Don't Get Mad, Get Plaid

posted on: December 19, 2013


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Plaid Blazer, ModCloth / similar
Tank, 8th and Main
Trousers, Zara
Necklaces, Olivia Solie
Leopard Booties, WINNERS / on sale here
Belt, LOFT / similar
Bag, Urban Outfitters


I used to LOVE sick days.  It meant no school, no "responsibilities" and an excuse to treat my younger brother like a servant and demand necessities like water, and extra blankets.  I remember if I woke up and felt even the faintest signs of a cold, I'd heat myself up as much as possible and demand that my mom took my temperature to see if I happened to actually be sick.  Plus, bonus if it meant you got that banana medicine, remember that glorious creation?

Anyway, being sick as an adult is the complete opposite.  A sick day (or three, in my case) is a total inconvenience that puts you behind in all aspects of life.  I woke up Monday morning with the flu (THE FLU!!!) out of absolutely nowhere!  Hit me like a ton of bricks and I've been suffering for three days just trying to fight through the headache and fever.  I know I have a flare for drama, but pretty sure the flu is among the worst.  I couldn't do anything other than sleep.  I couldn't even watch Gossip Girl on Netflix.  I couldn't eat anything, not even ONE cracker.  It was hell.

Today is my first day feeling human again and I plan to spend it wisely.  I'm going to try to have a cup of coffee because Tassimo is calling my name.  I'm going to wash my hair (go me!), and I'm going to get caught up on work and emails.  I still might need to go for a nap in the middle of it, but I have a feeling that today is going to be a really good day :)


  1. I caught a cold too, so happy to hear you feel better (in my case I still feel pretty bad)! Love so much your outfit especially the combo of plaid blazer and leopard shoes so chic and effortless!

    OceanWind Blog

  2. Aw, hope you are feeling better soon Alicia!

  3. Getting the flu shot is totally worth it. I've had the flu once in my life, and it sucked. Flu shot every year since and I've never had the flu again.

  4. LOVE the plaid and leopard print mixing! Super cute hun!

    xo Jennifer

  5. I think I need that bag! Love it.

  6. This outfit is everything!! I'm also loving the cheeky title ;)... hope you feel better soon xx

  7. Ah, the flu is definitely the worst. Well the flu... or stomach flu/food poisoning anyway. Those are all tied for the worst. Hope you feel better soon! Love that plaid blazer :)

    xo, alison*elle

  8. Love the blogpost title! lol. There you go with your animal print as a neutral lol.

    Maggie A

  9. The flu??!? That's brutal and I hope you are finally recovered! This outfit looks amazing!

  10. That jacket is so nice! Your style is amazing!


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