posted on: February 5, 2013


Love Sweater from TopShop // Purple Coat from Winners // Black Trousers from Anthropologie Leopard Print Tote from The Gap // Dolce Vita 'Joust' Booties



This outfit is soooo 2008 Alicia and I'm very okay with it.  Takes me on a little time travel back to my early 20's *shivers at the thought of how long ago that was now* when I did fun things like wear giant purple coats and go out partying.  It's funny how in only a few years, the idea of a night out has vastly changed from pre-drinks and clubbing, to dinner and a lounge.  All we need now is the evolution into dinner parties and winos and we're totally set.

I've been a little behind this week and for that, I do not apologize.  I will instead pass the blame (for absolutely no good reason) onto the fact that I injured myself on Saturday.  The tale, goes like this:  I was doing warm up with one of my jazz classes and at the end of our stretching, we all work on our splits.  The girls get gold stars for achieving their splits and so we work each week on building their flexibility.   Joining in the fun, I slid into my left splits to "oohs and ahhs" from students about how great I was at them.  "I know, right?" I boasted back, when suddenly SNAP!  Something in the back of my left thigh made the most chill-inducing snapping sound and feel as I carefully tried to move my legs back together in the most nonchalant way possible.  I continued our stretches as normal, both as a way to pretend like nothing really happened, and out of fear that I may not be able to stand up.  I was able to get up though and things seemed okay though and I did my best to remain calm for the rest of my day teaching.  Once I left dance, however, I gave my friend Rob a call (okay, I called my mom and then I called Rob) because he's a physio.  He absolutely came to my rescue and gave me an emergency physiotherapy appointment.  As far as we can tell, things seem relatively okay and it's most likely my hamstring muscle fibres that snapped (TMI?  Sorry about that) so I've been hobbling through life, icing my leg and punished to 2 whole weeks without exercise.  Oh, the joys of a hamstring injury.  No heels for me for a while.  Tried to wear them yesterday and it was a major no-go.  Sounds like it's time for a "how to rock flats for a week" kind of post ;)


  1. So chic. And I love how you styled your hair.

  2. Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry to hear about your hamstring. Tore mine in high school and I know that hurts! Feel better soon!

  3. Dance injuries = worst. Hope your leg feels better soon! In other news, that coat is fabulous! I doubt the Winners in Charlottetown will have one, but I'm so up for taking a look (unless, unfortunately for me, it's an old one?)

  4. Ouch that sounds horrible! But I'm glad you have a positive outlook! Love love love your coat~

    The Occasional Indulgence

  5. While you're shivering over the thought of your early 20's, I'm shivering over the idea of a hamstring muscle snapping! UGH! You poor thing! Hope you heal quickly, m'dear! I am loving this big purple coat, it's such a great burst of color for winter days!

  6. Oh my goodness, you poor thing - I hope you feel better soon!
    This coat is fabulous! The colour looks great on you.

    Kate xo

  7. Gah! How did your dance injury not come up in our conversation yesterday? There is nothing worse than hamstring problems, I've had so many over the years, so I feel your - literal! - pain. Speaking of our call yesterday, it occurred to me that we got so distracted we barely even talked about your trip. We must set up another skype date soon and stay focused on Paris :)

  8. eyepopping coat: brilliant!

  9. I absolutely love that purple coat! The color is perfect!

  10. Perfect boots!
    Hope you feel better soon.. sounds painful! :/

    xo Jennifer

  11. What an awesome outfit. I'd love a purple coat like that! It'd totally brighten up any outfit! Lovely lovely lovely.

  12. that is one amazing purple jacket! we'll take two :)
    sorry about you leg . . . but if anyone can rock flats it's you!!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  13. HAHA love that you blogged about this :) Feel better soon hun! I will stretch with the girls tomorrow for you ;) You can take a well deserved break to heal!


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