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posted on: January 23, 2014


The Details //
Green Blouse, Top Shop / similar
Blazer with Contrast Trim, Joe Fresh / similar
Printed Silk Trousers, Aritzia / similar
Collins Enamel Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters
Bag, 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target / similar
Statement Necklace, Plum / similar
Black Pumps, WINNERS / similar
Blush Bangle, J.Crew / similar
Silver Bracelet, J.Crew / similar


I'm working once a week at a client's office and let me tell you, it is actually a welcomed change.  After being at home for over 2 years, I'm all about getting out of the apartment and spending the day with some of my favourite gals.  It has everything there.  Daylight, pink walls, and wifi that doesn't cut out (it's 2014 people, how is it that Shaw can't even get us functioning home wifi?!).  The best part though?  I get to dress up in fun little office outfits again and really look the part!  I used to do this every once in a while anyway, but it's great having a real excuse and a fitting destination to go with my attire!


  1. Um.. Can we please discuss this amazing outfit and how gorgeous you are!?

  2. I've always entertained the idea of working from home, but I know I'd miss actual daily interaction with people and the "getting ready to work" aspect. Glad to hear you're able to be out and about, even though it's just one day a week.

    Looking fabulous as always, Alicia! I love those trousers on you. I want to steal them!

    xx Love & Aloha

  3. Oh what a great combo! Looks so chic and fun too, great for a work day!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  4. You are always so lovely hun! Your hair is look so beautiful here!

    xo Jennifer

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  6. This outfit is on another level! It's so chic and creative, I love it!


  7. Great outfit, it looks chic but also really comfy.

  8. Your hair, Alicia! Your hair! It's perfect. Makes me miss my long hair.

  9. I love this outfit and especially the jewelry!!!

  10. I love the green blouse with your necklace!

    xoxo, The Occasional Indulgence


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