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OSHEAGA Style {Bold}

August 8, 2013
The Details //
RACHEL Rachel Roy Tank, Hudson’s Bay c/o
RACHEL Rachel Roy Printed Harem Pants, Hudson’s Bay c/o
RACHEL Rachel Roy Cross Body Bag, Hudson’s Bay c/o
Sunglasses, Zara
Necklace, J.Crew c/o
Rings, Pandora
Beaded Sandals, DSW
I wasn’t as excited about the music lineup on day two of OSHEAGA, but I sure was pumped about my outfit!  My goal is usually to stand out slightly, but this look obviously shouts and screams for people to notice.   I stood out a mile among thousand of people in that same bohemian festival style.  Plus, I was doing the hammertime dance/my best Bieber impression all day.  That might have earned some attention as well 😉 
Jimmy Eat World – Stars – Tegan and Sara – Imagine Dragons – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
I arrived just in time to catch the last half of Jimmy Eat World’s show, which obviously my teenage self was l-o-v-i-n-g!  Don’t know them well, but Stars was on in the background while I scoped out festival streetstyle and fulfilled my RACHEL Rachel Roy fashion correspondent duties.  Which, was super fun and I found some majorly stylish ladies around the festival.  After missing Tegan and Sara at Coachella, I was happy to catch them this time around.  Plus, they killed it.  Macklemore was so much fun, everyone headed to Squamish Music Fest this weekend is in for a treat.  The highlight for me, was when Tegan and Sarah made a surprise appearance on stage during Macklemore’s set to sing Same Love.  It was perfect. 
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OSHEAGA Style {Rocker Chic}

August 6, 2013
DSC_0184 (2)
The Details //
RACHEL Rachel Roy Skull Tee, Hudson’s Bay c/o
RACHEL Rachel Roy Sequin Burlap Shorts, Hudson’s Bay c/o
RACHEL Rachel Roy  Lace Detail Blazer, Hudson’s Bay c/o
RACHEL Rachel Roy Purse, Hudson’s Bay c/o
Bracelets, Free People
Booties, Dolce Vita
Hat, Sunnies, and Midi Rings, Urban Outfitters
DSC_0224 (2)
DSC_0196 (2)

Getting to put together festival-worthy outfits for OSHEAGA was such a dream come true.  Before I even arrived at the Bay, my stylist Lael had already pulled looks that perfectly matched my personality; girly and fun, with a bit of rock and roll.  I really loved the contrast of pretty lace and sequins with a loose skull tee and boho accessories. This look was so comfortable, I’ll be remixing all of these pieces on the asap.

The first day of OSHEAGA was super hot.  Walking through the gates, I immediately regretted not putting sunscreen on, but was thankful I’d opted for a hat.  The guy beside me at Alt J fainted and others around were dropping like flies.  Oh, that heat in the East!  Despite the rising temperatures, I managed to see…

Alt J – Two Door Cinema Club – Ellie Goulding – Vampire Weekend – Phoenix – Baauer

It was great watching a few old favourites.  Alt J kills it every time and Vampire Weekend was basically made for festival performances.  It was awesome to finally see Two Door Cinema Club live and Ellie Goulding.  Ohhhh, Ellie.  Girl crush for sure.  You should have seen her abs, she’s also my new workout inspiration.  I ended the night randomly (as you do) and went to see Baauer on a whim.  He was awesome, who doesn’t love a good dance party with hundreds of strangers?  I even managed to catch The Cure performing Friday I’m In Love as I exited the festival.  Had to leave while I could still walk.  Heels were an ambitious choice.  The things that I do for fashion!

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April 17, 2013






photo (57)coachella

image (4)image (12)

Just a few highlights from our very first Coachella experience.  What an AMAZING time!  I’m definitely still recovering from a weekend of sunshine, live music, pool parties, dance tents, and even a wind storm.  
Coming up tomorrow…more about Coachella fashion and my tips for those going to weekend 2!
Music Style

when we were young oh oh we did enough // when it got cold ooh ooh we bundled up

December 5, 2012
Polka Dot Blouse from H&M // Kensie Sweater // Trench Coat from Plum // 
Mavi Emma Denim // Purse from Zara // Dolce Vita Joust Booties // 
Social Experiment Holiday Cocktail Ring c/o // Adam’s sunglasses 
from the Brooklyn Flea

{Photos by Alex}
Yesterday, I was racing around trying to meet deadlines and get everything done
in a nearly impossible time frame, when I was interrupted by Adam.  “We’re
leaving for the show in 15 minutes” he told me.  “What show?” I asked, barely looking
up from my computer screen. “The Lumineers,” he replied, “you’re the one who
bought the tickets, remember?”  It was difficult to mask how annoyed I was that
I’d have to put my work aside for a few hours.  There already weren’t enough hours
in the day, how could I possibly justify going out and having fun?  In that sense,
being an entrepreneur can feel like that student stress and I take on unnecessary
guilt for partaking in anything that isn’t work related.

I begrudgingly threw on whatever clothes weren’t put away from the day before
and Rob and Jo picked us up a few minutes later.  I’ve been so busy lately
that I hadn’t even researched any of The Lumineers music and was ashamed
to say that I only knew two of their songs going into the evening.  When we
arrived, the opening act was on and we found seats at the back of the theatre.
Listening to the first act, I was sure I knew that voice and instantly started
questioning everyone around me, even though they knew just as much as I did
about this brand, which was nothing.  “Is this Y La Bamba?” I asked, “They
sound JUST like Y La Bamba.”  After a little Twitter research, it was true.
I was unknowingly watching a band I really liked perform, and so my attitude
about the evening instantly changed.  After a great Y La Bamba fix (how many
times can I say Y La Bamba in one post?) The Lumineers came out to show
Vancouver an amazing time.

I’ve never done drugs and can tell you honestly, that concerts are my high.
The Lumineers put on an absolutely breathtaking show that brought me
to my hand clapping, foot stomping happy place!  If you don’t know them
beyond Ho Hey, get their cd now.  And if you ever get the chance to see
them perform live, do it.  I can’t believe that I considered, even if it were for
just a second, skipping out on the show.  That would have had regret written
all over it.  I ended up having a great night singing and dancing with friends,
which is exactly what The Lumineers are all about!

The Lumineers – Stubborn Love