Those Weekend Vibes

posted on: May 26, 2014


The Details //
Blouse, Pants, and Jacket, P L E N + Y c/o
Hat, Forever 21 / similar
Booties, Zara / similar
Tote Bag, Michael by Michael Kors / similar
Assorted Bracelets, Olivia Solie c/o

aliciafashionista_springlayers03 aliciafashionista_springlayers04 aliciafashionista_springlayers02

Spring layering is always a bit trickier.  You can go from shivering to overheated in minutes.  On cooler days, my go-to is just exactly this.  A cute pair of booties with thin denim, a tank, and a jacket of some kind.  That way, if the sun decides to come out, it's easy enough to shed the jacket and get those arms a bit of vitamin d.  I also swamp out the boots for slip on shoes sometimes, just depends on whether we've had rain or not.  It's also fun to throw in a bright bag, especially when you end up with such a dark colour palette.  But, hopefully we get another heatwave soon and I can forget about layering all together!

The Whole Life Challenge is still going strong.  Exercise is always my struggle, so I'm thinking about joining a Barre class or something so that I can remain accountable and get into some more active habits.  I've kept the clean eating up though, which has been over 3 weeks now and I still feel a world of difference.  To be honest, I don't know if I'll be able to go back to my old ways.  Except chocolate.  I'll never leave you again, chocolate - we're meant to be together!  Anyway, in my search a healthy 'fast food' option last week, I discovered the glory that is Whole Foods.  I'd been in before with a friend, but hadn't done any shopping and healthy eating was a distant dream at the time.  Needless to say, I hit their salad bar hard and even found bouquets of peonies for just $10.  Plus, the woman at the checkout voted me the most fashionable of the day.  Oh yes, that Whole Foods sure knows how to win a gal over!


  1. Great look Alicia! Loving the booties! I wish we had a Whole Foods around here - I'm getting so bored with the selection at our grocery stores!

    Bold Subtlety

  2. You should seriously download the Nike Training App. It's free and it has LOADS of at home work outs you can do. No gym membership required. You can even make your own four week program depending on your goals. I'm on week 4 and can already see a change in my body and have been feeling motivated because of it. I'm not sponsored or anything for this app, but I highly suggest it if you find exercise a toughie to commit to.

    Anyway, great outfit. You like awesome as always.

  3. Loved how you look! As usual gorgeous!

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  6. Great outfit! I really love the color of your bag!


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