posted on: March 31, 2014


Ohhh, the #RobsonLife.  Is there ANY better way to live?  We began a day of Robson Street shopping with cupcakes, because that's basically a requirement.  Once we'd filled our cupcake quota for the day, we set off to pop into some of our favourite stores.  Think Zara, Club Monaco, P L E N + Y, Aritzia, J.Crew, Joe Fresh, ALDO, CB2 etc. I mean the list goes on!  We browsed, we tried on, we conquered.  I seriously can't wait to show you what kind of credit card damage we managed to achieve.  It's always extra dangerous when you're shopping with girlfriends, isn't it?  Especially when it's with fellow bloggers To Vogue Or Bust, Her Waise Choice, and Miss Melissa - always such a bad influence ;) 

RobsonLife11 RobsonLife10 RobsonLife08 RobsonLife06

All Photography by the mighty talented Viranlly

We capped things off at Abode and caught up some more over tea and lattes.  It was such a great day that went on even longer than we'd expected (I'm just glad I brought flats with me! The struggle is real, you guys).  Robson Street has always been one of my favourite shopping destinations and I'm so glad we were able to make an afternoon of documenting that.  AND the fun doesn't even stop here.  Stay tuned to see the #RobsonLife purchases we made and for the chance to win some goodies for yourself as well!


  1. Love CB2! It's one of my fav spots on Robson, obviously along with Aritzia, Club, and Little Burgandy. There's some cool korean bbq restaurants further down that I love too :)

  2. You girls are so gorgeous! Looks like you had tons of fun! xo


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