Borrowed From The Boys

posted on: November 30, 2012


Blouse and Blazer Thrifted // Mustard Cardigan from Winners // 
Second Yoga Jeans c/o // Assorted Bracelets from H&M // Bow Pin 
from Madewell (gift from a friend) // Socks from My Sock Drawer (lol)
 // Loafers from boutique in Portland //Roots Bag borrowed from
 To Vogue Or Bust // Estee Lauder Nail Lacquer in Caviar



{Photos by Alex}

Not sure if it's because I've been hanging out in Gastown so often, but 
I've been crazy into menswear lately.  I adore the clean lines and simplicity
of it all.  Sometimes simple and chic is the hardest to achieve.
I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and put my own little spin on
an outfit inspired by the boys.  I could definitely get used to wearing socks
with my flats and actually keeping my feet warm! Doesn't seem like a 
look I'll be wearing often, but it sure was fun to play dress up for a day :)

{Deck Your Closet} A Holiday Shopping Event

posted on: November 29, 2012


You're invited to...

Deck Your Closet
Sunday, December 9th, 2012 @ The Four Seasons Hotel
{791 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, B.C.}

10:30 am – A VIP Shopping Experience
Tickets: $20 w/ partial proceeds going to St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation
Only 50 tickets available for this exclusive morning shop and greet.  Includes special gift bag valued at $100 and the opportunity to shop first!

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm - Have Yourself a Merry Little Lunchtime
2:30 pm – 4:00 pm - The Most Wonderful Afternoon of the Year
Tickets $10 w/ partial proceeds going to St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation

Cash only.  Items will be restocked throughout the day.  $5 all-day parking and direct skytrain access at The Four Seasons Vancouver.  Purchase your tickets HERE before they sell out!


Please join myself and Alex of To Vogue Or BustCarolina of Closet Full of NothingJen of Her Waise Choice, Jennifer of Prairie Girl In The City, Melissa of Miss Melissa, and Monika of The Doctor's Closet for an afternoon of holiday SHOPPING fun!  On Sunday, December 9th from 10:30 am to 4 pm, you have the chance to meet and purchase items from some of your favourite Vancouver fashionistas!  This unique and fun event will be taking place at luxurious Four Seasons Hotel in The Seasons Room, which is to the right at the top of the escalators (across the way from Yew Restaurant).  

Besides shopping, there will be lots of seasonal fun such as a holiday hair bar, dance-worthy tunes, a lipstick lounge, refreshments, and of course, lots of sweets and treats!  Social Experiment will also be selling her beautiful rings and even taking custom orders for all those stylish women on your gift list.  We've even got beautiful decor and day-of coordinating by Christie Leigh Events and professional moment capturing by Christie Graham Photography.  They're pretty much a super team of Christies!

It's going to be some serious seasonal fun (see that alliteration?  killer writing skillz) and I really hope to see your lovely faces there!

The Story Of A Little Blue Box

posted on: November 28, 2012


I was never that kid who hunted around for the house wanting a peek at Christmas presents before the big day.  Despite my control freak tendencies, I like the anticipation of opening and unwrapping a gift and being completely surprised!  This is why I freaked out last week while I was frantically tearing our bedroom apart in search of something to wear.  I was determined to find and borrow a men's plaid shirt to layer under a sweater.  Adam's closet had no such thing, and so, I resorted to the drawers.  I opened the bottom drawer first in some sort of twisted logic and there, staring back at me was a ball of navy blue silk fabric with orange polka dots.  I knew what it was a blouse pour moi and slammed the drawer shut.  Adam had told me that he'd gone shopping for me in London and I felt so guilty that I'd seen the purchase.  I changed my outfit plans and pretended like nothing happened.

As an admittedly bad liar, I was sure to practise my "OMG I loooove it!" reaction for the day of my birthday.  The day of, I was doing some work in my p.j.'s on the couch when Adam told me to close my eyes because it was time to open my gifts.  When I was allowed to open my eyes again, he had his arm extended out with a card.  I opened it, and closed it immediately as I was too emotional, "I'll read this later," I told him.  He then handed me part one of the gift, which was a pair of coasters.  They're an adorable his and hers set and really thoughtful, since I hate our current coasters and bash them on a daily basis.  He then reached to grab part two of the gift, which I immediately prepared myself for.  Sure enough, there were those familiar polka dots and I did my best ooh-ing and ahh-ing act.  He seemed to buy it and just when I was about to get up and go try it on, he stopped me for an unexpected third gift.  Tucked behind him, I caught a glimpse of a very distinct shade of blue.  It couldn't be...could it?

Opened Tiffany & Co. Box

I've never received anything so extravagant   I thought that the "big" gift this year was a silk blouse from England.  I mean, we'd started off with coasters, people!  That's not exactly a warm up for Tiffany's.  Adam had barely even shown me the box and I began to cry.  I was upset that he'd done something so kind, and that I was wearing pajamas.  "I would have gotten dressed first if I'd known," I told him, "It just doesn't feel right opening Tiffany & Co. in my pajamas."  It was a good 5 minutes before I even opened the box (well, I HAD to instagram a photo of the box before opening), which contained a beautiful pair of Silver Elsa Peretti Colour By The Yard earrings.   Turns out he'd purchased more than one item for me on his travels across the pond!

Silver Elsa Peretti Colour By The Yard with tsavorites 

My very first Tiffany's!

silver Elsa Peretti Colour By The Yard with tsavorites from Tiffany & Co.

Thank you so much Adam, I feel so undeserving and absolutely spoiled!

P.S. I forgot to tell you that Adam saw right through my "acting" and asked me afterwards if I'd known about any of my gifts.  I didn't even try to cover it up, had to confess that I'd accidentally seen the blouse.  He said he knew it based on my reaction.  Might have to ask Santa for some acting lessons this year...

Optical Illusions

posted on: November 27, 2012


Pleated Maxi Skirt from Club Monaco // Vero Moda Sheer Black and 
Gold Jacket // Pointed Toe Flats with Bow Detail from 
Joe Fresh // Kate Spade Bag // Necklace c/o Cinder and Sage // 
Sunglasses from Barefoot Contessa (old) // Gifted Ring from Melissa




{Photos by Melissa}

Yes, judging by these photos you might think that it's either unusually warm
 or that I have recently moved to California.  Unfortunately, neither is true.
I actually shot these a few weeks back when the winter chill hadn't quite hit
yet and I was still able to wear such seasonally inappropriate attire without
getting sever hypothermia.

I did, however, use one of the oldest tricks in the book in order to
get away with this outfit.  By simply wearing a pair of leggings underneath
the maxi skirt, I was able to keep my legs warm without being too bulky or 
uncomfortable.  Just a little layering magic trick, you're welcome ;)

{insta} November Hearts

posted on: November 26, 2012

Makeup Ferry views
besties The Pack AD
coffee lemon cupcakes
tiffany's box duck lips

November has been just lovely, and I had an amazing birthday weekend.
Thank you all for the sweet bday messages, they were all much appreciated.

Keep up with the insta-adventures @aliciafashionista

A Black Friday Birthday

posted on: November 23, 2012





Hair & Makeup by Kahlia Adams // Large Leaf Hair Piece and Necklace 
c/o Cinder and Sage // Blouse borrowed from Kahlia // Gold Sequin Skirt 
from Joe Fresh // Leopard Print Fur Coat from Plum // Dolce Vita Joust Booties



The fact that my birthday is on Black Friday is practically the definition of kismet!
It's as though all of America, as a country, is telling me that I MUST shop today.
And what better way to celebrate your 26th than with balloons, sparklers, and
finally purchasing those items that you've left in your online shopping cart
for months?  Throw a cupcake in there and it's like, omg, the best birthday evarrrr.

I don't quite know how I feel about twenty six yet.  It's not my favourite number.
Not for any particular reason, either.  It's just a little meh.  Not as fun and easygoing
as twenty five, but also not quite as serious as twenty seven.  Because for some
reason, twenty seven is that magical number when I have to really start acting
like an adult.  That's what I've decided, anyway.

Whatever the number, I am excited to celebrate with my friends and family.
I have a lot to be thankful for, such as health and happiness, and being surrounded
by so much love.  Thank you all for that xo

{Beauty} Inspiration: Cobalt Cat Eye

posted on: November 22, 2012

DSC_2318NEW copy

Featuring {left to right, top to bottom}:

The Dior eye palettes // Mac Paint in Untitled // YSL Eyeliner Effet Faux Cils Long wear cream eyeline
 in No.4 Sea Black // Jane Iredale SPF 20 Loose mineral powder in Golden Glow // Pro-Derm
 Day cream base // Micabella Mineral blush in Sierra suede // Mac loose pigment in Naked
// Laura Mercier Secret Camoflage in SC-5 // YSL Golden gloss in 20 // Guerlain Bronzing 
powder in 04 // Chanel Eclat Lumiere // Mac brushes // Dior Iconic Supreme Mascara

DSC_2300NEW2 copy

Hair & Makeup by Kahlia Adams


1. Find your part and section your hair into two
2. Fishtail braid both sides
3. Twist/position both braids into each other and onto one side
4. Bobby pin the crap out of it.
5. Finish the look with a hair gem like this Large Leaf Hair Comb c/o Cinder and Sage


Inspired by the cobalt cat eye trend seen on the Fall 2012 runways, we decided
that a special occasion called for something very beautiful and dramatic.
Starting with Mac paint eye primer (as a base for long lasting eye makeup), Kahlia
 then mixed different blue hues from the Dior eye palettes.  Adding the 24 hour-wear YSL
 eyeliner and Dior Mascara, we went for a natural glow on the rest of the face.
Lips were also kept neutral in order to keep the focus on the eyes.

For more beauty inspiration, follow Kahlia on Twitter and Facebook.

FASHION Style Panel: Winter Hats

posted on: November 21, 2012

Alicia Fashionista FASHION Challenge28


Blazer and Shorts from Aritzia // T-shirt from The Gap // Hat from Front and Company // Scarf from Forever 21 // Dolce Vita Joust Boots // Bag from Urban Outfitters // Bracelets from H&M 



I’m very thankful for the mild winters we get here in Vancouver. And though 
we’re able to avoid a ton of snow, we definitely endure a ton of cold, 
soggy days instead. My favourite defence against the West Coast winter 
elements is a large brimmed felt hat. It manages to keep my head warm, 
as well as protect my hair from the rain. An oversized winter hat is 
basically the perfect compromise between practical and trendy. 
In order to keep warm, I also pair it with essential winter accessories 
like a big scarf, gloves, and boots.

What's your favourite way to keep your head warm in the winter?

{Save The Date} Deck Your Closet hosted by The Style Common

posted on: November 20, 2012

The Style Common

The Style Common is coming soon to a computer screen near you!

A project started by Jen T., Alexandra, Jennifer P., and myself, The Style Common
came about unexpectedly.  While enjoying one of our usual blogger coffee dates
(we're always well caffeinated), we found ourselves lost in discussion over the
current state of fashion blogging and what future goals we all had for our blogs/careers.
This led to one of those brilliant ideas that has turned into a labour of love and
new adventure that we've secretly been working away at for months.

Though we're not revealing too much yet (our official launch is next week,
so stay tuned), we are kicking things off with a fun Holiday event!

Please see the save the date below and be sure to, well, save the date!  Would
absolutely LOVE to have you all there at The Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver
on Sunday, December 9th!  It's going to be quite the luxurious afternoon of
shopping, treats, and holiday inspiration.  Sound like fun?  Tickets will be
for sale at the end of the week.

Deck Your Closet SAVE THE DATE

{Photo by Paul Milaire and Roderick Fung}

For now, be sure to keep up with all the latest Style Common news here:

Tweet @TheStyleCommon // LIKE us on // Instagram jam us @thestylecommon // Pinteresting things happening /TheStyleCommon

Alicia Fashionista x The Man Repeller x Secret Location

posted on: November 19, 2012


Sparkly Jacket from Aritzia // Ruffle Front Blouse and High Waisted Trousers from Next {UK} // Bag from Urban Outfitters // Pumps from Winners // Assorted Jewellery from H&M




{Photos by Jen and Melissa}

Standing in Secret Location, the coolest retail/restaurant concept store in
 Vancouver, I was able to catch a glimpse of THE Man Repeller herself.   
Waiting in line to meet her, I contemplated what I'd say to Leandra, the loveable blog 
celebrity from NYC.  Surrounded by some of this city's most fashionable, I 
was sure they'd already asked all the great questions.  And I kicked myself 
for never taking any journalism courses, as interview skills
 would sure come in handy at moments like these. I decided that I'd meet The Man 
Repeller with no plan at all, except to just be my weird self.  And so, that's what I did.  I'm
 not even sure what exactly was said, but we did a bit, complete with impressions and
 funny voices, had a good laugh, and then took a few photos.

Leandra was exactly how I thought she'd be and even sweeter.  I'm so glad

she came to Vancouver and that I had the honour of meeting her.  Thanks so much
to my dates for the evening Miss Melissa and Style Without Bordersto Secret Location
 for having such a great event, and to The Man Repeller for laughing at my jokes!

{Beauty} How-To: Oxblood Lipstick with Kahlia Adams

posted on: November 16, 2012

FULL oxblood2 copy

I recently sat down with Vancouver Makeup Artist Kahlia Adams to find out how
to wear one of this season's hottest beauty trends: the oxblood lip.


Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil in Cruella $30 at Sephora

NYX Jumbo lip pencil in 709 Deep Red $5.99 at London Drugs
*this is the lip pencil used in the above photos


1.  Make sure to prep your lips by exfoliating before hand.  
You can do this by using a scrub or by gently using a toothbrush.
 2.  To ensure the lip colour stays on a long as possible, apply a primer.
Mac makes one specifically for lips.
 3.  Buff concealer over entire lip to to create a neutral canvas for t
he colour to adhere to.
*Feeling like an expert?  Give your lips more of a "pout" by applying a highlight to the cupids bow.
 4.  If you're confident, skip the lip liner, but if you
need a guideline outline your lips with a burgundy pencil.
5. Start in the centre of the lip and fill lip colour in to the outer corners.
6. To ensure the colour lasts, apply a small amount of invisible powder 
with a flat brush until the lip looks totally matte.  This look is suitable 
for day or night.
7.  For a little evening glam, apply a clear gloss to the middle of the lower lip.

{Tips From the Pro}

Avoid getting lipstick all over your teeth, Miss Geist styles, with this little trick:  
After the lip colour is applied, close your lips around your 
index finger and pull it out.  This will remove any excess lipstick
 and (hopefully) prevent any embarrassing situations.

We suggest keeping the rest of your makeup simple.  Clean skin with a bit 
of bronzer on the cheeks and eyes, winged eyeliner and mascara.

Have any questions or suggestions for future makeup tutorials?
Leave a comment below, or ask Kahlia yourself on Twitter or Facebook!


posted on: November 15, 2012


Houndstooth Booties from Army and Navy // Skirt from Archetype on Main Street // Necklace from Plum {old} // Make-Up by Kahlia Adams MUA // Rino the Frenchie...borrowed :)

pup copy



For years now, Adam and I have really wanted to get a French Bulldog.
We sometimes pretend that we already own one.  In case you were wondering,
his name is Charles Pony.  Yes,  you could say that we have an imaginary dog, 
and this is sadly only a glimpse into the weirdness that is our relationship.  
Anyway, we've put off the puppy purchases for now.  
We are at peace with the fact  that we both don't have the
 time or energy to take on such a responsibility.  I mean, I barely keep myself 
alive on a day to day basis, can't imagine also trying to take care of a puppy.
That, and Adam recently found out that he's technically allergic to dogs.  So, if
we end up breaking up in the near future, you'll know why :P

On a completely un-related note, I picked out these cute houndstooth booties
on a spontaneous lunchtime Army and Navy shopping trip.  Marked
at $49, I almost fell over out of shock when the cashier read my total
as $11.  Somehow it wasn't indicated that these boots cost less than a movie
at the theatres.  Don't you just LOVE those moments?  It's a rarity, but
it's like winning the lottery.

Stay tuned for an awesome make-up tutorial tomorrow,
as part of a NEW weekly beauty feature.

In The Loop

posted on: November 14, 2012

Closet Confessions: Alicia QuanCloset Confessions: Alicia Quan

Take a glimpse into my world!  I had fellow blogger Randa of The-Unprecedented and
 amazing photographer Kaoverii over to my house so I could confess all my fashion sins.
  Check it out, The-Unprecedented's Closet Confessions: Alicia Quan.

I'm on the hunt for an intern!  Sound enticing?  Read my fashion internship posting and
 apply to SUBJECT: Internship if you're interested.

Wearing out the repeat button with Grimes as always, but today I'm all about Obvlivion.

Not only does the latest issue of Framework Magazine have me in the Holiday spirit, but it 

also contains an exciting first for me.  On Pages 50-57, I was able to showcase my 
photography skills and shoot the Fashion 101: The Modern Girl's Guide to Holiday 
Dressing feature.  Worked with an amazing team, you'll recognize model Alex of 
To Vogue Or Bust, and stylist Jen of Prairie Girl In The City.  Give the entire issue a read,
 I promise you'll be in love with every single page!

{Style Inspiration} J.Crew Holiday

posted on: November 13, 2012

JCrew Holiday Inspiration2 copy

For years now, one of my favourite sources of style inspiration has been the J.Crew
 catalogues.  Their outfit styling always has me swooning, as they somehow convey
simple, relatable looks that are innovative and on-trend.  Not only am I left wanting
everything from their collection, but I also end up feeling motivated to re-create some
of the looks from existing pieces in my closet.

I am especially loving the J.Crew "Looks We Love: Holiday Style" piece.  
It features their must-copy outfits of the season from fashion director and head stylist,
 Gayle.  And, based on these outfits, I have a major 
girl crush on Gayle and wish she could come sort through my closet and share some
 styling tips.  Yup, it's decided.  Gayle and I should be best friends.

Liking these featured looks?
Be sure to check out the entire lookbook here.

All images in this post belong to J.Crew.

Cool Factor

posted on: November 12, 2012


chambray shirt thrifted // fur vest from Modcloth (old) // Mavi Serena denim leggings // boots from DSW // military tote from xo bella // sunglasses from Barefoot Contessa // Alden Rae wrap bracelet c/o // grande non-fat, half sweet vanilla latte from Starbucks ;)



{Photos by Melissa}

Even though I'd sworn off lattes for a few months forever and ever, the Starbucks
 marketing team got me once again and I indulged in my first red cup drink of the season.
  My order couldn't just be a drip coffee either, it HAD to be a fancy calorie filled vanilla
 latte.  And, of course, it was heavenly.

We're finally feeling that winter chill and what better way to celebrate than being 
inappropriately dressed for such low temperatures?  I left the winter coat at home and 
opted for a cute fur vest instead, which may or may not have been a poor life choice. 
 Sure, my arms were cold, but that's nothing a hot Starbucks drink couldn't fix, right?!

AddThis Smart Layers