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posted on: December 27, 2013

Top Shop Sequins and Jumpsuit

The Details //
Jumpsuit, Topshop
Sequin Jacket, Topshop / similar
Leopard Booties, WINNERS /similar
Ruffle Clutch, Plum / similar
Necklace, Olivia Solie
Stackable Ring, Handmade by a friend
TopShop Sequins and Jumpsuit Sequins Top Shop Sequin Jacket TopShop Sequin Jacket and Jumpsuit

Though I do often enjoying going shopping on Christmas Eve just for fun, this year I had to brave the stores with purpose.  I had a total of zero gifts for Adam, with only hours to rectify this.  Being knocked out for a week before Christmas really is an inconvenience, people!  I hit TopShop first thinking that I could probably find some goodies there, only to be deterred by the biggest distraction of all!  They were having their Boxing Day sales on Christmas Eve - 50% off racks and racks of beautiful pieces.  In fact, the very first thing staring back at me as I rode the escalator down to the store was this leopard sweater that I'd been coveting ever since I saw Sincerely Jules rocking it a few months ago.  Still had one in my size, and let's just say that things went downhill from there for me.  Grabbed three other items for myself including the above sequin jacket (I'm so very glad that daytime sequins are a thing right now).  Things weren't all bad though.  I found some really awesome gifts for Adam AND I didn't feel the need to do any Boxing Day shopping since I'd already found such great deals on the 24th.  Maybe this is a shopping strategy for next year as well?!

Hope you all had the most amazing Christmas and Boxing Day!


  1. This would make a fab NYE outfit if you do not have one yet! Cute!

    xo Jennifer


  2. Very cool leopard print booties and your hair looks fabulous as usual :) Merry belated Christmas!

  3. You are such a beautiful lady Alicia. I love this jumpsuit on you!
    I can't imagine how crazy the mall must have ben on Christmas eve. Thank goodness you found your gifts! xo

  4. I totally agree, shopping right before Christmas can be stressful but the deals are amazing! How can you not get anything for yourself. Beats boxing day shopping, that's for sure.
    Hope you had an amazing Christmas, and congratulations on your engagement!

    xo, Amanda

  5. This sequin jacket is stunning, great piece to bring some sparkle into everyday life!!!
    You made me regret not stepping by TopShop on Boxing day!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

    OceanWind Blog

  6. Happy New Year! Sending positive vibes your way. Love this jacket!
    And seriously, sometimes you shouldn't pass up deals!
    xoxo Debby

  7. That sequin jacket is phenomenal!! SO much love.


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