Ballerinas Can't Play Basketball

posted on: December 12, 2013


The Details //
Blouse, Jigsaw London c/o
Jacket, Aritzia
Skirt, H&M (old)
Bow Flats, Joe Fresh
Bag, Urban Outfitters


Brace yourself, for I have a pretty shocking personal fact to share with you all right now.  I am, quite possibly, the world's worst athlete.  It was eighth grade that I learned this about myself.  Are you kind of impressed that I was so wildly self aware and at such a young age?  In 1999, I was in every extra curricular activity at school.  I wrote for the newspaper, on the yearbook committee, played volleyball, did gymnastics, got a sweet role in our school musical (Boots in our rendition of Newsies. Also, Christian Bale in the nineties, so dreamy), and even somehow became part of some "advanced" science team.  Which, looking back is all very confusing because in no way did I excel at science.  Anyway, since being on the C team in volleyball (they couldn't cut anyone in middle school, so they conveniently created an extra team of really bad volleyball players who often weren't able to attend tournaments) and never doing well in gymnastics thanks to my extreme fear of jumping over the vault and lack of arm strength to actually hold myself up on the bars weren't enough of an indication that I was no athlete, I decided to join the basketball team that spring.  I attended one practice, where we learned how to pivot, and then my family embarked on a delightful two week long Florida vacation.  Upon my return, the rest of the team had been practicing for weeks, and I arrived just in time for our first game.  I remember sitting on the bench, looking around and thinking, "Oh my God, I don't know how to play basketball?"   Not really sure how I survived the entire game.  I think I blacked out, like Will Ferrell in Old School, and just got through it, like you sometimes have to do in life.  Quit the team the next morning.

This was all just a long-winded way to tell you that I was always far more successful within the creative arts.  I was a dancer, pianist (you guys, I AM half Chinese), and as I mentioned above, a writer.  I loved the ballet, and music, and that is how we're going to segue into how I wore this outfit to Ballet BC's presentation of Fumbling Towards Ecstasy.  A ballet choreographed and performed entirely to music by Sarah McLachlan.  The show was just as magical as it sounds.  I still think of their piece to Sarah's live performance of, Ice Cream, and get goosebumps.  I brought my mom and we had so much fun dressing up and making our way to the Queen E Theatre.  People watching at the ballet is among some of the best, plus we were just a few seats away from Sarah McLachlan herself! If you're looking for a fun night out, I highly recommend a Ballet BC show.  Their next one is The Nutcracker, and you can buy tickets here.  For now, I must go jeté and pirouette around our living room.

*When I say that 'ballerinas can't play basketball' I really just mean me.  Especially because the dancers
we saw in Fumbling Towards Ecstasy are most definitely amazing athletes!


  1. I love your outfit, it's so classy and elegant. That's funny that you think you're a terrible athlete because I consider dancers so athletic! All the dancers I know are incredible athletes.

    1. Thanks so much, Megan! Yes, I do know what you mean. Those dancers at FTE were unbelievably athletic. I guess I mean that I'm not a great team sports athlete, mostly due to lack of experience. Happy Friday, lovely xo

  2. Loved your little story! I liked soccer as a youngin, but I was partial to the arts as well ;)

    Great look - loving the ruffles in the blouse!

    Bold Subtlety

  3. Your school was nice! I tried out for volleyball and was so bad I wasn't even allowed to be the water girl! :P

    xoxo, The Occasional Indulgence

    1. HAHAHA that is so amazing, Naomi. Glad I wasn't the only one who wasn't a volleyball star ;)


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