{Travel Diary} Antibes at Sunset

posted on: September 19, 2013

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Almost as much as I'd always fantasized about one day visiting Paris, I felt just as strongly about seeing the South of France.  We agonized for months about where along the coast we'd go, which feels completely overwhelming when you've never been to a place before.  You do everything you can not to make "the wrong" decision.  We're so thankful to all of you for your suggestions, they definitely helped guide us to what ended up being best for us: Antibes, France.

We splurged for first class train tickets for the 5 hour ride from Paris to Antibes via Merseille.  Money well spent I tell ya!  The only thing we hadn't factored in, was that the food on the train was mediocre at best and so on the way back we'd loaded up on fresh pastries and sandwiches instead.  But hey, you live and you learn!  As soon as that coastline was in view, we knew we'd arrived in paradise.  For the same price as a small room several blocks away from the beach in Nice (which we were seconds away from booking at one point) we got top floor at a waterfront hotel in Antibes.  Their sandy beaches and rustic buildings were exactly what I'd always envisioned in the South of France.  It honestly couldn't have worked out any better.

Once we got settled, we went out for a walk at magic hour and then back to the room to quickly change for a patio dinner.  Even though it was a simple first day there, it was so special in its own way.  Looking at these pictures, I wish I could transport us back there, even if it were just for an evening like this.


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  2. Very beautiful photos! :)


  3. The south of France is SO magical! I'm glad you had a wonderful time!

    Xo, Hannah


  4. Absolutely amazing shots, what a gorgeous place to visit!! And that food looks amazing. Definitely adding this place to my bucket list


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