tiny cities made of ashes

posted on: July 30, 2012



vintage blouse from front and company // red trousers from anthropologie // yellow and blue striped tote bag from joe fresh // white seychelles pumps (old) // alden rae wrap bracelet // marc by marc jacobs watch // forever 21 seagull ring


one thing that i really struggle with lately is understanding that striving for perfection and giving yourself unreasonable expectations are two completely different things.  i've been a constant stream of "yes" to everything and then feel like i'm letting everyone down when i realize i don't have the time or energy for said agreement.  not sure why i find it necessary to please everyone.  sometimes, you just need to learn how to say no and let go.  hoping to find that balance soon.

#VanBloggerSale - Summer Edition - CANCELLED

posted on: July 29, 2012


UPDATE: We're sad to report that due to some unforeseen circumstances, our sale has been postponed until the fall. Sorry for the inconvenience, we hope to see you next month!

mark your calendars my lovelies.  we're having another fashion blogger clothing sale, the summer edition!  complete with drinks, nail bar, and clothes for sale from some of your favourite local bloggers!

we're still looking for brands who would like to sponsor the event with product samples and/or discounts.  there's also room for a few more volunteers.  please email me aliciafashionista@gmail.com if you're interested.

{giveaway} HBC Olympic Wear - CLOSED

posted on: July 27, 2012


Hudson's Bay Co. Olympic Collection Women’s Pullover // Light Denim Shorts from Joe Fresh // Black Baseball Cap and Assorted Bangles from H&M // White Oxford Runners from TopShop // Ray Band Aviators // Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch

Untitled-1 copy

A little casual, Canadian weekend wear just in time for the Opening Olympic Celebrations!  
I'm super excited to be teaming up with HBC and offering you the chance to win this adorable (and oh-so-comfortable) crew neck sweater. TWINSIES!  Part of The Hudson's Bay Company's official Canadian Olympic Gear,  it makes me feel a great sense of Canadian pride.


 Hop on over to the Hudson’s Bay Company Facebook Page and give them a LIKE!

Then comment on this post or the Alicia Fashionista Facebook Page to indicate that you've entered AND what size you'd need.

Contest open to North America only and ends Friday, August 3rd, 2012 at 4:00 pm PST.  Winner will be chosen at random and contacted shortly after. Good luck!

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drifting in and out

posted on: July 25, 2012




floral top from barefoot contessa // white cafe capri pants from j.crew // vintage pink pumps // windsor square angeline bag from kate spade // viscid watch in "sky" from anthropologie // revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in 020 lovesick



took the plunge and bought a pair of white pants.  for a klutz like myself, this is very risky business.  with these trousers on, i'm pretty much a walking tide-to-go pen ad.  but, it was tons of fun styling them for the latest FASHION magazine style panel question: what is your favourite way to wear a bright lip to correspond with your style?  you can check out my answer here.  in the last year i've become addicted to bold lip colour.  my favourite shade is a toss up between a great rouge and bright pink, much like this revlon balm stain.  now, i'll just have to be sure not to somehow get lipstick on my pants...because i would.

and thanks so much for all your nyc recommendations.  adam and i are going to sit and read through them tonight and sort out our itinerary!  you're all the best :)

the best day ever in NYC

posted on: July 24, 2012

IMG_4178NEW copy

the first time i ventured to new york city, was in the summer of 2005.  it was a confusing time in my life, as there were some tough decisions to be made when it came to school, relationships, and growing up in general.  playing on my discman was the brand new coldplay x and y album, and most importantly the song fix you.  as our red eye flight approached jfk, the lyrics "lights will guide you home" played and before even landing in nyc, i had already fallen in love.  it had been a long dream of mine to visit manhattan and when we woke up the next morning to see it in the daylight, i was so thrilled that i threw up.  just like an excited puppy would. 

two years later, i found myself on the last day of our second family vacation to new york city.  and though i was two years older and wiser, i was once again in nyc to do a little soul searching (or perhaps i'm just a drama queen.  nah, boys are just the worst).  i call this particular day the best day ever in nyc.  and though it might not sound that special to you, it's a day that i often think of and smile.

i spent the best day ever in nyc alone, which was a rarity on a family trip with 19 others (how do the duggars do it?).  it was not to be wasted, and i was on a very specific mission; i was to act only as new yorkers do for the entire day while on a quest to find the spot where sally drops off harry at the beginning of when harry met sally.  my favourite movie and my favourite city.  with the sun shining and coldplay on my ipod shuffle for nostalgia, i set off.

my observations led me to walk as fast as i could like i was in a big hurry to something super duper important.  this was both fun and great exercise.  i also stood on the closest possible edge of the sidewalk or on the street itself when waiting for a moment to cross.  and of course, i took the subway with ease to my memorized directions to washington square park (a real new yorker wouldn't carry a map with them).  i even pretended to check my phone at times, though international roaming made it impossible to actually use. 

i was asked for directions 3 separate times by tourists on the way to the park.  twice on the subway platform and once while walking.  "people actually think that I'M a new yorker", i thought and i was even able to correctly answer their questions.  found my own way to washington square park and sat to read a magazine and people watch.  i then made my way over to the washington arch, snapped the above picture, and then stood in awe for a good 10 minutes.  felt an indescribable sense of happiness that i'd set off on a journey, though such a small one, and completed it.  nothing could ruin my mood.

took my time wandering around the city, getting lost in its beauty.  stopped in a coffee shop to rest my feet, shopped in any decent looking boutiques.  snapped a few more city pictures, with my favourite songs still playing in my ears.  and just when i thought this simple nyc day couldn't get ANY better, i heard someone yelling through my head phones.

"hey, you!  hey, girl with the sunglasses, slow down!"  they were yelling at me.  thinking i'd maybe dropped something or worse, that i had toilet paper stuck to my sandal or something, i stopped in my tracks and took my ear phones out.  i swivelled around to find myself face to face with an incredibly handsome man in a suit.   "i'm sorry," he said, "but i was having lunch with my co-workers and saw you walking past.  i just had to come talk to you."  was this a joke?  this kind of thing NEVER happens to me, and certainly not in vancouver.  i stood frozen, unable to say anything at all in return.  "i just ran this whole block to catch up to you, you sure do walk fast," he said, breaking the silence.  after explaining that i was from out of town, and him admitting that he was actually from new jersey (pffft) i believe we even exchanged numbers despite the fact that i was seeing someone back home.  for all his flattery, the least i could do was give him my phone number, right?  

we never saw each other again and to be honest, i don't even remember his name.  but in a moment of time when i desperately needed something good to happen, new york pulled through for me.  it was then that i realized that i'm a city girl.  not because some stranger hit on me (but really, i wouldn't complain if it happened often lol), but because before this day, i would have never gone to a coffee shop, eaten lunch, or wandered around downtown alone.  i wouldn't have dreamed of having an adventure myself.  the best day ever in nyc opened up my eyes to a world of possibility. 

i moved to vancouver soon after and i'm still with that guy i was seeing.  if you happen to still be reading, i'm so excited to announce that in exactly a week, we're headed to new york city for a much needed vacation together!!!  but we need your help.  we're looking for your expert new york recommendations, for anything from restaurants, shopping, sight seeing, must-visit neighbourhoods, cool things to-do etc.  your suggestions are much appreciated, thank you lovelies!

maximum summer

posted on: July 23, 2012



tribal printed maxi dress and tortoise shell sunglasses from forever 21 // kelsi dagger turquoise sandals // belt and bracelet from plum // tan floppy hat from h&m // unique cocktail ring from social experiment



{photos by jen}

sometimes it's too hot to think of putting an outfit together.  this is when you reach for a maxi dress and floppy hat and call yourself a fashionista!  what's your favourite lazy summer style?

p.s. tomorrow is your last chance to enter to win a silver daisy love story ring.  don't miss out!

breakfast at tiffany's bridal shower

posted on: July 22, 2012















{photographed} by andrea gurniak photography
{planned and hosted} by mother-in-law teresa & maid of honour natasha
{cupcakes} by junior bridesmaid cassidy
{cakepops} from cakelicious cakes company
{tiffany's bag} a tiffany's gift for the bride from her bridesmaids

{thank you} to everyone who helped put on such a beautiful breakfast at tiffany's shower and for all of vanessa's lovely friends and family who were able to attend.

shake it out

posted on: July 20, 2012



leopard print blouse and black oxmo jacket from plum // khaki green trousers from anthropologie // black pumps (old) // co-lab bag from dakota group sample sale // marc by marc jacobs watch



{photos by jen}

of course after days and days of glorious sunshine, it starts pouring rain on the night that i'm attending an outdoor concert.  and not just any concert.  it's a florence and the machine concert. if you aren't aware of my florence obsession, you can read about it here, here, and here.  

but, you know what?  i think florence welch performing the best from ceremonials and lungs outdoors in the pouring rain is going to be incredibly epic.  i'm off to slap on some boots, a cute dress, and a big smile on my face.  i'll be the girl in the live nation vip area (that's right, thanks for the hookup, miss paula) singing at the top of her lungs, dancing like she doesn't give a whatttt, and jumping up and down while screaming and unnecessarily waving her arms in the air.  should be a good time ;)

wishing you all a very happy florence friday!

rehearsal dinner

posted on: July 17, 2012



my favourite navy and off white dress from a local boutique eons ago // brand new off white nine west pumps // pink marc by marc jacobs envelope clutch // 'orange' joe fresh lipstick // ring from h&m



i often purchase dresses on whim, and with no special occasion in mind.  this is why rehearsal dinners are especially awesome.  not only does the event seem to imply that a group of people practice how to eat food in a dinner setting, but they are THE perfect excuse to dig up a pretty dress.  and of course, it's always special to spend time with family and friends eating good food, telling hilarious stories about the couple, and generally sharing the wedding excitement.

it was a lovely evening last thursday with vanessa and tyler, along with their wedding party.  after a ceremony run-through at the chapel, we headed to il giardino in vancouver's west end.  we had a delightful outdoor patio dinner, complete with many courses of delicious italian food and an abundance of red wine.







now, isn't that a beautiful looking wedding party?

outfit photos by jen.  a special thanks to vanessa, tyler, bob, and theresa, as well as il giardino for such a wonderful rehearsal dinner!

{giveaway} silver daisy designs

silver daisy copy2

To show how much I heart you, I would like to offer you the chance to win a heart ring!  Hand crafted by Kate Lorden of Silver Daisy Designs, all the way in Saint John, New Brunswick!  This  super cute and comfortable Silver 'Love Story' Ring is a $35 CDN value.


 Put those internet skillz to good use and "LIKE" Silver Daisy Designs on Facebook

Then comment on this post or the Alicia Fashionista Facebook Page to indicate that you've entered.

...that's it!

Contest open to Canada and US residence only and ends July 24th, 2012 at 8:00 pm PST.  Winner will be chosen at random and contacted shortly after. Good luck!

totes ma goats

posted on: July 16, 2012


straw panama hat from h&m // thrifted white tie front blouse // grey maxi skirt and grey wedge sandals from joe fresh // striped jacket and bangles from plum // silver daisy ‘love story’ ring c/o // tote bag from violet hill


{photos by jen}

as someone who has been called mary poppins many, many times, i'm all about the casual tote bag lately.  perhaps not a winner when it comes to compartmentalizing items, the tote bag has appeal in many other areas.  like, perhaps, the fact that i can fit all of the contents of my purse into this convenient and comfortable fabric sac?   i couldn't possible leave the house without my blackberry, ipad, notebook and pen, wallet, keys, gum, lipstick, glasses, sunglasses, and dslr camera.  and those are only the essentials!  see, i told you.  mary friggin poppins.

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