day of summer!

2. a text message from a bestie who just moved to england (especially after you arrange to have flowers sent to her new house, but decide on the caption "welcome home" which provides no indication as to who sent them.  was finally able to tell her it was me, even though others sneakily tried to claim them).

3. for no apparent reason, having toni braxton 'unbreak my heart' stuck in your head.

4. realizing you just had a dream that you made out with channing tatum. yes, this happened.  please don't tell adam i dream cheated...

5. knowing that my first cup of coffee is only minutes away.

but really, do any of these even come close to #4?  best dream ever!

a little pep in my step

posted on: June 19, 2012



printed peplum blouse and cocktail ring from h&m // black high waisted trousers from next (uk) // glass bead chocker necklace c/o jacob // disco inspired guess pumps // silver ring made from a spoon a gift from b // kate spade bag // barefoot contessa sunglasses



{photos by jen}

i warned you of my obsession with this silhouette.  my summer couldn't possibly go on unless i get some more peplum in my life.  it's practically a basic necessity.  slightly more important than eating, but not quite as essential as breathing.  mom, dad, i don't know why you'd ever bother worrying about me, i obviously have adulthood mastered.  i should probably just retire while i'm still ahead...

and to the person on a scooter (motorcycle?) who yelled my name while whizzing past us during this photo shoot, please step forward.  i'm curious as to who it was behind that dark mysterious helmet and wish to apologize for the fact that i only had time to glance in your general direction with squinted eyes and confusion.

on and off

posted on: June 17, 2012



grey tee c/o gap canada // khaki green jacket, snakeskin clutch and necklace from plum // coral maxi skirt from modcloth // various bangles // old navy sandals // barefoot contessa sunglasses // striped tote c/o joe fresh



{photos by jen}

knocking "get passport photos" off my to-do list was supposed to be a simple errand.  googled where to get them done and found a spot on the way home with a 5 minute guarantee.  when i arrived at the photo lab area, the passport photog was trying to get a pic of a newborn baby.  this poor little thing is being held up by the back of his jumper by his mother, his little head rolling around, while this photographer tries desperately to capture a portrait.  i mean honestly, babies need passport photos?  what kind of ridiculous concept is that?  anyway, they finish up and it's my turn.  and i would like to think that it's just because culturally this woman speaks in a yell and not because she just wanted to embarrass me, but she immediately begins barking orders at me in a very robotic tone. in a section of the store full of people, and only a few feet away from me, my lovely photog is all stand square to me...noooo square!  snaps a pic and shakes her head yelling over to me "OH goodness, see how shiny your face is?  No, no, no, I need you to get a kleenex and wipe your face."  Because her announcing this to the entire store was going to help me sweat less.

onto round two, where she yells at me to get my hair out of my face, no don't smile, square, chin down.  takes another photo, and i swear she yells even louder this time "Yeah, so see how much glare is shining off your face?  LOOK at that!  I'm going to need you to powder your face with this powder I have here."  Now, this should have been my cue to leave.  I should have been assertive and walked out of there, letting her know what a ridiculous concept communal powder is just because their photo lighting was clearly hindered by the fluorescent lights within their store.  and yet, there i was standing in front of a small mirror taped to the wall, powdering my face in a shade that my pale english grandmother would have used.  picture three and she styles me up this time, moving my hair, tilting my head up and then down and then forwards.  we finally have a "winner".  

i wait my five minutes to pay $13.47 for the most hilarious photo of me that i've ever seen.  a perfectly powdered ghostly white t zone, limp hair, and a look of sheer terror.  these photos will be filed away in the photo box for a laugh, but i think i'll be getting my passport picture re-done today somewhere that doesn't make me feel like a grease ball.  although, sure would be a great topic of convo with those chatty customs officers...

FASHION | Style Panel

posted on: June 13, 2012

Alicia Vintage
silk blouse, thrifted// black mini skirt and suede wedges from urban outfitters // hat + bag from front and company // necklace c/o wolf circus // marc by marc jacobs watch


feast your eyes on the newest member of FASHION magazine's canadian style panel!!!  please note, that's three exclamation marks for emphasis on the level of excitement that is being felt over here!

this week, we were shared how beginners can break into vintage.  curious?  hop on over to their blog and take a gander at what i had to say about that!  also, let me know if you have any questions you'd like answered by the style panel, we'd love to help!

{insta} monday loves

posted on: June 11, 2012

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join me in the instagram fun @aliciafashionista

1. gorgeous new bracelet c/o shop love coco // 2. daytime sparkle
3. my brother from another mother // 4. pretty flowers from one of my students
5. a lunch date with my cousin miss melissa // 6. lotsa pizza at sciue
7. my dream house in east van // 8. a lovely antique find
9. an essential summer kit c/o west 49 // 10. those 80's bangs i was talking about

featured in {framework magazine}

posted on: June 9, 2012


check out who's on  page 17 in the latest issue of framework magazine with the signature bow, miss melissa , and her waise choice!  we reveal our go-to summer looks, patio drink of choice, must-try trend, and what we're most looking forward to this summer!

i'm actually kind of obsessed with framework magazine right now.  pretty sure i've browsed their first two issues about a hundred times and use a ton of the images as inspiration!  if you haven't read it yet, definitely check it out.  a must read :) 

pretty, pink + printed

posted on: June 8, 2012


jacket from front and company // lace shell blouse c/o banana republic // jeans from ae // vintage pumps // urban outfitters necklace // forever 21 seagull ring // purse from plum // brand new cat eye-ish sunglasses from barefoot contessa




noticed that i've been gravitating towards more feminine and fitted styles lately, especially when it comes to jackets.  maybe it's because for the last few years boyfriend blazers were all the rage and my arms and waist miss seeing daylight.  now i have my eye on girly skirts, peplum blouses, and petite jackets.  sorry visa, but i blame vogue.

down by the river

posted on: June 6, 2012



black and white striped joe fresh maxi skirt // black tee and red kersh cardigan from plum // urban outfitters necklace (old) // belt from another dress // assorted h&m bangles // marc by marc jacobs watch // house of harlow key ring // black matt & nat clutch borrowed from melissa // stuart weitzman 'once' sandals



{photos by melissa}

in a moment that i like to blame on a lack of morning coffee, i left the joe fresh store a few weeks ago with two different pairs of denim shorts.  it was as though all their cute styles and fabrics overwhelmed me into a state of pure shopping confusion.  once home, i realized what a mistake i'd made and set out to exchange one of the pairs of shorts for something else.  all meant to be of course, because upon returning to the store, they'd just received a shipment of beautiful maxi skirts.  i'd been looking for a cozy maxi to wear around on casual summer days and the bold stripe was a total bonus.  also sold me on the fact that i had to size down (almost an instant buy) and that this skirt was only $19.  and i may or may not have also purchased it in a solid grey colour.  because i have a problem.  but seriously joe fresh, you rock!

the blackout

posted on: June 4, 2012



black lace and peplum dress from xo bella // cobalt blue pumps from h&m // elsa corsi earrings gifted // assorted gifted rings


who doesn't love an excuse to buy a new black dress?  deemed 'the blackout' as a bit of a marketing nerd joke (i assure you no one was intoxicated to the point of blacking out), we recently set out for a night of fun for vanessa's stagette.  and i must say, my fellow bridesmaid jessica planned a mean party here in the city!

we began the night at 1181 lounge on davie street.  there's no better way to start out than with hot, shirtless bartenders teaching us how to make cocktails!  we enjoyed some drinks there before the limo picked us up for some tunes and a quick city tour.

dinner was at the reflections patio lounge at hotel georgia which was stunning!  you simply cannot beat the vibe there, and we even had a mini celebrity encounter when mary zilba from the real housewives of vancouver sat at the table next to us!  we then headed to granville street for some dancing and perhaps a few more drinks.  was such a great evening, can't wait for the wedding!

Untitled-2 copy2

stay tuned for photos from vanessa's breakfast at tiffany's themed bridal shower, coming soon!

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