Four Eyes

posted on: August 13, 2014

Balenciaga 0118 Black/Grey


Derek Cardigan 7023 Olive / similar

I remember the day it became apparent that I needed glasses.  It wasn't gradual at all, it was a distinct moment in time.  It was during a typically boring math class, when all of a sudden, I just couldn't see what our teacher was writing on the projector.  Which certainly was strange, because I'm sure I had seen it all other days.  But not on this particular afternoon.  Instead, I found myself copying notes from the girl beside me and was ushered to the optometrist asap.  My prescriptions was (and still is) very low to help with distance.  For this reason, and the fact that I HATE touching my eye, I've never felt the need for contacts.

Though, as time goes on, I'm needing my glasses a lot more than I ever did back when I got my first pair in 10th grade (although that first pair was eaten by our golden retriever, which is a whole other story).  I can't watch tv or a movie in the theaters without them.  Driving at night would literally be impossible, and I can't navigate my way around bars/clubs/dark parties sans specs.  And yet, despite needing them so often in recent years, I'd never considered buying glasses for fashionable purposes.

Thankfully, this all changed earlier this year when I opted for three new pairs of Clearly Contacts glasses.  Now, I can change my specs depending on my outfit or my mood.  It has opened up an entire new world for me.  Wearing prescription glasses as an accessory is amazing, and I'm so thankful that Clearly Contacts makes that possible with their affordable price points.  

For those friends of mine always asking about the styles I wear, I'm happy to provide those above.  It's from a little while ago, but you can also head over to Clearly Contacts and check out my curated collection!


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