Shop Talk: 4 Business Apps To Love

posted on: January 8, 2014


The amount of time I spend with that magical iPhone glow on my face is probably astonishing.  If only it also emitted UV rays, then we'd really be set!  Having to balance my freelance work between the iPhone, iPad, and laptop can prove to be a challenge, which is why I'm always searching for the best organizational apps out there.  Especially when said apps can simplify tasks, because let's face it - we're a lazy bunch!  Alas, here are some of the business related apps that I use for Capital Q Creative on the daily.

1. Weekly Calendar $1.99
A notification for an iOS update causes us all so much anxiety.  These feelings of dread are only justified when, say, the iOS 7.0.4 version includes a calendar "makeover".  I mean, I love polka dots and all, but I just can't visualize my days knowing I have something booked on that day, indicated by only a grey dot.  That being said, there's hope.  A friend of mine kindly gave me the heads up about Weekly Cal.  It's visually appealing for those of us who'd rather stay organized in a written agenda book anyway.  I love its use of colour coding and that it simply syncs my iPhone calendar plans.  You should probably give it a try!

2. Right Inbox FREE
I came up with this really cool idea the other day.  It was too have an app for email where you could program when you'd like to send messages to people.  This would especially come in handy when I decide to start tackling emails at midnight.  Turns out, as most things do, that this already exists!  Right Inbox was an app that I downloaded onto my PC, not sure if they're compatible with smartphones yet, but I am loooving it so far!

3. Pulse FREE
I'm always searching the internet for great articles to post to social.  Pulse makes things easy, by letting you sort news sources into categories and add your own favourite sites.  I always feel far more productive scrolling Pulse than I do any other app!

4. Fresh Books FREE-ish
I'm so bad with invoicing.  I don't even know why, it's just this tedious task that haunts me at the end of every month and completed project.   You'd think I never want to get paid!  In an attempt to get over this fear of invoicing, I'm giving Fresh Books a try.  They do what they can to make invoicing as quick and painless as possible, and for that, I applaud them.

Do you have any favourite business/organization apps?


  1. WEEKLY CAL! I'm so happy you love it. It's my favourite. I'm going to take a look at Pulse! xo


  2. this is awesome, alicia! i just signed up for freshbooks thanks to you! you're awesome.

    1. Ahhh, I'm SO happy this post helped you in any way! Enjoy FreshBooks, love xo

  3. Can't live without Genius Scan for turning iPhone photos of receipts etc. into scans (you can fax from the app, too - magic). I also use Square Register to process CC's, Dropbox (great for getting pics on the computer onto the phone for Instagram) and Moldiv to make phone pics better.

    Great post idea! :)

    1. I was just looking into Genius Scan and wondering how it was! Thanks for the great recommendations, Claire xo

  4. I am interested in checking out the calendar app! Thanks for the tips :)

    xo Jennifer

  5. The iOS7 calendar proves there's such a thing as being TOO minimalist when it comes to a user interface.


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