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posted on: July 17, 2014

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Sometimes when I'm not feeling very creative, I rifle through the archives for hints of inspiration.  I realized in my most recent search, that these photos from our last night in Antibes somehow went unpublished.  My hair was a lot shorter (and of course looking at these, I want to chop it off again right now - always happens that way) and my worries were a lot less.  It was July first, so my white and red was a nod to the true north strong and free.  We were bronzed from our day at the beach and buzzed from our pre-dinner cocktails. The sunset was the most perfect swirl of cotton candy pastels and I was in a fit of giggles (you should see the outtakes for this one lol).  This exact juncture didn't feel so significant at the time, but just breathing in the memory, it was such an innocently happy moment.  Makes me want to hop on a plane and jet off to the south of France riiiiight meow.


  1. You look osom!!! Those red shorts look so amazing on you, I'm even jealous!

  2. Gorgeous then and now.. Great top!

  3. I love this look. And the setting is so beautiful. It's so great looking back over memories and finding these gems:)

  4. I love everything about this post! You look amazing and the background is stunning!!


  5. Cool shorts! :)

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