Trend Report // Coachella Style

posted on: April 4, 2014

These images are not my own. Sourced from here.

In just one week, your instagram feed is about to be flooded with cutoff denim shorts, floral crowns, offensively large brimmed hats, and a wide variety of kimonos.  Coachella 2014 kicks off next Friday, April 11th in Indio, California.  I'm missing the first day because of my bff/ex-roomie Melface's wedding but am on a direct flight first thing Saturday morning and will basically go straight to the festival.  I apologize in advance for any FOMO you may experience.  I'll be going through the same thing the week after.

I've obviously been stressing over what to pack for months.  I think I have one of my two Coachella outfits picked out, but just can't decide on the second.  I think a shopping spree is in order this weekend, so that I can look as effortlessly cool as some of the ladies pictured above (spoiler alert, that'll never happen).  Can't even wait, the countdown to Coachella is ON!


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