{travel diary} A day in Paris

posted on: August 28, 2013

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Our final day in Paris also happened to be the first day of their summer sale season.  Kismet?  I sure thought so!  Cee took us to Cafe St. Regis for breakfast and then we continued on into Le Marais for lots and lots of shopping!  We both ended up with goodies from Maje and even had a celebrity sighting when Liya Kebede walked past us and smiled (and she was in sweats and still looked absolutely stunning - ugh).  After a visit to the gorgeous Musee Carnavalet, Adam and I freshened up and made our way to Montmartre.  We walked the many stairs to see Sacré Cœur in all its glory and then had a positively delicious meal at L'Afghani.  It was a perfect last day in the city of love.

I know I've been taking my time with these vacation posts, but it's so lovely to relive our travels months later.  Paris was such a dream come true, so glad we got to visit.  Up next is the South of France!


  1. Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful city! :) So fun to relive travels, I agree!

  2. http://www.flickr.com/photos/50269505@N06/9614991931/

    Such an Alicia face. Love it.

  3. Still so jealous of this wonderful adventure! Gorgeous photos!
    <3 Kastles

  4. beautiful pictures! I madly love zour jeans shirt! <3


  5. Lovely pictures! I hope to visit paris one day!

    XO Nicole @ beautykissxo

  6. exquisite photos m'dear. hoping to see more from you!



  7. These pictures are so beautiful. Lucky you, I've always wanted to go to Paris. You actually saw Liya Kebede? So cool. xx

  8. Ah... Montmartre is my favourite part of Paris. Call me odd, but I don't understand the fuss about shopping in Paris, neither why is it called a town of love, but I guess it's just me.
    It's a lovely multicultural place though: full of great architecture, artifacts and art. And Montmartre has the best of the views! An restaurants :)

  9. These photos are lovely, but there's something about the last picture! The photographer did a great job, although shooting is easy with a subject like you.

  10. I adored Paris but I really love how you captured it. I think I'm going to change what I decide to photograph from now on. I think it's more about quality than quantity.


  11. Beautiful photos as always! Can't wait to see what's in that Maje shopping bag.

  12. I'm so behind on my travel posts as well.. or blogging for that matter haha! Always enjoy reading yours though, Alicia! Lovely pictures. Paris is def on my top destinations.. and I cannot wait to visit someday!! Looks like you had a wonderful time :)

  13. It really is a magical city and Oh so jealous of you. This one looks amazing.Gorgeous photos. I hope you had an amazing time!

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